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1. Jordan Rodgers: 27, Nashville, TN. Confirmed by US Weekly on March 5th. Brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Graduated Vanderbilt University in 2012 with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. Was in the “riff off” scene in “Pitch Perfect 2” along with the Green Bay Packer players.

Facebook: Jordan Rodgers
Twitter: @JRodgers11
Instagram: jrodgers11


2. Jon Hamilton: 29, Vancouver, British Columbia. Sales Rep for HVAC Solutions. Graduated Simon Fraser University in 2013 with a B.A. in History. Also studied Mechanical Engineering at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Facebook: Jon Hamilton (de-activated as of 3/13)
Instagram: thejonhamilton (set to private as of 3/12)
LinkedIn: Jon Hamilton


3. Sal DeJulio: 27, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Currently an Operations Manager for home building company GL Homes. Graduated the University of Akron in 2010 with B.S. in Corporate Finance. Has a dog named Balboa.

Facebook: Sal DeJulio
Twitter: @theREALdejulio
Instagram: saldejulio (set to private as of 3/14)
LinkedIn: Sal DeJulio


ADDED 3/29

4. James Taylor: 29, originally from Katy, TX, currently living in Marietta, GA. He was on the 1-on-1 swing dancing date last Thursday. He attended Texas A&M University before transferring and gradutation Harding University in 2010 with a B.A. in Public Relations. Currently works as a sales rep for ABC Home & Commercial Services, but is also a musician on the side. Here is his YouTube Channel followed by a couple videos he’s posted online.

Instagram – jamesmccoytaylor
LinkedIn – James Taylor


5. Vincent Ventiera: 28, Delray Beach, FL. Goes by “Vinny” on the show. He’s a professional DJ that goes by the name, DJ Vinsane. Here are some of his Soundcloud mixes in case you want to get jiggy with it in the office today. And an article written about him. He got mad skillz yo’.

Facebook – Vincent Ventiera
Twitter – @vinnyvinsane (de-activated as of March 16th)
LinkedIn – Vincent Ventiera


6. Brandon Howell: 28, Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Marysville, WA but currently living in LA. Attended Central Washington University. He’s an actor/model. Has an IMDB page. Was on an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker” but didn’t get much airtime. Here’s a modeling gig he did for Diesel clothing:

Facebook – Brandon Howell
Twitter – @brandonxhowell
Instagram – brandonxhowell


7. Will Haduch: 26, Jersey City, NJ. Graduated the College of New Jersey with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Currently works as a Superintendent at Turner Construction. Most interesting thing about him is he actually lives on a boat. If you look at his Facebook page, you can see the boat he lives on. I’m sure that will be part of his storyline.

Facebook – Will Haduch
LinkedIn – Will Haduch
Twitter – @WillHaduch (de-activated as of 3/23)
Instagram – willhaduch (de-activated as of 3/23)


8. Luke Pell: 31, Originally from Burnet, TX, he’s currently based in Nashville, TN. He graduated from Army (West Point) in 2007, and served as an officer overseas for 5 years after that. Has a website, and you can listen to some of his songs here. Here’s another site that has more info on him.

Twitter: @luke_pell
LinkedIn – Luke Pell


ADDED 4/13

9. Coley Knust: 26 or 27, Chicago, IL. Currently works for Ernst & Young, and graduated Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2011 with a B.S. in Business.

Instagram – cmknust
LinkedIn – Coley Knust


10. Wells Adams: 31, originally from Monterey, CA, he’s currently living in Nashville where he’s the weekday host on 105.9 The Rock in Nashville and Alt 98.3. He’s one of five kids – dad Bob, mom Donna, sister Whitney, sister Marisa, and has two brothers, Brett and Cord who, as of now, aren’t on Facebook.

Here’s a shot of the whole family together:


Facebook – Wells Adams
Twitter – @wellsadams
Instagram – wellsadams
LinkedIn – Wells Adams


11. Robby Hayes: 27, Jacksonville, FL. Sales rep for Myrtha Pools USA. Also currently models for Molinari Models and Talent. Graduated Florida St in 2011 with Majors in Finance and Real Estate. Currently going for a Masters in Finance at University of Miami. He’s the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters. Sister Katie, then John Michael, then Patrick, and the youngest is Grace.

Twitter – @RobbyHHayes
Instagram – roberthunter89
LinkedIn – Robby Hayes

Robby1Robby3 Robby2Robby4Robby5

12. Grant Kemp: 28, Lives in San Francisco, CA. Currently a firefighter in the Hayward Fire Department. Also does some modeling on the side. Here he is in action saving lives.

