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    Where is the Love?

    Sorry it took me a couple days to post this. Here is a 2 minute clip from the interview Jason Mesnick did Friday morning on a Seattle radio station where he has Reality Steve on the mind:

    Jason Calls Out Reality Steve

    Let’s dissect some of the things that Jason says here, since the guy is contradicting himself all over the place.

    “That guy heard a rumor…that I ended things with Melissa and started up with Molly.” Uhhhh, last time I checked pal, that wasn’t a rumor, it was fact. And I never reported it as “Hey, speculation is”, or, “Hey, maybe this happens”. From day one, I told everyone this isn’t what I thought happens, it’s what I know happens. So, it wasn’t a rumor, nor did I ever report it as one.

    “I don’t even wanna mention his name, he’s got this reality website. I don’t even think anyone should ever even talk about this guy.” Sooooooo then why are you talking about me still three months after the fact when … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Jason Mesnick Is a Big Fan of Reality Steve

    So not only does Chris Harrison seem to have a hard on for me, constantly referring to things I write in his blog, but now Jason Mesnick has jumped aboard that train. Jason was in studio on a Seattle radio station this morning promoting some Fathers Day event this weekend, and took the time to call me out during the interview. Very kind words he uses too. I believe he calls me a “miserable person”, a “storyteller”, and “full of BS”, among other things. Sweet. Glad I’ve made such an impression on him. Of course, he doesn’t mention me by name, but its rather obvious who he’s speaking about. I have the audio clip and will post it later tonight or tomorrow, along with my thoughts on the whole thing.

    The funny thing is, I really haven’t mentioned Jason Mesnicks name since March 9th, that was the last post I made filed under “The Bachelor 13 – Jason” according to my archives. Have I referenced what happened during his season while writing about Jillian … Continue reading

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    DeAnna Pappas and Holly Durst Coming to!

    Anyone who’s been following me on Twitter the last few days could’ve probably figured this out, but I have spoken with both women and both are excited about doing interviews for the site. Immediately I want to make it known that these interviews are not going to be all about their “Bachelor” experiences. Both their seasons are almost a year old now, a lot of the same questions have been beaten to death, so I’m looking for something a little different. Oh trust me, they are going to get asked the questions you want to hear. I’m just not gonna focus the whole interview on their “Bachelor” experiences, since I feel its a tad outdated.

    You may be asking, “Then why are you interviewing them?” I’ll tell you. After having spoke to both of these women, I feel they have a lot more to them in regards to their pre and post “Bachelor” life. I guarantee you that you’ll be surprised by what you hear. If you’re looking for this to be a rip … Continue reading


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