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“Reader Emails,” a “Bachelorette” Update, Courtney’s Robertson’s “Off Contract” Podcast, & Your Daily Roundup

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1) congrats on being right on kaity! My full belief in you has been restored. And your belief went awaaaaaaaaay why again?

2) how impressive is Hannah brown on special forces? Damn. I heard she was difficult on DWTS but she’s proven everyone wrong. Truly lived up to Hannah Beast

Comment: I said it all season during my Daily Roundup. She was easily the most impressive person out there and it wasn’t even close. She outlasted world class athletes not being an athlete herself. There’s a difference between being in shape, and being an athlete. She’ll be the first to admit she’s not an athlete. She’s fit, but to go through that 10 day course and never give up like so many of them did was something I bet she’s more proud of than winning DWTS.

Who do you picture most as bachelorette, assuming it’s from this season? Basically between charity, Gabi, Ariel, & kat at this point I’d assume? I’m going with Gabi or charity, though I’d love to see kat in that role

Comment: Welp, lets see. I’m gonna go with Charity. Just a hunch. Kidding. This email was obviously sent in last week before this past Monday’s announcement. But I’m not surprised they stuck with their formula, which is why I constantly mentioned it in my column and podcasts over the last couple weeks. Just didn’t see them deviating from how they choose.

Hey Steve,

I’m not a big NBA fan but I was listening to your podcast from a week(?) ago and you had mentioned something along the lines of there not being much the NBA All Star Game can do to make that game exciting. Thinking about that and what happened in the Slam Dunk competition – what if you had an NBA all star team versus a G League all star team? Both teams I think would at least try – the NBA team so they don’t get beat by a G League team and the G League team for bragging rights. Granted it could turn into a blowout but it would be interesting. Just a thought, again, I’m more of an NFL guy so there may be something that would prohibit this (contract, schedule, etc.)

Thanks for your time,

Comment: I don’t see this as a possibility, since now your whole All Star Game will one feature one team that’s completely made up of a bunch of guys most casual fans have never heard of. I think they could maybe do that on the Saturday night festivities the day before the game and maybe feature a G-League All star team for some of the skills competition. But I don’t see it on the main stage. Not enough people know them to make them play in the main All Star game. Not to mention, if the pros gave a damn, they’d wipe the floor with them so it wouldn’t be all that competitive after a quarter or so.

Hi Steve – I just wanted to give you a different perspective on the live feeds for Big Brother. Those that choose to watch the live feeds get a better picture of what really happened in the game versus what producers chose to show in the edited TV version.

Also, the live feeds allow the players to be held accountable for their problematic behavior in the house. Imagine if the live feeds weren’t happening last season, BB would have hidden what happened to Taylor. She wouldn’t have the “receipts” from live feeds or the backing from people who watch the live feeds.

Anyway, enjoy your podcasts. Have a great day.

Comment: That’s true, she wouldn’t. And I guess that’s the case for keeping the live feeds. I just think in terms of game play, there’s basically two different shows happening.

Hey Steve,

Listening to today’s daily round up and I wanted to share that Jack O’Brien and Miles Gray record The Daily Zeitgeist (a 1 hour+ show) and a 20 minute trending episode daily. They also host an NBA podcast called Miles and Jack Got Mad Boosties weekly. Miles Grey also hosts a 90 day Fiancée podcast weekly. You’re doing a lot but there’s other people out there doing it too!

Comment: Well dammit, now I must up my podcast game to 15 podcasts a week! Kidding. I’d keel over and die if I did that. I mean, that’s now one person that does more than me in the podcast world. I’m fine with that. Of all the podcasters out there, there’s probably less than .0001% that are hosting 11 podcasts a week. Just a hunch. And oh yeah, they’re all free.

Hey Steve!

I started listening to your podcast at the end of 2022. I laugh so hard at your podcast. I also yell at it, “Lasso of Truth!” “Louise Mandrell!” “Marky Mark Wahlberg!” You are my bestie in my head. It’s a great start to my workweek! You know what’s funny? When you said Lasso of Truth, it took me a few minutes to even remember what you were talking about. Recording so many podcasts a week, I honestly forget a ton of what I’ve said.

I love your spoilers and I’m happy that I just started following after the new and improved Steve has appeared and doesn’t go after contestants. Because why? Because they already get it enough from trolls on the internet and I don’t want to be lumped in with them. Even back when I was more ruthless towards them, I still never really called them names and certainly didn’t send them death threats. I just never gave them much grace for anything and I realized I should look out for them more. I can’t be hypocritical and tell the fans to calm down to what they see on TV and then still carry it out myself, so I wanted to change that and I know that I have.

Question- does The Bachelor travel with an outdoor hot tub? I mean how many places have that rustic-looking hot tub on premises? Also, hearing the latest round of contestants talk about their past makes me realize how much we as a country have normalized toxic masculinity. No, I just think they find a local company every place they go, and they set up a hot tub.

Have you ever thought about having a female POV on your podcast? I know you mentioned chopping it up on Fridays with your sports podcast. Have you considered doing that on your Daily Roundup as well? Just to showcase a female POV given that we are the target audience. For the Daily Roundup, no, probably not. Only because that’s usually what my Thursday podcast is for and they get way more time on that one. I don’t know what the breakdown is, but of all 329 podcasts, I’d say it has to have been 80-85% female guests, right? It’s gotta be close to that.

Lastly, I wondered what your criteria is for “vetting” a spoiler. How many sources do you need to confirm a spoiler before you roll with it?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Comment: Every spoiler is different. Case-by-case basis. There’s not a universal answer to your question. All depends on who sends it to me, what they send, how they know their info, etc. There’s a list of questions I go down. If those all check out, then I don’t necessarily need to get it double sourced.

For the torture noises in addition to the understandable baby cries it seemed like they were using the AOL dialup modem sounds lol.

Comment: Yeah, I did hear that sound in the headphones during “Special Forces.” But again, Danny Amendola basically dominated that boot camp for 9 days and 19 hrs. The fact he couldn’t make it through the last 5 hours due to sounds in headphones just really surprised me.

It’s too early to announce the next bachelorette. They have to be eliminated first. Gabby windey and Rachel Recchia should be the bachelorette again.

Comment: Ummmmmm, ok.

I watched the reunion for the Traitors…meh. Happy for Cirie’s win. Well deserved. But the reunion show was a bore. They should’ve included the reunion right after the series ended. However, the one good thing that came out of it was the option to watch the Traitors Australia. Yes, I went right into that show. What are your thoughts about our first season? Will you be watching the Australia version?

Comment: I probably won’t. So busy for the next month. Maybe when stuff dies down in April and May I will, but not anytime soon.

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