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Desiree’s Guys

1. Brooks Forester: 28 or 29, originally from Boise, ID currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of 10 children. Works as a Sales rep at Fit Marketing. B.A. from the University of Utah.

Facebook – Brooks Forester
Twitter – Brooks Forester
LinkedIn – Brooks Forester


2. Ben Scott: 28, Dallas, Texas, Graduated Lubbock High School in 03′, Texas Tech University in 07, works at The Trophy Room in Uptown, has a 4 year old son named Brody. Originally thought he was divorced, but he’s not. Added (3/15): Brody’s mom’s name is Stevie Short, and this is her Facebook page. He was never married to his son’s mom. Also, he recently dated Erica Larson, who will be an upcoming contestant on NBC’s “Ready for Love.”.

This past Halloween, he actually went as the “Bachelor” as you can see by his third picture below.

Facebook – Ben Scott


3. Chris Siegfried: 27, Seattle, Washington. Works for HomeStreet Bank Mortgage Lending. Does part-time modeling work as well. Former minor league pitcher in the Chicago Cubs organization from 2007-2011.

LinkedIn – Chris Siegfried


4. Zak Waddell: San Antonio, Tx, 31 or 32, works as a drilling engineer for AIP Inc. B.A. from Texas A&M, Masters from Univ. of Dallas. His Facebook and LinkedIn page have already been shut down. Dammit. Although here he is showing off his balancing skills:


5. Dr. Larry Burchett: 34, Berkeley, CA. Graduated Univ. of Notre Dame 2001, medical school at the University of Kansas 2006. Emergency Physician at Sonoma Valley Hospital. His LinkedIn page has been shut down. Here’s a link to his hospital page. Here was an article written about him in the Sonoma news earlier this year. The first picture is most recent from his LinkedIn page, but the others are from an old MySpace account that are 5 and 6 years old. Sorry dude. These pictures probably aren’t doing him much justice. Added (3/15): Larry has a child from a woman that he never married, who lives in LA with the mother. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl, but he doesn’t see his kid all that much.


6. James Case: 27 or 28, Chicago, Illinois. Graduated Miami-OH University in 08′, also played football there. Currently works in advertising for BankRate, Inc. Not many updated pictures of the guy. His LinkedIn profile is still active.

I think you get the picture. Total meathead.

7. Juan Pablo Galavis: 31, New York City, professional soccer player. Dude even has his own Wikipedia page, even though there’s not much on it. Plenty of stuff to Google on him though. This rocket scientist even tweeted a picture of his plane ticket from NY to LA this past Monday. Gee, don’t make it too obvious. He has as much business being on this show to find a wife than I do. I’d be shocked if this guy isn’t the one most disliked by the other guys in the house. But hey, any guy that has a highlight video of himself set to Chumbawamba’s greatest hit, you gotta love.


8. Zack Kalter: 28, Newport Beach, CA. Finished his degree at USC in 2009, and got into web development. Now currently writing children’s books. You can read a mini bio on himhere. Even has a Pinterest page. Ummm, guys have Pinterest pages? I didn’t know that was legal. His Facebook is down, but Twitter is still up and has a link to his first children’s book.

Posted on his Twitter feed, he seems to really like Valentine’s Day. Or not:


9. Kasey Stewart: 29, San Luis Obispo, CA. Senior Art Director for a Digital Agency. A 6’5″ former high school basketball player at Victory Christian High School, then played one year of college ball at Oral Roberts University where his career stats weren’t that impressive. Divorced back in 2009 after two years of marriage Lindsey Labadie, who competed on a Christian singing reality show back in 2007. They had no kids (pic is with his niece). She used to own a cupcake bakery in Tulsa, but now lives in LA. Here’s her Twitter account, her LinkedIn page, and a blog that she hasn’t updated in a year. He comes from a big family, has three sisters and two brothers. One sister, Jennette, is married to Christian singer Ricardo Sanchez. His Facebook and Twitter are inactive right now, but his Instagram is still viewable.

Competed in a Tough Mudder competition last year….

…went skydiving

…and enjoys posting videos of French Bulldogs named Tux pleasuring themselves:


10. Brad McKinzie: Denver, CO. Accounting Specialist at Restaurant Solutions, Inc. B.A. in Accounting from University of Colorado at Denver and has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Did he get that online? His LinkedIn page is still active. However, I’m much more impressed by his alter ago, DJ Mak. Awwwwwwwww yeah. Check mic one, mic two. You can ch-ch-ch-ch-check out DJ Mak on his fly MySpace page. I hope to God this guy came out of the limo rockin’ Beats by Dre headphones and scratching turntables. And oh yeah, he has a son named Mattex with a girl named Brittnee Nelson, whom he never married, and she works at Twin Peaks in Colorado. She’s on the right:

I’m sorry. You know I’m NEVER one to pre-judge, but this guy has player written all over him. Actually, let me correct myself. That’d be “PLAYA” in all caps and in a diamond encrusted chain wrapped around neck. Holla!


