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    Who Did Emily Choose

    Gonna do something a little different today. I’m releasing today’s column in two parts. Frankly, I haven’t even written a word of my recap yet. I’m gonna do that on the plane. Last night was such a mess of gathering information all while trying to watch the show and take notes, this stuff I’m gonna give you now took precedence over the column. I’m gonna to post this right now, write the recap on the plane (which honestly won’t be nearly as long as usual just because I didn’t think much happened at all last night), and then just add the recap to the column later. I’ll tweet and FB post when the recap is added, but I figured before I headed to the airport, the least I could do was give you what you’ve been waiting for all season. What a great guy.

    A few things to get to before talking about yesterday’s announcement. First off, gotta wish Olivia a happy 8th birthday today. Uncle Titi … Continue reading

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    Bachelor Pad Finale Spoilers

    This is what I get for not having a laptop. Im paying up the ass right now to use the hotel computer. Thank me later. Real quick, here’s what you need to know:

    -Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance contest. Melissa, Jake, and Trista were the judges.

    -Tenley and Kiptyn then get to choose who they want to go up against in the finals. They take Dave and Natalie obviously.

    -Then all the contestants from this season are brought on stage and allowed to ask all four of them questions, grilling them on whatever they feel like. Then each team makes a “plea” to the jury on why they think they deserve the money. Very “Survivor”-ish. Apparently Tenley’s speech was a 20 minute diatribe and had pretty much turned everyone off at that point. With 15 people on the “jury” each is given a card to hold up voting which couple they want in the finals. Whichever couple got 8 votes first is in the finals. Dave and … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad Spoilers

    Your “Bachelor Pad” Spoilers – 6/30/10

    This is without a doubt going to be an interesting show. Everything that I’ve been told that I post below did happen during filming. Are there other things that happen on the show? Sure. A lot of this stuff was told to me in a rush, so there could be minor details left out or what not, but the challenges, eliminations, and dates are all accurate. As I get to find out more, I will report that as well, but this is the gist of the season. The one thing that I don’t know much about, other than who gets eliminated when, is the actual elimination ceremonies. You’ll see that I tell you who goes home, but obviously, there’s decision making behind all that, and lying, and backstabbing, and drama, etc. That part I’m not aware of. I just know who goes home when. Once the episodes start airing, I guess we’ll see the reasoning behind these people’s exits and why.

    One thing I found interesting once I … Continue reading

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