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  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/14/08

    -Let’s just say that my new favorite line ever uttered in reality TV occurred Sunday night. Is there anything that could possibly beat Brett Michaels looking lovingly into a crying Ambre’s face and say, “Now let’s go have hot, monkey sex”? Didn’t think so. Find me a better line uttered on reality TV in the last 5 years. Bet you can’t. Maybe Sue Hawks speech in the first season of “Survivor”, but that’s about it. Nothing tugs at the heart strings more than two people obviously in love talking about having monkey sex. Really gets me every time. I almost feel those two were put on this earth to eventually end up together. What a beautiful couple. And if you think that the phrase “hot, monkey sex” won’t be referenced another 10 times in this column, then you apparently don’t know me. In fact, I’m almost positive I’ve used that phrase before in this column. But it just doesn’t have the same effect as when Brett tells it to his final suitor and they walk … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/7/08

    -Great to be in town. Sleeping my own bed. Dealing with a functioning television that lets me skip commercials. And having Maddie by my side. She was ecstatic to see me and I don’t think has gotten off the bed since I got home on Sunday except for the times we go for walks. And starting today at 1:30, for the next 8 weeks, we begin obedience classes. I haven’t really had any obedience problems with her at all since she’s very much an indoor dog. I just figured it was the right thing to do. Can I have the instructor teach Maddie that, although I have no problem with her sleeping in my bed at night, could she learn to move over a little bit at times so she’s not taking up all my space? Can these obedience classes teach her to not snore so loud? That would sure help. Whatever the case, it should be fun. I’m just curious why it would take them 8 weeks to help me train my dog who … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 3/31/08

    -It was definitely interesting watching the “Bachelor” this morning, and here’s why: The remote control was broken. So after it took me five minutes to even get into the DVR to start it, I realized I didn’t want to take a chance on fast forwarding or rewinding, so I basically had to watch the whole thing through with commercials and everything. I cannot remember the last time I watched any TV show and sat through the commercials. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this. It’s amazing how spoiled we’ve become where watching a show for a whole hour straight becomes such a chore, that we have to cut it down to 40 minutes by fast forwarding through commercials. This new media world we’re living in is going to hell in a handbasket. Our kids will be so ADD, it might be a miracle if they concentrated on one thing for more than 5 minutes. I’m a grown man and I can barely do it. Nevertheless, when I finally get back to … Continue reading

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