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    Reality Roundup – 2/24/07

    Yes, believe or not, only 2 weeks have passed since the last column, and not 8. See? I’m getting better. Imagine the day where I write two columns in one week? Used to do it all the time. Not so much anymore. Why? Laziness basically. Anyway, before we get started, a few things I need to cover. And be prepared, this is a long column.

    Quite a few of you have commented about my last column where I mentioned that “women are lame.” Please, please, please. Calm down now. Whoever was reading that, I wasn’t talking about you. By no means do I despise the female gender. In fact, far from it. But sometimes a man’s got to vent his frustrations, and what better way to do it than in my column which is read by 95%….women. Oops. So please don’t take offense. Be secured in knowing that women are still the #1 reason that I am not a homosexual today.

    Onto some brighter news, it was announced last week that our only married … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 2/11/07


    -So, the big deal surrounding “Idol” this season so far has been the judges being meaner than in previous seasons. Huh? Has anyone ever watched the previous seasons? The audition episodes are the same exact thing every single year. They’ll show the horrible singers, Randy and Paula will laugh at them, then pop up from their chair when some bad singer hits a high note, or will turn away in shame if they’re God awful, or look over at the producers, and Simon will tell them they suck. Rinse and repeat for five seasons. Why are people shocked by this? The judges have been no different this season than they have in any previous season. Its ridiculous.

    -Every single one of those lunatics who camps out the night before to audition knows exactly what they’re signing up for when they audition. If they are horrible, they are going to get ridiculed, regardless of how mean it sounds. Simon Cowell said in an interview recently that not one of these people has … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup – 4/11/06

    Let’s get right to it. A very interesting “Idol” last night. My expectations were rather low going in. I mean, Queen? What’s next week? Black Sabbath? Quiet Riot? I just don’t understand on the most watched show on television, you focus all eight songs on a band that really isn’t that popular anymore. They’ve got classic songs, but to choose Queen with only eight contestants left was rather surprising. Onto the show…


    -The one thing I will say Bucky does better than any of the contestants is switch that microphone from hand to hand. Boy is he good at that. And nothing else. I’ve had just about enough of Bucky. Nice guy, means well, fun at parties, but no business even making the final twelve. Yeeeeeeee-hah!

    -The USA Today yesterday had the songs that the contestants were going to sing yesterday morning. The two that jumped out at me were Ace and Kellie. “We Will Rock You”? That’s a chant, not a song. Who thought that was remotely entertaining. To quote Randy in … Continue reading


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