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  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    Daily Links Incl EXCLUSIVE Two More Girls on Ben’s Season & They’re Sisters!

    So just as I’m writing yesterday about how it’s been pretty tame so far with nothing getting out on social media in terms of spoilers for this season, we get a picture that pops up yesterday. Now granted, it’s blurry and we can’t tell who the hell it is Ben is in the car with, but it’s a picture nonetheless. For all we know, it might be one of the girls I give you today. But what also came to light yesterday was an article in something called the Ink Free News regarding the “Bachelor” filming in Warsaw, IN at the end of the month. Warsaw is formerly where Ben used to live, so it makes sense, and the dates of Oct. 25th & 26th when they’re looking to film are right around the time of hometown dates, which I’m told will go back to normal this season, which is Ben will visit the 4 hometowns of his final 4 girls, and not that crazy nonsense … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    “Daily Links” & Who are the Two Returnees Who’ll be Appearing on Ben’s Season?

    Tonight is the night. It’s finally here. The night where 25 or so women show up at the mansion in their sparkly gowns, doing silly entrances told to them by producers that they agree to go along with. Same thing every season. And before the night even starts, I can tell you to expect Robert Mills and Mike Fleiss to be tweeting things like, “The ladies love Ben!!!!” and “Already some first night drama!!!” like they do every single season. There will be shots of the wet driveway I’m sure on social media, and maybe even a picture on Twitter or Instagram of Ben with Chris Harrison or Elan before the ladies arrive. Nothing they haven’t done the last 5 years. Of course, they won’t give away anything important, but they just want people to start talking about the show. And what better way to get people to start talking about your show, and to automatically instill first night drama, than to bring back former contestants to compete … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    “Daily Links” and EXCLUSIVE First Look at Two of Ben’s Girls This Season

    Yes, it’s that time of year again. The “Bachelor” is starting up and it becomes the most enjoyable time of the season for me. Being given tons of information over the next two months and having to piece things together. Yesterday I tweeted that I was going to post one of Ben’s girls today. I lied. I’m giving you TWO because I’m such a great guy. As always, if you’re going to post stories on these girls, I would appreciate giving credit to the site. No other websites are even talking about Ben’s season yet, so the posting of girls is only coming from here. I don’t know when the next group of women I’m posting is. Got quite a few more to release, but I never know when I’m going to do it. Filming begins Thursday night with the limo entrances, meaning filming will last until the wee hours of the morning on Friday, the girls who make the cut will then move into the mansion on … Continue reading

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