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  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/28/08

    Yes, we have finally decided to get a divorce from Blogger. They were giving me too much of a hassle over these last couple weeks, so I’ve decided to go with Word Press. Obviously, I wanted to get the column up as quick as possible, so I didn’t have time to mess around with the settings or create the page how I wanted it to look. So bear with me on the comments section, I don’t think it works right now. And as for the archive section, that’s gonna take a while to upload everything, but I’ll work on it once this season is over. By the time Deannas Bachelorette season rolls around, I should have this all figured out. Until then, just know the column will be back up Tuesday mornings for the rest of this season (all 2 episodes of it), as usual. All I do know is I’m done with Blogger. F*** you, Blogger. Good riddance. Enjoy the column.

    -Never will I ever give Time Warner Cable credit for being clever about … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/21/08

    Just so you know, this column was done yesterday morning at 8:00am. I have no idea why Blogger wouldn’t let me upload it on my page until now. And I have no idea what it’s going to do next week. So let’s enjoy this while we can, finish out this season, then by next season, I’m dumping Blogger and the website will be better than it was before. Thanks for your patience. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope this doesn’t happen again next week. Enjoy the column.

    -You’d probably expect me to start out this column with a quick summary of the “Rock of Love” reunion show. And you’d be right. Just know that I was extremely disappointed because if there is a reunion show edited more than the “Women Tell All”, it’s this one. It was almost nauseating how many things were cut off in that show. It almost seems like the unedited version would’ve been much more entertaining to watch. The only interesting thing that happened on the reunion … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/14/08

    -Let’s just say that my new favorite line ever uttered in reality TV occurred Sunday night. Is there anything that could possibly beat Brett Michaels looking lovingly into a crying Ambre’s face and say, “Now let’s go have hot, monkey sex”? Didn’t think so. Find me a better line uttered on reality TV in the last 5 years. Bet you can’t. Maybe Sue Hawks speech in the first season of “Survivor”, but that’s about it. Nothing tugs at the heart strings more than two people obviously in love talking about having monkey sex. Really gets me every time. I almost feel those two were put on this earth to eventually end up together. What a beautiful couple. And if you think that the phrase “hot, monkey sex” won’t be referenced another 10 times in this column, then you apparently don’t know me. In fact, I’m almost positive I’ve used that phrase before in this column. But it just doesn’t have the same effect as when Brett tells it to his final suitor and they walk … Continue reading

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