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    Dr. Reality Steve 10/9/07

    Dr. Reality Steve returns with guest columnist Lisa, from the “Bachelor: Rome” with everyones favorite Bachelor, Lorenzo. Or not. Even Host Chris has admitted that Lorenzo wasn’t one of their best Bachelors. Now, I’ve been doing Bachelor re-caps since Andrew Firestones season, and I can honestly say, I’ve gotten more emails from readers regarding Lisa than any other Bachelorette in history. So I figured before we get to the questions, I asked Lisa to address a couple of the things she was most known for, notably the wedding magazine that were at her house the day Lorenzo visited, and the wedding dress she tried on. And oh yeah, that whole biological clock thing. Lisa, the floor is yours, then onto the questions….

    You all might remember me as the tree-hugging wedding dress-wearing bachelorette from The Bachelor – Rome. And I know that I came off as slightly wedding obsessed and little fanatical about a five-year plan of being married with kids by the age of thirty, but I can assure you that isn’t the real … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/8/07

    -Thanks to all those who have sent emails to Dr. Reality Steve. I appreciate it, the girls appreciate it, and I’m glad I decided to let the female voice be heard here at It was time for that. I think. Keep the emails coming. This week, Lisa from the “Bachelor – Rome” was our guest columnist, and she did a great job. Especially when the questions surrounded sex, sex, more sex, and affairs. Outstanding. I should be getting paid for my knowledge. As for last night’s episode, let’s get to it because there were definitely a few things that disturbed me.

    -Boy, they just get the ball moving right away on this show now, don’t they? Not four seconds have passed before Host Chris is all up in our business explaining how the dates are going to go. And just like he has for all 14 seasons of this show, he tells us there will be 2 group dates, and one solo date. A rose will be presented at each one. First group … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/2/07

    Back by popular demand, it’s Dr. Reality Steve. My guest columnist this week is Alexis, from last season of the “Bachelor”. You may remember her as really being someone with values and morals, unlike Solisa. Something tells me even if her blood alcohol level was at .20, she wouldn’t take off her top and go running into the ocean on national television. Call me crazy. I’ve had the distinct honor of dining with Alexis on a couple of occasions, and let me just say, her boyfriend could kick my ass. So I refuse to say anything bad about her. Not that there’s anything bad to say anyway. Awwww… cute. I know, I know. Just me throwing on the charm. Without further adieu, the return of Dr. Reality Steve…..

    1) I have the best guy in the world and he treats me so well and does so much for me, however, I am an active woman and this guy likes to spend too much time in front of the TV. Do they have any advice? … Continue reading

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