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11. Joe Barsano: 30, Chicago, IL. Account Representative at Continental Packaging. Graduated North Park University with a B.A. in Economics in 2011 after attending Indiana University for his first 3 years.

Facebook – Joe Barsano
Instagram – jbarsano
LinkedIn – Joe Barsano


12. Chasen Coscia: 27, grew up in Washington, but now based out of Detroit, MI. Currently a commerical airline pilot for SkyWest. Was the lead flight instructor at Central Washington University back in 2016. Outdoorsman that likes to go fishing, diving, hunting, boating, etc.

Instagram – chasen_michael (set to private as of 3/12)


13. Dylan Barbour: 24, San Diego, CA. Co-founded & is the COO of the Vizer app along with his cousin Sam. It’s an app where you accomplish exercise goals, those goals then turn into sponsors donating a meal, then you redeem rewards in the Vizer marketplace. Dylan graduated Williams College in 2016 with a B.A. in English.

Facebook – Dylan Barbour
Twitter – @therealDBcoop
Instagram – dylanbarbour (set to private as of 3/12)
LinkedIn – Dylan Barbour


ADDED 3/19

14. Dustin Kendrick: 30, Chicago, IL.

Facebook – Dustin Kendrick
Instagram – dustinbkendrick (set to private as of 3/14)


15. Hunter Jones: 24, Westchester, CA.

Facebook – Hunter Jones
Instagram – hunterjoness (set to private as of 3/14)
LinkedIn – Hunter Jones


16. Grant Eckel: 30, San Clemente, CA.

Facebook – Grant Eckel
Twitter – @GEEmann123 (set to private as of 3/14)
Instagram – grant_mann06 (set to private as of 3/14)
LinkedIn – Grant Eckel


17. John Paul Jones: 24, New Carrolton, MD.

Instagram – johnpauljonesjohnpauljones (de-activated as of 3/14)


18. Ryan Spirko: 25, Philadelphia, PA.

Facebook – Ryan Spirko
Instagram – ryanspirko
LinkedIn – Ryan Spirko


19. Kevin Fortenberry: 27, Manteno, IL. His second and third pics are from when he was in LA from final casting weekend and he was snapping pics from his hotel room.

Facebook – Kevin Fortenberry
Instagram – kevinjfortenberry


20. Ben Granger: 30, Charlotte, NC.

Facebook – Ben Granger
Instagram – ben_grange (set to private as of 3/14)
LinkedIn – Ben Granger

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