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  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    No Column This Week

    I’m sorry. I’m actually in New Orleans right now on a hotel computer, I was 3/4 of the way finished with this weeks column when the computer froze. I had been saving my material every 5 minutes just so this wouldn’t happen, but when I got the computer working again, I went into my homepage, and for whatever reason, it had saved the first 3 paragraphs and that’s it. You have no idea how livid I am. I’m on a time crunch now so writing this column any time today is not a possibility. And I highly doubt I’m going to want to re-write the 8 pages that I just wrote. So, for the first time in almost 7 years of doing this column, there will be no Bachelor recap this week. It will return next week, unless for some reason, I’m able to retrieve it, but I’ve done everything. Looks like it’s gone. Sorry for the inconvenience. For all those who want to send your hate mail, address it to the Westin on Canal … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/5/09

    -Could yesterday have been any better? The Bachelor starts AND Jennifer Love Hewitt calls off her engagement to that extra who appeared on her show. Yeah, like those two were ever gonna walk down the aisle. Needless to say, I’m in a good mood. Sure, it was tempered a little bit by a senseless two hour episode (look, I don’t care if it’s the premiere or not, no “Bachelor” episode should be two hours), but still I made it through. Let’s get to a couple things first before we get started.

    -I’d say the number one topic of emails sent to me over the past month is how has Maddie adjusted to her new apartment. As I mentioned, she’d been getting up in the middle of every night and running to the backdoor wanting out since I moved to a first floor apartment that had a yard. This very much got in the way of my ability to sleep as I was getting woken up and ridiculous hours at least once, if not twice, … Continue reading

  • Notes, Quotes...

    Notes, Quotes, and Observations – 12/19/08

    Finally back in the swing of things. Quite a few things to cover in this column, starting with the latest “Bachelor” news including your first look at some of our bachelorettes this season, “American Idol”, “The Hills”, “24: Redemption”, the “Survivor” finale, and the thankful ending of “Heroes”, well, at least the latest installment of it. Let’s just pretend “Volume 3: Villians” never happened. I’m certainly going to. But before that, let me update you on a couple things of importance. Most notably, my health and Maddie.

    As I mentioned in my last column, I’ve been having back problems for well over a year. Not to the point of I’m turning into a 75 year old grandpa, but substantial discomfort on a daily basis. Usually when I’m getting up from a seat or bed, or getting into a car. Or basically doing anything that might require a quick motion. So I decided to get an MRI and see how bad it was. I was told I have a bulging disc. Now, I’ve been told that … Continue reading

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