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Juan Pablo’s Girls


1. Kylie Lewis: 23, used to live in Chicago, currently resides in Rockford, Illinois. Works at District Bar & Grill (FB page) as a bartender (shocker). Very much into artistry as well. Has done modeling work recently (pics 1-4 and 9-18 are her).

Facebook – Kylie Lewis
Twitter – Kylie Lewis (already following Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo, Sean, Drew, James, Arie, and Jef. Oh, and me too. I feel honored)
Instagram – Kylie Lewis


2. Ashley Poe: 25 or 26, Denton, TX. Graduated University of North Texas in 2009. She competed in Miss Texas USA 2010 as the representative for Denton County. Currently a first grade teacher at E.P. Rayzor Elementary School in Argyle, Tx. That link will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about her. Also has worked at Tour 18 golf course and Twin Peaks. Awesome. Gotta love the Twin Peaks girls.

LinkedIn – Ashley Poe (not sure why she doesn’t say she’s a teacher on there)
Pinterest – Ashley Poe


3. Val Eredia: 26, Sutter, CA. Played volleyball at Yuba City College, before transferring to Sacramento State University, where studied physical therapy. Here was an article written about her in 2009. She lost her cousin Alex who was killed at a party in 2008, then her grandfather Martin passed away two years later. Rough. Has worked as a bartender as well at the Happy Viking. Apparently is also proficient in sign language, as evidenced by the videos below that she did in collge.

Pinterest – Val Eredia


Sign language:


4. Kat Hurd: 29, Scottsdale, Arizona. She graduated from the University of Iowa in 2007 with a BS in Athletic Training and BA in Dance, then got her Masters in 2010 in Exercise Science. Currently in Medical Device sales for Boston Scientific. When doing research on her, I see that she’s currently listed in the team photo of the Phoenix Suns 2013-14 Dance Team that apparently was just named a couple weeks ago. Twitter account says she’s a Phoenix Suns dancer too. Not sure how she’s gonna do the show and be a dancer too since she leaves Saturday, and the season starts next month. But hey, at least we have this dance audition video to look at. Work it girl. Of the 5 I released today, Kat wins. She’s goin’ places on this show. However can I just say, I think I like her better as a brunette.

Facebook – Kat Hurd
Twitter – Kat Hurd
Instagram – Kat Hurd
LinkedIn – Kat Hurd
Pinterest – Kat Hurd


5. Alli Restko: 26, Chicago, Ill. Graduated from Miami OH University in 2009. Hey, that’s where James from Des’ season went. Small world. I’m guessing if that guy hasn’t already been in contact with her, he will once he finds out she’s on the show. That’s of course if they don’t already know each other.

Facebook – Alli Restko
Twitter – @alligal77
Instagram – Alligal77



6. Kelly Travis: 27, Buckhead, Ga. Attended Georgia Perimeter College. Was voted one of the 20 Most Eligible Atlantans by “Modern Luxury” magazine last month (Full bio here). Used to own one of the Bronzed Atlanta locations but currently works for Choate Construction company as an executive assistant. Has a sister named Erica (FB page). Very big into animal rescue and owns a cocker spaniel mix named Molly, who is traveling with her in a scarf that says “I <3 Juan Pablo," with the "heart" being a soccer ball. Yes, they allowed Kelly to bring her dog on the show. At least Molly is cute. Also done some modeling for this blogger’s site 4 or 5 years ago.

Facebook – Kelly Travis
Twitter – @KellyTravisty
Instagram – KellyTravisty
LinkedIn – Kelly Travis

Kelly6Kelly7Kelly8 Kelly2

7. Andi Dorfman: 26, Buckhead, Ga. Assistant District Attorney at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Graduated LSU with a BS in Communications in 2009. Graduated Wake Forest University School of Law in 2012. Also voted one of the 20 Most Eligible Atlantans by “Modern Luxury” magazine last month (Full bio here). Big time legal girl, meaning I’m sure Michael Garofola will be all over this chick once she’s off.

Facebook – Andi Dorfman
Twitter – @AndiDorfman
Instagram – Andi_Dorfman


8. Lauren Solomon: 27, Austin, Tx. Originally from Clinton Township, MI. Communications major at Grand Valley State University. Has lived in Chicago, San Diego, and LA since college. She’s a piano music composer and owns her own concierge business that she originally started in LA. Has songs currently on Itunes, Amazon, and her YouTube Channel. She got engaged last year, but they never got married. They met on “Minute to Win It?” How romantic. Did crazy Guy Fieri show up at the engagement? AND they went on “Price is Right” and “Lets Make a Deal.” Awesome. She’s a game show whore. According to an old Facebook Fan Page it says she tried out for “America’s Got Talent” in 2010, and competed for Miss California 2012 while she still lived there. Sweet, looks like she did some sports reporting back in college too:

Facebook – Lauren Solomon
Twitter – @LaurenSol
Instagram – LaurenSol
LinkedIn – Lauren Solomon



9. Amy Long: 27, Clermont, Florida. Graduated Florida St. University in 2008. Member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Former reporter for WCTV in Tallahassee, Fla but currently working as a model for Body Glove. Has a Model Mayhem page.

