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ADDED 3/11

1. Eric Hill: 30, Salt Lake City, Utah. Graduated from BYU in 2005 with a B.S. in Human Biology. He has a LinkedIn page, which lets us know he’s currently in the process of filming a documentary, ” The Global Odyssey,” where he is trying to break the world record for visiting all 195 U.N. recognized countries that he hopes to do by 2016. Has a website Also, he runs in the same Salt Lake City circles as Brooks and Jef, and they encouraged him to do the show knowing it would help him promote his documentary.

Facebook – Eric Hill
Twitter – @GoWithEric
Instagram – GoWithEric


UPDATE: Tragically, Eric Hill passed away on Wed. April 23rd after a paragliding accident a few days earlier. You can read about what I said about Eric here.

2. JJ O’Brien: 31 (just had his birthday), San Francisco, CA. Got a B.A. from Williams College in Massachusetts, then got his M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Currently owns an apparel company at, for the “Life Less Ordinary.” Translation: they make weird pants. And he wears them a lot. Guess we know what his limo exit will look like. Hem Haus also has a Facebook page. He fits the San Francisco “hipster” lifestyle perfectly.


3. Pat Jagodzinski: 28 or 29, from Lebanon, New Jersey, but currently lives in Orange County, CA. Played college soccer as a goalie for Ramapo College in New Jersey. Graduated with a B.A. in Communications in 2006. Has a LinkedIn page. Currently works as an account supervisor at Allergan, a communications company in Costa Mesa, CA. Here was an article surrounding his hiring with them. He has a Google Plus page and, ummmm, a bizarre YouTube channel to say the least.

Twitter – @PatrickJags (his old one was @PatJags, but he just started a new one)
Instagram – PatrickJags


4. Bradley Wisk: 32, Chicago, Ill. Graduated from Indiana University with a music major. Got a Master’s in music at the Manhattan School of Music. Currently an opera singer that has his own website where you can check out some of his work. Yes, this season’s male Sharleen. Has a LinkedIn page LinkedIn page that’s currently shut down. Also works in computers for Apple helping customers over the phone with their computer problems.

Facebook – Bradley Wisk (currently not in use)
Twitter – @tenorwisk (currently de-activated)
Instagram – Tenorwisk

Has a YouTube channel with a lot of his videos as well. Here he is doing his best Sharleen impression. Or something like that.



5. Tasos Hernandez: Age 30, Denver, CO. Graduated from Metro St. University. Currently the Director of Member Services at The Studio, a photography studio in Denver. Also works as a DJ, and helps teach the after school Spanish program where his mother teaches middle school.

Facebook – Tasos Hernandez
Twitter – @RegretNightTasos (currently de-activated)


6. Marquel Martin 26, Las Vegas, NV. Sales coordinator for the UFC. Graduated from UNLV in 2009.

Facebook – Marquel Martin
Instagram – Jayloni_Martin


7. Dylan Petitt; 26, Boston, MA. Graduated from Umass (Amherst) with B.A. in Accounting in 2011 & a B.S. in Sports Management. Has a LinkedIn page. Even though his LinkedIn says he works at Ernst & Young, he doesn’t anymore. Currently works at Walter & Shuffain, P.C.. Ran his own business at Umass called College Works Painting. His 23 year old brother Patrick died in November of last year. He also lost his sister in December of 2009. I’m guessing that might get brought up once or 100 times this season.

Facebook – Dylan Petitt (currently de-activated)
Twitter – @DylanPetitt
Instagram – DylanPetitt (currently set to private)

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8. Josh Murray: 29, Athens, GA. Graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Business Administration in 2010 after playing minor league baseball for 5 years in the Brewers organization straight out of high school. Currently works as a Financial Services Rep for Capstone Financial.

Twitter – @jmurbulldog
Instagram – Joshmurray11

However, his claim to fame is being the older brother of recently graduated UGA quarterback, Aaron Murray. And you’ll never guess who’s one of the biggest UGA fans on the planet? You guessed it…Andi’s dad. I mean, look at her tweet from back in January.


Aaron Murray started following Andi on Twitter and she almost climaxed. So lets see, Josh lives in GA, his brother was basically the best QB in school history, the Dorfman’s are huge UGA fans, and he’s good looking. I would be SHOCKED if Josh doesn’t at least make it to hometowns. And this guy has “next Bachelor” written all over him if he doesn’t win. I hope he does get it. It’s been a while since I could break out all my “Aaron Murray never won the big one at UGA” and “Mark Richt has had more players arrested under his watch they should just call him Warden Richt” jokes. And oh yeah, Josh Instagrammed this pic out on Sunday as he was leaving for LA. Keep an eye on this guy. I bet he goes far.

Josh8< Josh1Josh1Josh3murray.0822Josh4Josh5Josh6Josh7

ADDED 3/20

9. Marcus Grodd: 26, Dallas, Tx. According to this bio, was born in Canada, half German and half Polish. Older brother Conrad and older sister Cathy. Works at American Cryotherapy in Plano, Tx with his brother-in-law. Grew up playing soccer as a goalie, played overseas (that’s where a couple of his pics below are from), moved to Dallas and played for the Dallas Texans. Works out at Crossfit in Plano, TX. On the Boyz II Men group date.

Facebook – Marcus Grodd (currently de-activated)
Twitter – @m_grodd (currently de-activated)
Instagram – m_grodd (currently de-activated)


10. Brian Osborne: 27, Harrisburg, PA. Graduated Temple University with a B.A. in Sports and Recreational Management. Works as an assistant boy’s high school basketball coach. Has a LinkedIn page. On the Boyz II Men group date.