11. Diogo Custodio: 27 or 28, Lake Tahoe, CA. Born and raised in Brazil. Came from practically nothing as family was very poor. Masters degree from Kingston University in the UK. Getting his Business Doctorate Degree at UC San Diego. Works at the NorthStar at Tahoe Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. Speaks 5 different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portugese. His Facebook page is off.


12. Brian Jarosinski: 28, Baltimore, MD, Financial Advisor for Gateway Capitol Financial. Played baseball at the University of Maryland before going on to play some minor league ball. Geesh, that’s three former minor league players now. His Facebook page is still up and he’s got a boatload of pictures on there if you want to see. He’s part of the “Good Fellas of Baltimore” which are a group of entrepreneurs that do charity work and help families in need. And I guess have their own little reality show online every week. Also looks like he’s done some modeling (even in his underwear) under the name “Brian Bloom.” Was on the Blue Team in the dodgeball game.


13. Brandon Andreen: 25 or 26, Minneapolis, MN. Account Executive at US Internet. Had a nice mugshot 5 years ago for driving after his license was revoked. Oh hey, lookie here, another model. His Twitter page is still active as well. Was on the Red Team in the dodgeball game.


14. Mike Garofola: 31 or 32, Florida, Assistant United States Attorney. I first tweeted him out last Wednesday before I left for California once I was notified this blogger had posted him. So a big thanks to David Oscar Markus on that one. He’s one of the two unidentified guys on the red team during the dodgeball date.


15. Bryden Vukasin: 26, Missoula, Montana. Served in the Middle East for a year. Either still plays, or did play, for the semi pro Missoula Phoenix football team. He got the second 1-on-1 date at Ojai Valley that was posted by Johnny Jet a few weeks ago. He got a rose on that date.

MySpace: MySpace page
LinkedIn: LinkedIn page


16. Mike Tenerelli: 30, Chicago, IL. Goes by “Mikey.” Owner of CrossFit Alpha Dog (FB page) in Lombard, IL. Used to work for his father’s Plumbing Company back in 09′. Is the last unidentified guy in the from the red team on the dodgeball date.


17. Dan Cox: Las Vegas, Nevada. Director of National Accounts, Bruvado Imports. Originally from Northern California.

LinkedIn – Dan Cox
Twitter – Bruvado Imports


18. Drew Kenney: Scottsdale, AZ. Marketing Coordinator for the Van Tuyl Auto group. He’s also a Ford model. B.S. in Business Administration from Arizona St. University 2011. He’s the one unidentified member of the blue dodgeball team. Dude, would it be asking too much to pull up your pants a little more in pic #4? Thanks pal. And in that 5th picture, you know it’s ok to have a burger once in a while, right? Plenty more pictures on Google of him. Have at it.

Twitter – Drew Kenney
LinkedIn – Drew Kenney


19. Will Smith: He’s from Chicago, he’s of African-American descent, and I believe he’s employed by Chase Bank. I don’t have any pictures of him yet since I really haven’t looked. He doesn’t make it very far anyway, so unfortunately, he’s not all that important to me. And yes, because of his name, the guys in the house referred to him as the “Fresh Prince.”

20. Robert Graham: 30, originally from Arizona (graduated from Arizona St. University), but currently lives in LA. Goes by “Bobby.” Great. Another guy whose name starts with “B” on this season. Was that a prerequisite or something? He’s the guy on the first night that doesn’t remember ever meeting Desiree even though she knows she knows him because he used to hook up with her roommate.

Facebook – Robert Graham
Twitter – Robert Graham




  1. kasey31

    March 23, 2013 at 4:56 AM

    ok zack lattler is definitely in my f4..possible chris siegfried, but i want to wait and see the rest of the profiles.. zack for sure though… idk how des feels about divorce and kids, but im reluctant to pick any of the others bc of that.. we’ll see!

  2. iheartvino

    March 25, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    I second that we should keep our predictions for Des’s final four in this column, mainly because it will be much easier to find this column rather than having to keep clicking on “older columns” to find it. This one will always be under “Des’s Guys.”

