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Clare’s Filming Possibilities, Peter & Madison Break Up, Hannah B. & Tyler, & What To Expect On The Site During This Postponement

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The #1 question I’ve gotten since the postponement has been “Are they going to recast Clare’s guys?” Again, none of us know because the show has the ultimate answer to that question. The ONLY thing we’ve seen from anyone involved in the show regarding that was Fleiss’ tweet the other day:

The problem is, Fleiss has been known to blow smoke up peoples asses on social media. So we have no idea if he’s serious or not. But lets think about this realistically. All 32 guys that were announced on ABC’s “Bachelorette” Facebook page, even though they’ve since been taken down, are out there all over the place. Not only does Clare know all the guys on her season now, but they all know each other. And that takes away one of the major elements that the show is based around, which is, the “Bachelor/ette” is meeting their women/men for the first time when they walk out of the limo (minus the last 3 Bachelorettes that got to meet 5 of their men early). But you know get what I’m saying. Are they really going to change the basic format of the show? Strictly as a guess here, I’d say no. I can’t imagine, if/when filming resumes, they’re just gonna tell all 32 guys “Hey, time to fly back. We’re ready to go.” I just don’t see it. Maybe some won’t even want to anymore. We’ve just never been in this situation before where guys had time to rethink and maybe back out after already being set to be on the show. Do I think ALL 32 are going to get recast? No. I think they’d have some holdovers. But I would really be surprised, shocked actually, if this ended up being her final cast of guys.

Now, lets talk about Clare’s season overall and the filming schedule. Clare was supposed to begin filming this past Friday, March 13th. Filming would’ve ended anywhere between the 8th-10th of May, with her premiere set for May 18th. Again, nothing has been said by the network officially, but we’ve all seen and read the news about what’s going on. I don’t see how Clare’s filming isn’t delayed AT LEAST 2 months. So, you can throw that May 18th premiere date out the window because I don’t think it’ll even START filming by May 18th, so certainly it can’t premiere by then. Which then produces a whole bunch of questions that, unfortunately, we have zero answers for. But just ponder some of these, as I’m talking out loud and looking at this realistically:

-Lets say Clare’s filming begins on an arbitrary date of June 1st (and I think I’m still being generous with that start date of filming). Filming for “Bachelorette” lasts 7 weeks. Well, “Bachelor in Paradise” for its first 6 seasons has filmed for 18 days in June, usually starting anywhere between June 5th-7th. With a Clare season beginning filming June 1st (if it does), that pushes BIP filming back until AT LEAST August, because “Bachelorette” would have to wrap first, and then you’d need time to get down to Mexico and set up.

-But for the sake of argument, lets say that’s what happens and BIP films mid August for it’s standard 2+ weeks. Well, if Clare’s season starts filming June 1st, and we know turnaround time on “Bachelorette” is usally 1-2 weeks after filming ends before it airs, that would put Clare’s “premiere” date somewhere in early August. Lets call it August 3rd, which is being generous again. “Bachelorette” is an 11 week show. That puts Clare’s finale on Oct. 12th. The earliest Paradise would start would be the next night and run for it’s standard 6 weeks. Are they really going to run “Bachelor in Paradise” in the winter months, ending it the week of Thanksgiving?

-In addition, here’s another thing no one has really thought of. What about ABC’s scheduling? Once again, nothing has been announced yet, but seemingly we’re having a fall season of DWTS. In the past, fall DWTS has immediately started airing right after Paradise ended. Well if Clare’s season doesn’t start airing til August 3rd, with Paradise happening after that starting in Oct, and all 3 shows air on ABC, explain how that is gonna work? Either DWTS loses out on a fall season or “Bachelorette” does. Because starting to air Clare’s season basically anytime after July 1st I don’t see how you can fit that in along with a fall season of DWTS.

-With all this said, the “Bachelor/ette” franchise is more important to ABC than BIP. So if anything gets cut between those 3 shows, it’s BIP. I have a feeling we’re not gonna have a “Paradise” this summer. Just looking at this realistically, I don’t see how they can fit this in.

-I know a lot of you will say “Well, why can’t ABC just move stuff around, or air two episodes a week, or Bachelorette and Paradise the same week, etc.” First off, TV just doesn’t work that way. For years they’ve been on that same exact schedule and never had to deviate. Hell, ALL OF OUR LIVES have pretty much been on the same exact schedule until this virus hit. Things are changing. And unfortunately, that means so is our TV schedule. “What if Clare’s season starts filming June 1st but they start airing it July 1st, kill BIP, and so Clare’s season ends in time for a DWTS premiere mid September?” Ok, possible. But, that means Clare’s season will only be down to the final 4 by the time it starts airing on TV. They’ve never had to turn it around that quick, and I honestly don’t think they would because they want to know the ending and how the final 4 shakes out, because that determines how they edit the first 7 episodes. Could it happen? Sure. Would it? Not likely.