Instagram – grant_kemp
LinkedIn – Grant Kemp


13. Evan Bass: Lives in Nashville, TN, but runs a couple of Erectile Dysfunction clinics, including the Alabama Men’s Clinic. He was on the “sex talk” group date and mentioned the fact he has “sex talks” every day. Also referenced the fact he has kids and didn’t want to say too much on the date in fear they might hear him someday. Must be very protective of them since there’s no pictures of his kids anywhere on his social media. Here’s an interview he did 3 years ago talking about his penile clinics:

Facebook – Evan Bass
Instagram – theebass
LinkedIn – Evan Bass


14. Christian Bishop: 26, Los Angeles, CA. Account Director for Level 3 Communications and a personal trainer at The Camp Transformation Center in LA. Graduated from Cal St. Northridge in 2012 after attending the Florida Air Academy from 2002-2007. Here’s a video from a fitness shoot he did:

Facebook – Christian Bishop
Instagram – mrchristianbishop
LinkedIn – Christian Bishop


ADDED 4/18

15. Chad Johnson: Tulsa, OK. He’s a former marine who graduated the University of Oklahoma, and is now a realtor estate agent in Tulsa. He’s quite the gem this season I tell ya’. I think he pretty much wanted to fight every guy from what I heard. Gee, can’t imagine why with all those veins popping out of his head, neck, biceps, arms, chest, and brain. Seems like such a level headed guy.

Facebook – Chad Johnson


ADDED 4/20

16. Chase McNary: Denver, CO. Graduated Colorado St. University in 2011 and currently works as a medical sales rep for Mountain States Medical in Littleton, CO. He had a bunch of Vine videos at that link, but apparently doesn’t work now. Probably a good idea because it was loaded with videos of him cursing. He also found the Mosaic church in Denver a couple years and decided to do a testimonial about it…

Facebook – Chase McNary (de-activated as of 3/16)
Twitter – @mcnaryism (de-activated as of 3/16)
Instagram – chase_brody7 (de-activated as of 3/16)
LinkedIn – Chase McNary


ADDED 4/26

17. Alex Woytkiw: (Pronounced Y-Q, hence the Twitter and IG screen names) 26, originally from Florida, but currently lives in Del Mar, CA. Both brothers are just out of the Marines. Has a twin brother Adam and who has a wife Sarah. They were raised by a single mom, Loren. Looks like Alex was a weightlifting champion back in high school as well.

Facebook – Alex Woytkiw
Twitter – @real_alexyq
Instagram – alexander_yq




18. Derek Peth: 29, Originally from Iowa, where he ran track for Wartburg College, currently living in New York as a banker. Mom Maria, dad Dick, and sister Rachel. Dad was inducted into the Wisconsin Basketball Hall of Fame. He’s the guy that got the first 1-on-1 date where they took a private plane to SF for a picnic at the Golden Gate Bridge. Also plays the guitar and has a YouTube page. Here’s a video of him and a friend covering “Thinking Out Loud,” which I think has been covered by just about every musician out there right now.

LinkedIn – Derek Peth


19. Daniel Maguire: Vancouver, British Columbia. He models and is a personal trainer. No way! What an odd combination to have, especially for a contestant on this show. And oh yeah, takes a ton of shirtless selfies that he posts on his Instagram almost daily.

Facebook – Daniel Maguire
Instagram – danielseanmaguire

DanielM1DanielM2 DanielM3DanielM4DanielM5

20. Nick Benvenutti: 32, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.S. in Engineering and also got his Masters from there. Currently an Engineer for Atlas Marine Systems.

Facebook – Nick Benvenutti
Twitter – @nickbenvenutti
Instagram – nickbenvenutti
LinkedIn – Nick Benvenutti


21. James Fuertes: 34, Franklin, TN. Attended Liberty University. Co-owner of TITLE Boxing Club in Franklin. Done some modeling and acting, here’s his IMDB page. One reason I like this guy? He was on Nashville a few episodes ago, grilling Juliette Barnes! Instagram is set to private, but he posted the clip from the episode was in. Request him as a friend and take a look. I’m sure he’ll accept.

Facebook – James Fuertes
Twitter – @jamesjfuertes
Instagram – jamesjfuertes
IMDB page: James Fuertes


ADDED 5/11

22. Pete Medina: Chicago, Ill.

Facebook – Peter Medina
Instagram – peterjamesmedina


23. Nick Sharp: 26, San Francisco, CA. Account Executive at SAP, a software company in SF. Graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a B.S. in Business Management & Marketing.

LinkedIn – Nick Sharp
Instagram – nisharp


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