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  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    Update on the Chelsea Interview

    Since a lot of you seem to be asking, let me tell you where it stands: Unfortunately, it’s dead. Not gonna happen. Chelsea’s reps and ABC’s lawyers saw Tuesdays column where I promoted it, got involved, and pretty much told her, “No way are you gonna do this.” Gee, had no idea ABC’s lawyers even read my blog. I must be important or something. Please. So due to legal ramifications, I’m sorry to inform you that the interview will not happen. I’ll have some more thoughts on this in Tuesday’s column, but just know Chelsea apologized for not being able to do it as she was really looking forward to giving her honest thoughts on everything, but for fear of being involved with legal mess, she was informed it probably wouldn’t be in her best interest to go forward with it. I have to respect that, as much as I disagree. Lawyers. Psssshhhhh. Nothing but a nuisance. More to come Tuesday….


  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Bachelorette Recap – 6/2/08

    -A few things to get to before getting started. The most important thing that happened this weekend was of course my birthday. Duh. That’s the most important thing every year on May 31st, right? Of course it is. Anyway, I was having a conversation with a friend/mistress/lover/acquaintence/associate/person of interest this past weekend, and the topic of my age came up. 33 is considered your “early 30’s” right? I figure it breaks down like this:

    -When you’re 30, people say you’re 30. -When you’re between 31-33, you’re in your “early 30’s”. -When you’re between 34-36, you’re in your “mid 30’s”. -When you’re between 37-39, you’re in your “late 30’s”.

    Please tell me I’m right on this so I don’t have to say I’m in my mid 30’s. If 33 is considered “mid 30’s”, then I will not be in a good mood until my next birthday, when it would be officialy in my book. So please, humor me. Even lie to me if you have to. Can you have mid life crisis’ in your 30’s? Lets … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Bachelorette Recap – 5/26/08

    -I figured out why the “Bachelorette” isn’t nearly as fun as the “Bachleor”: Because men aren’t catty towards one another. Sure you’ll get a disagreement here and there, but all in all, mens attitude towards things tends to lean to, “Whatever.” So you’re just not gonna get any great drama on this show than you would during the “Bachelor”. As for that push-up contest? Please. Completely staged by the producers. I seriously doubt two guys were that mad at each other that they challenged each other to a push-up contest. How gay can you get? And let’s not forget the most important reason why the “Bachelorette” isn’t nearly as interesting as the “Bachelor”: These guys are boring. I mean, did you catch DeAnna and Graham’s date at the beach? I almost fell asleep. Could the guy have looked any more disinterested? How about that wild, wacky night at the Magic Castle when, ummmm, uhhhhhh, nothing happened. More guys that bored me to tears. Why they insisted on making every episode of this season 2 hours … Continue reading

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