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  • UnREAL in Partnership with Lifetime

    (VIDEO CLIP): Everything Comes to a Head Tonight in the Season Finale of UnREAL


    We’re finally here. It all leads up to tonight. This season of UnREAL has taken us places we probably never thought they’d go before. Up, down, left, right, this way, that way only to lead us to the finale where Darius will supposedly make his choice between Tiffany and Chantal. But oooohhhhhh, there’s so much more than that. As expected, Rachel & Quinn have reunited once again and will try and take Coleman down, who is out to sabotage the show. He’s got all the ammo he needs, since Rachel basically handed it to him on a silver platter with her recorded confession when she was drugged up. Is that even legal? Would that even be permissible in court? Eh, no worries. It’s not like this thing will go to court. How Quinn & Rachel squirm out of this one and keep all of “Everlasting’s” secrets under wraps is probably going to be the biggest storyline of tonight’s season finale. The “how” they get to that point sure … Continue reading

  • UnREAL in Partnership with Lifetime

    (EXCLUSIVE CLIP): Chantal Goes To the Next Level With Darius Tonight on UnREAL


    We’ve now reached the penultimate episode of season 2 of UnREAL, and even I’m not sure how they are going to wrap up this whole season. Seems like they have so many story lines hanging in the balance, yet we only have two hours of the season left. Where do they take it? As we saw last episode, it looks like Jay is becoming a major player this season. Somehow he convinced Darius to come back to the show, something Rachel seemingly couldn’t do. Then again, she was hopped up on pills in the hospital, so I guess that might’ve been a little tough to do. But with Darius only trusting Jay at this point, and Rachel’s mental state completely out in la la land, exactly how does she recover from all this? And how does all of this dirt behind the scenes of “Everlasting” stay within the confines of the show now that we’ve found out Yael is undercover as a reporter and she’s trying to expose … Continue reading

  • UnREAL in Partnership with Lifetime

    (EXCLUSIVE CLIP): Quinn Takes Her Show Back Tonight on UnREAL


    Whoa. The reason I think UnREAL has been so successful in its first two seasons is because it pushes boundaries you normally don’t see on other shows. I’d say last week not only pushed the boundary, but did so in a way that was topical considering all the recent police shootings in the United States. I think before some people start claiming that was in bad taste or why would they do a storyline that hits so close to home, you need to understand a couple things: 1) This was filmed before the Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, etc shootings ever happened. 2) The creator of the show and last week’s director broke down everything that went into the thought process and filming of last week’s episode here: It’s a very interesting read that gives you an idea of how much prep and different talking points go into shooting a scene like that.

    As you read in the link, tonight’s UnREAL is also doing something … Continue reading

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