-Here’s the other major issue I’m seeing in regards to a June 1st start date for Clare AND a re-casting of her show. How do you do both? Do you ask guys who have already gone through testing and meeting with producers that you already told “no” to and say, “Hey, we think we want you now?” Because if you don’t, now you then need to go through your rolodex, and fly a new batch of guys to LA to go through testing and meeting with producers to get them ready for Clare’s season. When is that gonna happen? It doesn’t look like “casting for the Bachelorette reality show” is a real top priority in this nation right now. That wouldn’t even begin to start happening until we’re all clear of this virus and things get somewhat back to normal. But when no one can answer when that’ll be right now, it really is impossible to know anything about if/when Clare’s season begins filming and if there will be new guys.

-I’ve got another one for you: What if we’re not seemingly in the clear of this until August/September (which is kinda what it’s looking like if you ask health experts). Well, filming for the “Bachelor” starts mid-September through mid-November. So does ABC say, “We’re gonna film Clare’s season in place of where the ‘Bachelor’ would normally film, it’ll air starting Jan of 2021 like the ‘Bachelor’ would’ve, and now the schedules are flipped, and the ‘Bachelor’ will start filming mid-March of next year and start airing in May of 2021?” Or, do they just cancel the “Bachelorette” for the calendar year of 2020, and once we hit a “point of no return” and they can’t fit Clare’s filming schedule in, they just say we’re going with the “Bachelor” and no “Bachelorette” in 2020? That’s possible. And IF that happens, does Clare get screwed out of being the “Bachelorette” come 2021 and they’d take one of the women from the next “Bachelor” season? Or the next “Bachelorette” season we have, it’s gonna be Clare no matter what? Because if that’s the case, then whoever is on the next “Bachelor” season can basically be pissed the whole season that it won’t lead to them being the next “Bachelorette” for at least a year, since then every cycle would kinda be pushed back a year. Is your head spinning yet?

-Look, none of us know where this is headed. But we DO know the “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise’s” filming schedule. So to say there’s an easy solution – there isn’t. Unless we’re all over this pandemic in two weeks or even a month, then everything could go on as normal and everything would just be delayed by that time. But I think even the most optimistic person can see that’s not where this is headed. So, I just wanted to lay out everything I could think of based off of a June 1st start date of filming for Clare and you’re seeing just how difficult THAT would be to fit everything in. We just don’t know enough right now, but I think of what we do know, it’s looking real tough for both of them to make air in 2020. This is all just speculation knowing their shooting schedules, but until ABC comes out with definitive statements, we just don’t know for sure.

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  1. jaykay87

    March 18, 2020 at 6:47 AM

    Why is no one talking about how young the guys are that have been cast for Clares season!
    I’m dating a younger guy atm and I’m 32 but some of the guys they’ve cast I wouldn’t even look twice at because they look like babies

  2. phlacampbe

    March 18, 2020 at 7:45 AM

    People will still come to your site because we like it (and we just can’t help it) and now that we’re staying at home, the internet is a place for people to escape and spend more time on. So glad your not going anywhere. I recommend covering other seasons, maybe a where are they now. Or look into Love is blind people to interview too. I’d be interested in interviewing someone who was out on night 1 too. They must think it all do weird.
    As for filming, I think there best option is to skip the bachelor and fill that place with Claire’s bachelorette and probably do some recasting for guys who can’t make it or don’t seem too stoked anymore.
    Thanks for the updates!!

  3. greeniemichi

    March 18, 2020 at 8:25 AM

    I’m glad the website will still be up!! I hope Clare stays as the bachelorette. Just an idea for recaps, maybe the TV show the Challenge from MTV. The show starts on April 1. Everyone stay safe and wash the your hands.

  4. suzeq

    March 18, 2020 at 8:36 AM


  5. crushonspivey

    March 18, 2020 at 11:07 AM

    Just keep up posted on casting news. And yes, I hope this gives them time to recast for Clare’s season. No guys under 35 should be the goal. 35-44 or so. 23 year olds isjust stupid. But Fleiss is stupid, so there it is.

    For a time killer, we need to get the Jesse Palmer season on air somewhere and to do a recap on that one as it goes. Still rates as maybe the best season ever. The Bachelor was a just done NFL QB who now is a famous CFB analyst, who also makes good money doing tabloid tv in the offseason. And the drama was great. Trish was a great and hot villain, and when it got to hometowns they were great, Finale was epic with some scenes. And the show was less contrived back then, so the drama was real.

  6. kata20

    March 18, 2020 at 6:03 PM

    So glad you will keep the site up because we really like coming here. In reality filming might not start for a long time. Maybe they should just cancel Clare’s season as production does not seem to want to look for older guys people want, instead film BIP on schedule.

    For recaps, I agree with another commentator, pick any old season and write about it. Seasons back than were so much better. Seeing and reading about one will serve as a pleasant reminder.

