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    Reality Roundup – 4/11/06

    Let’s get right to it. A very interesting “Idol” last night. My expectations were rather low going in. I mean, Queen? What’s next week? Black Sabbath? Quiet Riot? I just don’t understand on the most watched show on television, you focus all eight songs on a band that really isn’t that popular anymore. They’ve got classic songs, but to choose Queen with only eight contestants left was rather surprising. Onto the show…


    -The one thing I will say Bucky does better than any of the contestants is switch that microphone from hand to hand. Boy is he good at that. And nothing else. I’ve had just about enough of Bucky. Nice guy, means well, fun at parties, but no business even making the final twelve. Yeeeeeeee-hah!

    -The USA Today yesterday had the songs that the contestants were going to sing yesterday morning. The two that jumped out at me were Ace and Kellie. “We Will Rock You”? That’s a chant, not a song. Who thought that was remotely entertaining. To quote Randy in … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 4/9/06

    The reason I haven’t written in a week and a half is because last week I was in New York on a family vacation. It was fun. Got to see people I haven’t seen in five years, but it also reminded me about the east coast lifestyle. Wow. I’m a west coast guy. It’s like I’m in another country when I go to the east coast to visit family. A few things about my trip:

    -I forgot how real Italian family dinners are served. Last Saturday night was my Grandma’s 85th birthday. And I don’t think I’ve eaten that much in my whole life. Once I got there, the buffet was spread out. So when I see a buffet, I start pigging out. Unbeknownst to me, this was the first course in what seemed like about a 12 course meal. The party started at 7, and the main course didn’t come til 10. In between that time, I put myself in a food coma. When you’re salad is like the fourth thing that appears at … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 3/21/06

    -So it’s been a while. Got a lot of shows to cover here. And boy is there some good crap on television right now. Quality crap. Crap for your dining pleasure. We basically have a smorgasbord (I don’t care if I didn’t spell that right. I’m not Swedish) of good/bad television currently in progress. If it’s not too late, maybe at the end of the column, I’ll add my two cents about the few non-reality shows that I watch. But right now, let’s just start with my favorite.

    -Some good news in my life right off the bat. I have a new girlfriend. I’ve never talked about previous girlfriends in this column for the sole reason that, well, I just didn’t feel any of you cared who I was dating. And I’ve only had one since I started writing this column anyway. You didn’t know her, so what was the point? However, this new girl, I can’t stop gushing about and some of you have probably heard of her. Rather young for me, but … Continue reading


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