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    American Idol Recap – 5/12/09

    So what’s with the fact they couldn’t have had each singer do three songs like in seasons past? Really that tough to do nine songs total? Yes, I understand with four judges who like to yap about nothing half the time, and only an hour to squeeze it in, it might be a tad tough, but it’s definitely doable. Or not. Just seems like for the big show to get to the finals of “American Idol”, you should have to sing three songs. Oh well. No sense crying over spilled milk (is that the right phrase? Didn’t sound right for some reason). Once again, Paula was cracked out with her song choice. Terrence Trent D’Arby? Every other song was recognizable, then she pulls that stuff. She should been banned from the finale. Ha ha. That’d be great to see them open the finale next week only to tell us Paula has been suspended for such a horrible song choice the week before. On to the performances.

    Danny Gokey, “Dance Little Sister”: Huh? Like I said, … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 5/11/09

    I love when people get upset and tell me how I should run MY website. Pretty hilarious if you ask me. Look, I read all your comments but there’s a reason I put my email address at the end of EVERY SINGLE COLUMN I write. You have a problem, question, criticism, email me. Writing it in the comments section seems a little chicken sh** if you ask me. The reason I don’t write in my own comments section is because, well, there’s no need to. I write my column to give my opinions, the comment section is there for yours. I love it when people have differing opinions and express it in the comments section. Hell, I encourage it. However, the reason I’m responding to those who commented on the last post when I told you my column would be up 2 DAYS LATE, is because you weren’t expressing an opinion, you were attacking me and your facts were completely wrong. I have no idea how long those people have been following me, but do … Continue reading

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    Reality Roundup to Appear Monday

    Sorry, but I had other important matters to take care of the last couple days, so I will push back Reality Roundup until Monday. It’ll give me a chance to cover the “Celebrity Apprentice” finale, “DWTS”, the “Idol” results show and Paula’s embarrassing performance, “Survivor”, the “Hills”, the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” news, in addition to the “Duel 2”, some questions regarding what’s going on with the site, the “Bachelorette”, and a couple other notes. Don’t forget, you can join me on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, the “I Love Reality Steve” Group on Facebook all by navigating down the right hand column of this site. See you Monday.


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