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  • Bachelor Pad 3

    “Bachelor Pad” Finale Spoilers

    The “Bachelor Pad” finale taped last night in LA. I will give you the spoilers to that in a bit, but obviously since I last wrote Thursday morning, obviously some news came forward regarding the Emily and Jef relationship. When I posted Thursday morning, I said it was a non-story because US Weekly had no pictures, no text messages, nor did they have anyone on record confirming the story. So if you read what I wrote (which some of you obviously didn’t), I specifically said “Wake me when something interesting happens between those two.” Well, that happened about two hours after I posted when Jef’s brother Mike went on record and confirmed the story to US Weekly. Obviously, the Jemily fans freaked out, saying he was an opportunist, he sold out his brother, blah blah blah because they don’t think anything could possibly be wrong with their favorite couple. After getting more information over the weekend, this is what I’m hearing: Mike was NOT paid to confirm the … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad 3

    Your “Bachelor Pad” Recap Including Why the Spoilers Are Gone & Who You Can Blame For It

    The column that a lot of you have been waiting for, and honestly, I’ve been waiting for it too. I can finally get this off my chest because it has a lot to do with what’s going on with the site right now, it has to do with me naively thinking that some of these contestants are actually good people at heart, and it has to do with being betrayed by someone I thought I could trust. For the last two weeks, a lot of you have either tweeted or personally emailed me something to the effect of, “Where are the Bachelor Pad spoilers? I thought I saw them before but now they’re gone.” Yes, they are gone. And I can now finally explain why.

    When Mike Fleiss was cryptically tweeting three weeks ago seemingly referencing me and my site, and I said I didn’t know what he was talking about, I didn’t. But then on July 17th, I was informed by the lawyers for the production … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad 3 Spoilers

    Who Did Emily Choose

    Gonna do something a little different today. I’m releasing today’s column in two parts. Frankly, I haven’t even written a word of my recap yet. I’m gonna do that on the plane. Last night was such a mess of gathering information all while trying to watch the show and take notes, this stuff I’m gonna give you now took precedence over the column. I’m gonna to post this right now, write the recap on the plane (which honestly won’t be nearly as long as usual just because I didn’t think much happened at all last night), and then just add the recap to the column later. I’ll tweet and FB post when the recap is added, but I figured before I headed to the airport, the least I could do was give you what you’ve been waiting for all season. What a great guy.

    A few things to get to before talking about yesterday’s announcement. First off, gotta wish Olivia a happy 8th birthday today. Uncle Titi … Continue reading

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