Facebook – Amy Long
Twitter – @AmyLong7117
Instagram – AmyLong7117

Here is her TV demo reel:

Amy4Amy5Amy6Amy7Franklin Pointe Apartments in Tallahassee, FloridaFranklin Pointe Apartments in Tallahassee, FloridaAmy3

10. Maggie Gantt: 25 (her birthday was actually Tuesday, Sept 24th), North Augusta, South Carolina. Attended Aiken Technical College. Worked in cosmetology, but now currently works as a banker in North Augusta. Very thick southern accent on par with, if not thicker, than Emily’s. Speaking of Emily, briefly dated Ryan Bowers as well as they worked out at the same gym. Has already been eliminated since her Facebook was just recently turned back on in the last couple days (and I’m sure it will get turned off again shortly now that she’s been confirmed).

Facebook – Maggie Gantt
Twitter – Maggie Gantt (currently down)
LinkedIn – Maggie Gantt (currently down)

Maggie1Maggie2Maggie3Maggie4Maggie5 Maggie6Maggie7

11. Renee Oteri: 32, Sarasota, Florida. Photographer and Realtor. Her website’s main page,, currently under construction. However, other pages are viewable by going here. Was married in 2004 to Christopher Oteri and lived in Martha’s Vineyard area when she began her photography career. Been divorced about four years and they have an 8 year old son named Benjamin.

Facebook – Renee Oteri
Twitter – @ReneeOteri
Instagram – FloridaRay18
Realtor Page – Renee Oteri
Old Photography Blog – Renee Oteri


ADDED 10/3

12. Lucy Aragon: Originally from Santa Barbara, California. Currently lives in LA. Model for Wilhelmina. Basically recruited to be on the show to, well, bring the crazy. And the nudity. I mean, when it clearly states in your Instagram profile “I like to be naked,” and you follow that up with numerous topless pics of yourself, then yeah. Was anyone supposed to take this girl seriously about being Juan Pablo’s wife? Of course not. She was brought on the show for entertainment, plain and simple. And she brought it. Has already been eliminated as of 10/2. How do I know this? Well, last Friday she gave it away on Twitter. Pretty obvious.


And not to mention her BFF Holly was so excited she was back, she joined in the party.


Facebook – Lucy Aragon
Twitter – Lucy Aragon
Instagram – Lucy Aragon

Lets take a moment to breath in the free spirit that is Lucy Aragon. I’m sure she will be the talk of the show for the first three episodes.


Probably my two favorite pics of hers. First one is very classy, no?


And this? I mean, she got to take a pic with Kate Upton. On two different occasions. What more can you say?


13. Alexis Morgado: 24, Tampa, FL. Graduated from University of South Florida in 2011 BA in Mass Communications/Journalism. Works for her family’s spice company, Flayco. Also a Tampa Bay Lightning girl in her spare time. Has already been eliminated as of 10/2.

Two parts of this video that I love:

1) Telling us she was on the “Price is Right” a year ago and won a grand piano. First Lauren Solomon, now Alexis. Were these two on the same episode or something?
2) “Pour Some Sugar On Me” playing as the background music. The strip club anthem if I’ve ever heard one. “Coming to the stage right now, put your hands together for the hot and sexy, Laceeeeeeeeeeeeey…”

Facebook – Alexis Morgado
Twitter – Alexis Morgado (set to private)
Pinterest – Alexis Morgado


14. Christine Llano: 24, Miami, Florida. Works for the Miami-Dade Police Dept as an Office Support Specialist. Attended Florida International University. Speaks fluent Spanish. Has already been eliminated as of 10/2.

Twitter – Christine Llano
Instagram – Christine Llano


ADDED 10/15

15. Danielle Ronco: 25, St. Louis, MO. RN at St. Anthony’s Medical Center. Graduated St. Louis University in 2011 with a degree in Nursing. Also had received a fashion degree before that. Also works as a model. Shocker. She is the girl in the middle of the group date picture in South Korea with the afro puffs.


Facebook – Danielle Ronco
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – Dannironc


16. Chantel Forrest: 27, San Diego, CA. Graduated University of Florida with a B.S. in Hospitality Management in 08, and Business Management in 09. Currently an account manager at the Otis Elevator Company.

No Facebook as of 11/16
Twitter – @ChantiRella
Instagram – ChantiRella
LinkedIn – Chantel Forrest



17. Lauren Higginson: 27, Edmond, Oklahoma. Land and Mineral Coordinator at WestEnergy, LLC. Had set a wedding date on Aug 31, 2013, but it was called off in the spring by her fiancé. So two weeks after the day she was supposed to be married, she’s on the “Bachelor?” Now that’s funny. Holy crap, you can see all 453 of their engagement pictures. Nice going Dayton! I’m sure that wasn’t a messy breakup at all or anything. Also she’s a bikini model for MetroShoeWarehouse in Oklahoma.