    I know all the guys aren’t posted yet but so far Zack is in my top 4 as well. If I had to pick a second and a third I’d pick Chris and possibly Kasey- not so much for his looks but because he seems like the adventurous type and I can see Des liking that. I’ll wait and post my final F4 predictions once Steve has them all posted. It will be fun to see everyone’s opinions on who they can see Des with! Great idea, lucky, karyn, and kasey!!! (sorry if I left anyone out)

  3. texaschick

    March 26, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    My first impression is that the majority (almost all) of these guys seem like overly absorbed playboy athlete model types. Pretty slim pickings. I’m guessing most of them are not in this for romance. This will be 180 degrees from the last show. Although frankly I never thought Des was many levels above shallow and not heavy into academia or deep thinking so maybe these guys are her type, but looks like a lot of testosterone driven drama.

  4. ccrider

    March 26, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    My picks so far (subject to change before the deadline) are Zak, Zack and I’m going to throw in Brooks.

  5. Sunnyside422

    March 27, 2013 at 6:52 AM

    I don’t think a criteria for this show is brain matter! But having said that, my thus far picks are Zack Kalter, Brooks and Brandon in that order. But I am sure to adjust this as their personalities emerge.

    Des is a cute, lively, happy type person which is why Sean, the dud, was just not her match. Hopefully one of the men listed or those to come, will compliment her.

    Because Catherine showed herself to be very spontaneous and fun, can’t see her lasting with bland, boring Sean. Perhaps she thought him to be a step up financially. But opposites are supposed to attract…we shall see!

  6. karynr

    March 27, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    Subject to change, of course:
    Dr. Larry

  7. liz123

    April 2, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    I completely agree with everything kasey said especially regarding Zack Kalter, but I’ll go a step further & say I’m putting Zack K as the F1. I haven’t nailed down all my choices yet, but he’s definitely got that top spot in my mind, no question. He’s a cutie & seems funny (at least from the one video we saw) & down to earth. I can’t see another guy topping that & moving into my F1 spot. None of the other guys really caught my eye for Des at all. They all seem like total dumb jocks or dumb jerks or both in some cases, but to be fair it is hard to tell from just pics & short bios of course. We shall see…

    Steve will tweet when he has all the guys posted, right?

  8. elizabeth82

    April 7, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    My top picks so far:
    1. Zack K.
    2. Kasey

    I think Larry is cute, but no evidence of him making it past the first night. 🙁

    James and especially Brad seem like player, fratboy types.

  9. freeasabird

    April 8, 2013 at 12:18 AM

    I’m going to pick very scientifically and choose the four oldest:

    Zak Wadell
    Larry Burchett
    Juan Pablo Galavis
    Mike Garafola

    Final two will be… Larry and Mike

  10. oyoung1117

    April 9, 2013 at 10:11 AM

    My final four right now would be:
    Zack K.
    and one of the guys yet to be announced. I hope we get some more announced before the 12th!

  11. mella

    April 9, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    My final 3 were: Kasey, Zack K., and Brooks. But I’ve actually seen Zack K’s facebook go in and out of assuming that might indicate he’s already home. And his sister has an instagram pic of the children’s book being finalized..also might indicate he’s home to help finalize it. Not sure but just speculation. So I guess its down to Kasey and Brooks for me (until we get rest of the guys up)

  12. iheartvino

    April 11, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    From the guys we know of so far, my final 4 choices are Zack, Kasey, Chris, and Brooks. Zack was my favorite for her, but like mella, I’ve heard the same thing about Zack’s FB page going in and out of activity, so I’m not sure if that means he’s been eliminated or not.

  13. ccrider

    April 11, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    I know the cutoff for this is tomorrow but is there a specific time it needs to be done by? I won’t have access to a computer tomorrow until probably around 4pm-ish (central time) and would like to read RS’s latest column before making my final final picks. However, if that can’t be done then I’ll go with what I’ve already posted…..Brooks, Zak, and Zack….in no particular order.

  14. everglades

    April 12, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    I’ve never commented before but I thought it would be fun to post my final four picks (I read the comments pretty often and saw that’s what you guys were doing)

    My final four (in no specific order):
    Zak W.
    And Chris

    Good luck everyone!

  15. everglades

    April 24, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    3/4. Not too shabby. Excited to see if it is indeed Brooks as her final. He was my favorite. And Drew is pretty good looking too.

  16. chillydd

    July 9, 2013 at 9:21 PM

    Zak W. is awesome. How could you ever have a bad day with him around? Positive vibes just radiate from his smile. Love those dimples too. How can she not pick him? Whoever he ends up with is not going to be bored. I think he would be great as the next Bachelor. A few of the girls would probably walk away voluntarily the first night because they would be scared off by his unconventional personality, but that would make great TV!!!! I’d love to see how crazy that show could get. I wish I was younger, because I would probably stalk this guy. lol

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