  7. thecuriousgeorgette

    March 18, 2020 at 11:03 PM

    My overly bored, isolated heart is hoping Hannah and Tyler are an item, haha! I know life has been hard and tragic for both of them, though. Tyler’s mom passed away and Hannah’s brother Patrick revealed today that he nearly died of an overdose earlier this month. They’ve both been going through some hard times in addition to the whole pandemic we’re all dealing with. I am getting the impression that maybe they’ve been talking longer than they’ve let on, though. But again, what do I know.

  8. mgb970

    March 19, 2020 at 8:31 AM

    > “Bachelorette” production isn’t going to resume
    > in two weeks. Two months maybe, but certainly not
    > two weeks the way things are going right now.

    Warner is completely shut down now. It’s affected over 70 productions either in progress or not yet started. Across the board it’s dark at Warner right now.

    If this goes until July/August like some health officials are prognosticating, it’s going to be a long time before anything is filmed.

  9. keddo

    March 19, 2020 at 10:10 AM

    Regarding the Peter/Madison breakup: I can believe that Madison was sincere in her intentions and that her feelings were strong for Peter, but that the reality of what was going on with Peter and Hannah Ann (and Peter’s need for “closure” with Hannah Brown)finally got through to her, and reinforced the decision she made in Australia to walk away. The brief long-distance reconnection with him let her put to rest the “what if I made a mistake” doubts that were likely, naturally, tumbling around in her mind since Australia. I’m glad that she seems to be someone whose mind (and faith) overrules her emotions.

    Fore Clare’s sake, I hope they recast her men older than the current group, with the guys being 28-45 or so, their average age being close to her age. The rule-of-thumb I’ve heard for successful relationships being that the younger’s age, at minimum, is half the older’s age, plus nine years, e.g. Clare’s age, 38, ÷ 2 = 19, +9 = 28.

  10. pdxkg

    March 19, 2020 at 12:35 PM

    Clair’s men are going to Skew younger as they are also casting for Bachelor in Paradise. In the post “me too” m era you cannot have 45 year olds chasing 22 year olds on the beach.

  11. crushonspivey

    March 20, 2020 at 11:55 AM

    I’d cancel Paradise and just cast for Clare, and have it run in the Fall. The real $$$ is the main franchise, not the offshoot Paradise. IF they are smart they do Clare’s season right and cast for it accordingly.

  12. sam1

    March 20, 2020 at 6:50 PM

    I don’t know if it was intentional or indecisiveness on Peter’s part, but I feel like Peter and the producers really leaned into and promoted the un-spoilable ending. It seems like the producers have been upset at finale spoilers by RS, so they pushed Peter to go through dumping Hannah Ann before the finale. In most situations, Peter like the many men before him, would have stuck with the engagement for 3 months before breaking up. I don’t know why Steve was unable to confirm that Peter chose Hannah Ann as the final episode winner, which she clearly was. I wonder if Steve had published that Hannah Ann was his choice, Peter would have been pressured to keep up the engagement. But since, Steve said he didn’t know the winner, it sort of gave Peter an excuse to dump Hannah Ann to keep up mystery of the ending. It does look bad that Peter is single again, after the disaster of Ari’s finale ending. I think Peter would have chosen Madison if she stayed, and then broken up with her later, since they had a stronger platonic relationship. I think Hannah Ann is beautiful but too boring to talk to compared to Madison. Peter was probably too bored by Hannah Ann to stay in a realationship. But it is funny that Peter says he made bad decisions, and I wonder if Madison told him she was a virgin and waiting until marriage earlier, I wonder if Peter would have kept Kelley. It seems that as far as personality and compatibility, that Peter feels more of a connection and future with Kelley, than Victoria or Hannah Ann. It seems that Peter just kept Hannah Ann and Victoria because they were superficially prettier and he just wanted to have the banging fantasy suites with the 2 of them before getting married to someone else (likely Kelley or Madison as wife-worthy material).

    As for Hannah Brown, it seems like she was close to Tyler’s mom and attended her funeral. Its surprising that Tyler is still single, but he seems happy to have Hannah B around during the tragic time and upcoming coronapocalypse.

  13. dogmomma

    March 22, 2020 at 5:58 AM

    Being stuck at home, I’ve become obsessed with the whole Tyler/Hannah B relationship. It’s so much better than Peter’s season, and it’s fun watching them tease people about their relationship and to read the comments that people leave on their social media. They are not showing any PDA in their pictures and keeping people guessing about what is going on. It’s actually refreshing to see them having wholesome fun together and I think they strategically are not showing any signs of affection towards each other to keep people guessing. Once this quarantine is over, it will be interesting to see what happens to their relationship as people go back to their former life.

  14. mochimochi

    March 25, 2020 at 10:58 PM

    Hey Steve! Heres an idea for an article if you’re trying to up those views- release the story youve been teasing that hasnt broken yet! The time has come and we have all been patiently, patiently waiting to find out what this is

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