Facebook – Lauren Higginson
LinkedIn – Lauren Higginson



18. Elise Mosca: 27, Forty Fort, PA. Graduated West Chester University in PA in 2008 with a degree in teaching. Teacher at Heights Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre, PA. At least she was 2 years ago according to this article. Still a teacher even though she’s “off” this semester. Miss Philadelphia International 2013, whatever that is. Has YouTubeChannel where you can see her talking about interesting things like how she does her hair on pageant days. First world problems.

She’s the blonde second from the right in the South Korea group date picture.


Facebook – Elise Mosca
Twitter – @EliseMosca (still not turned back on as of 11/16)
Instagram – EliseMosca
Website – Elise Mosca
Photography blog – Elise Mosca


Oh hey, and here’s Elise back in the day getting quite cozy with the Situation. Pay no attention to the “Stephanie Pratt” stuff at the bottom of the pic. I guess some news outlets thought she looked like her. That’s Elise. Do with it what you want.



19. Amy Jokinen: Originally from Orlando, Florida but currently living in LA as an actress and massage therapist at the Four Seasons. Here’s a short film she did in case you want to see her act:

Website – Amy Jokinen
IMDB – Amy Jokinen
LinkedIn – Amy Jokinen
Twitter – Amy Jokinen
Instagram – Amy Jokinen


20. Lacy Faddoul: San Diego, CA. Real Estate agent. Has a very old and poorly updated modeling webpage. Here’s her real estate license business card in case, you know, you want to call or email her.

Facebook – Lacy Faddoul
Pinterest – Lacy Faddoul

Hey, even took a pic with Hashtag Kasey Stewart from Des’ season:




21. Cassandra Ferguson: 22, Detroit, MI. Currently works as a freelance makeup artist. Former Detroit Pistons dancer. Has a two year old son, Trey, with current Pistons player Rodney Stuckey. Contributes columns about makeup to Well RED Blog.

Facebook – Cassandra Ferguson
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – CassandraFergie

She’s the third from the right (in the back) on the Kpop Group Date picture:


Cassandra4Cassandra1Cassandra2Cassandra3Cassandra5 Cassandra6Cassandra7Cassandra8

22. Christy Hansen: 24, Chicago, Ill. Hair stylist and works as a marketing manager at Westside Mechanical Group.

Facebook – Christy Hansen
Twitter – @Christyhansen_
Instagram – ChristyHansen
LinkedIn – Christy Hansen


23. Victoria Lima: She lives in Florida somewhere. And also seems to love kittens and astrology based on her Twitter handle. What sucks is doing a google search of this name, and there’s pages and pages of pictures that pop up of Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model. So finding any of Victoria would be like trying to find a needle in the haystack. She’s not that important anyway. Just know that Victoria is the big drinker in the house and doesn’t last long on the show.

Facebook – Victoria Lima
Twitter – @KittenAstrology
Instagram – VictoriaLima88


24. Sharleen Joynt: 29, originally from Canada but currently lives full time in Germany. She’s an accomplished soprano opera singer with many credentials to her name. You can visit her website to see her bio.

Facebook – Sharleen Joynt
Twitter – @Sharleenjoynt
Instagram – Sharleenjoynt

Here is her singing a rousing rendition of Schweiderfraudlichenstein Golfwardshneienvanlusten. Or something like that:


25. Chelsie Webster: 24, Columbus, OH. Graduated from Ohio St. University. Works at COSI(Center for Science and Industry) in Columbus. Oldest of four kids with three younger brothers. Father owns a dental practice in Mansfield, OH that her mother is a hygienist at.

Facebook – Chelsie Webster
Twitter – @ChelsieRene
Instagram – Chelsiewebby
Pinterest – Chelsie Webster

Far left giving the “peace” sign in the Kpop Group Date picture:



26. Nikki Ferrell: 26, Kansas City, MO. She’s an RN at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and is also a part-time model.

Facebook – Nikki Ferrell (still not turned on as of 11/16)
Twitter – @Nikki_Ferrell
Instagram – Nikki_Ferrell
Pinterest – Nikki Ferrell
Old Talent Page – Nikki Ferrell

Second from the left (closest to Juan Pablo) in the Kpop Group Date picture:



And in case any of you were wondering, “Hey, I wonder what Nikki’s nipples look like,” well, you’ve come to the right place. From a modeling shoot she did that posted in March…


27. Clare Crawley: 32, Sacramento, CA. Hair stylist at Mecca Salon in Sacramento.

Facebook – Clare Crawley
Twitter – @Clare_Crawley
Instagram – ClareCrawley




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