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  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/26/09

    -In case you haven’t been to the site since last Tuesdays column, you’ll see that on Wednesday of last week, I beat “People” magazine to the punch and posted exclusive pictures from the Bachelor Breckenridge trip taken a couple of weeks ago. Pictures of Jesse and Holly together, Jeremy and his new girlfriend, along with a couple group photos. “People” magazine thought they would break the news to everyone, when in reality, I broke it a day earlier. Even though I had the story and pics a week earlier, but that column got deleted into cyberspace by the stupid hotel computer. So check that out when you’re done with this weeks column.

    -Next order of business is, who else, but DeAnna. Whose fifteen minutes apparently aren’t up yet. She’s now currently dating Ace from the “Real World.” Wow. Those two are like oil and water. She’ll walk all over him. Whatever. I give that two months once she realizes he can’t advance her career either. Here she did another interview promoting her appearance later this … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Exclusive Pics from the Bachelor Breckenridge Trip

    So “People” magazine is a day late and a dollar short. As first reported here on yesterday, there was a “Bachelor”-type reunion a couple weekends ago in Breckenridge, Colorado with former bachelors from DeAnna’s season. People magazine decided to run their “scoop” today about how Jesse is currently “involved” with Holly Durst, from Matt Grants season of the “Bachelor: London Calling.” Here’s the story they’re currently running:

    “The Bachelorettes’ Jesse Csincsak Hits the Slopes With a New Gal Pal”

    Well, Reality Steve will do you one better “People”. So not only did I tell you about Jesse and Holly yesterday (It actually would’ve been in last weeks column before getting deleted), I’ve got a few more exclusive pics from that weekend event. Just remember who tells you things first. We do. All one of us here at I will now go pat myself on the back even more.

    Breckenridge photos

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/19/09

    -Feels really weird that I didn’t write a column last week. Do you realize that this was the first time since Andrew Firestone’s season started, which covers Bachelor seasons 3-12 and all four Bachelorettes, that I did not have a column up the next day? I felt naked all week. Seriously. It was a very surreal feeling. Like I accomplished nothing all week. Yes, that’s what my life has become. Great. As I mentioned, I was in New Orleans last week so that was the main cause for the problems. I used the hotel computer, and rather than typing the column on Microsoft Word like I usually do, I decided to type the whole column on the page that actually uploads it to the site. Well, they have a “save and continue editing” button that I would click every paragraph so I wouldn’t lose any work. However, one time after I clicked it, the page froze, I had to close out of all windows, and when everything had started up again, my draft only had … Continue reading

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