Facebook – Brian Osborne
Twitter – @Coach_Osborne
Instagram – b_r_o23


11. Andrew Poole: 29, Los Angeles, CA. Graduated Whitman College in 2006 with a B.A. in History. Currently works as a Media Solutions Strategist for Facebook in their LA offices. Here’s his class photo from 2006 at Whitman College. Has a LinkedIn page. On the Boyz II Men group date.

Facebook – Andrew Poole


What’s funny is, even HE apparently thinks he looks like Pacey Witter. And he’s right.


12. Josh Bauer: 29, Denver, CO. Graduated Colorado St. University 2006 with a B.B.A. in Marketing. Masters of Business Administration, International Businnes and Management from University of Colorado in 2012. Currently works as a Marketing Manager at Century Link. Here’s his LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, Mr. Fancy Finance didn’t make much of an impression as he was eliminated night one. Womp Wooooooooomp.

Facebook – Josh Bauer
Instagram – Jdbphotogenius


13. Brett Melnick: 30, Warminster, PA. Got his cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell Academy and currently works as a hairstylist at the Jolie Salon & Day Spa in Blue Bell, PA. Has a men’s fashion blog at That site also has a Facebook page. On the Boyz II Men group date.

Facebook – Brett Melnick (currently de-activated)


ADDED 3/27

14. Ron Worrell: 28, Nashville, TN. Speaks 4 languages, and is currently a distributor sales manager for MillerCoors. Graduated Loyola University in New Orleans in 2008 with a B.A. in Marketing. Mom is from Israel, dad is from Barbados (they are in the pictures below). They both worked for the United Nations so he traveled a lot growing up living in both places along with Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana. On the Sweater team in the Boyz II Men group date.

Facebook – Ron Worrell
Instagram – ronniewoooo
LinkedIn – Ron Worrell


15. Cody Sattler: 28, Chicago, Ill. Originally from Omaha, NE. Graduated from Kansas St. University after attending Garden City Community College. Former 6th grade elementary school teacher that currently works as a personal trainer and Boot Camp instructor at Chicago Boot Camp Club in the Lincoln Park area. And for the small price of only $50 an hour, he’ll tutor your child in vocabulary, prealgebra, and English. And maybe provide them with some PED’s. On the Sweater team in the Boyz II Men group date.


Here were pics from the group date after party at Mohegan Sun on Tuesday night that the paparazzi was able to get a few shots of. Uh oh, Cody. Never a good sign when you’re getting the butt out hug from a girl like Andi is clearly giving you.


ADDED 4/16

16. Nick Viall: 33, originally from Milwaukee, currently living in Chicago. Works as an Account Executive for Graduated University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and he also ran on the track team. Is the 2nd oldest of 11 children. Here is his LinkedIn page. Why does he look like Spencer Pratt?

Twitter – @viallnicholas28


17. Chris Soules: Lives in Arlington, Iowa. Graduated Iowa St. University. I don’t know much about farming, but apparently this guy does. And he’s loaded. Owns plenty of acres in Iowa and currently works for Summit Farms. Here is his LinkedIn page along with an article of when he was previously hired to work for Hertz Farm Management Inc. Yeah, I know nothing about what this guy does but he’s loaded and owns a ton of land. Score Andi! (That picture with the girl is from her blog a long time ago, so it’s not recent whatsoever).



18. Nick Sutter: 27, originally from Barrington, IL currently living in Orlando, Florida and is a professional golfer. Fun fact: Is friends with Brody Jenner. Has a YouTube channel where he and his golfing buddies attempt to make humorous golf videos. He also models for the 18 Greens apparel company.

Twitter – @NickSutter
Instagram – thenicksutter


19. Craig Muhlbauer: 30?, originally from Defiance, IA but lives in Colorado. Sister Rachelle’s Facebook page and
brother Jason’s Facebook page. Pretty sure he works in finance (He’s the guy on the right in case you were wondering).


20. Carl King: Firefighter who currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Enjoys Crossfit, and doing yoga on the beach with women.

Facebook – Carl King
Instgram – bodhisattva_king



21. Dr. Jason Leep: 35, family medicine doctor currently in Kansas City, Kansas. Got his degree from American University of the Caribbean (is that a real school?), and did his residence at the University of Kansas medical center. A google search shows he works at the Aurora Health Center in Sturgeon Bay, Wiconsin, but he’s no longer working there. He works out of Kansas City, Kansas now.


22. Rudie Dane: 32, Long Beach, CA. Personal injury lawyer for the Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz LLP firm in Long Beach by day, musician by night. In a band called “The Danes,” and also “Kingston and Vice” (Facebook Fan Page). The lawyer name he goes by is Rudie Baldwin.

Twitter – @RudieDane
Instagram – RudieDane


23. Mike Campanelli: 29, originally from Guilderland, NY currently living in Alta, Utah working as a bartender at the Rustler Lodge. Graduated Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2006 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering & Design Innovation.

LinkedIn page – Mike Campanelli
Google Plus page – Mike Campanelli


24. Steven Woolworth: 30, Encinitas, CA. Currently works at Celtek, a manufacturer of snowboarding equipment. His LinkedIn page also says he does freelance work for Red Bull.

Facebook – Steven Woolworth
Twitter – @swoolworth
Instagram – swoolworth


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