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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Bachelor In Paradise 4” Episode 7 Recap, Including Your Finale Spoilers & “Bachelor” Talk

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-There is so much that goes on during this show that we never see, and then you’ve got everyone’s social media accounts to try and keep up with to see what they say about whatever is shown, it’s really become impossible to try and recap JUST the show. It’s almost like if you ignore what’s going on on social media, then you really aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on. And that goes for “Bachelor/ette” as well too. This was filmed back in June. We’re in September now. You can clearly see a lot of these people are over what happened. Some are still bitter. And some just don’t seem to care. Whatever the case is, recapping just the showing and ignoring social media wouldn’t be doing my job. But then again, I can’t possibly follow all these people because I might punch myself in the head. So I try to do my best to let everyone know what I know. But also know that sometimes, I just can’t. I’m told things in confidence that I have to keep to myself. It happens sometimes.

-Blake was the first guy to join the show this week, and frankly, Blake isn’t Blake without Whaboom inciting him. Like, if you’re gonna have Blake on, and you’re gonna try and make him stand on his own – you failed. No one cares about Blake without Whaboom. You might hate or be annoyed by Whaboom, but without him, there is no Blake and Blake is never even asked on Paradise. Obviously Whaboom was never even asked to be on Paradise, because if he was, he would’ve been there in a heartbeat, so it goes to show how much production thinks of that guy. Then Fred came and all of Blake’s attention became lost. Then again, we see this every season on Paradise where the people that arrive that late basically have zero chance of staying. That’s where they need to switch up the format.

Blake & Fred double date with Dominique and Christen

Christen became the hottest commodity on this show seemingly in a matter of minutes. She’s got Jack sweatin’ her even though she’s never been on a date with him. Tickle Monster has made out with her a few times and actually has been on a date with her. Then Blake comes in and asks her out. Fred asks Dominique and the four of them double date. They never showed any romance on this date since Christen was sick and looking for her contacts the whole time, while Fred seemed to be put in the friend zone for the second consecutive show he was on. Maybe he should sit these out going forward. Things don’t seem to be working out well for him.

Jasmine and Tickle Monster

This pretty much came out of nowhere. With Matt leaving the previous week but giving his rose to Jasmine, I guess she really didn’t have anyone there for her. But she seemed to take a liking to Tickle, so she made out with him in the pool. Even made a reference of how he tickles her when they made out and, ummmmm, just no. Most women don’t like to be tickled in general. I’m guessing they probably hate it during a make out session. Or maybe Jasmine is into that. I mean, she does like choking. Can you imagine these two in bed? With that all choking and tickling going on, someone is bound to get hurt. Or start laughing non-stop and ruin the moment. Either or, maybe these are made for each other.

Jack Allegedly Has Trouble Kissing

Word started making the rounds, I believe after Christen told some people, that Jack was a bad kisser. So some of the girls decided to take it into their own hands and make out with Jack to get to the bottom of it. First it was Jasmine, then it was Raven, and then it was DLo. And all three claim Jack is a good kisser, so I guess that’s settled. Special Agent Jack Stone knows how to kiss and Christen was in the wrong. Although by the looks of things, it certainly seems like Jack graduated from the Bryan Abasolo School of Kissing, so maybe some of their kissing radars are off. Or, and this could easily be the case as well, Christen kissed so many guys on that show, she mixed up who was the bad kisser and who wasn’t. Certainly a possibility. Did you ever in a million years think that Christen would end up being one of the more talked about contestants this season? Like, do you any of you even remember her from Nick’s season? Seems like it happens every season on Paradise where some random that people barely remember having a huge role:

Season 1 – Lacey got engaged to Marcus after getting eliminated the first night on Juan Pablo’s season.

Season 2 – Cody and Michelle leave as a couple. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming. Hell, Michelle even admitted she never saw that coming.

Season 3 – Evan and Carly. Enough said.

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  1. SeaDub

    September 5, 2017 at 8:30 AM

    Watching the “love” triangle is cringeworthy especially for those of us have been there. In it, you hate and blame the other woman. But in time, you realize you were both being played by a master manipulator. Kristina & DLo – run as fast and as far away as you can as one day you will look back on this and wonder how you can be so stupid. You both deserve so much better. And Dean – grow the f up. While your intentions may not be cruel, you are old enough to understand that you are being so and selfish as well.

    Also, I can’t put 2+2 together on the Rachel IG. Anyone want to help.

    Lastly, I’ll be in Vegas the 10-14…will look for you RS.

  2. kygirl13

    September 5, 2017 at 8:49 AM

    First time leaving a comment here so, ‘hi’. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading these blogs more than the actual show cause it gives the real story. I know 99.9% of ‘contestants’ on this show are there for publicity.

    Poor Kristina. I really feel that this is the only genuine one on the show this year and is getting played like a fool. I hope she isn’t speaking to Dean anymore. I really did see through him on Rachel’s season. He liked to laugh too much in a serious moment. You could see the little boy in him then. Derek and Taylor may just make it, but I just don’t like them. I am with you RS and see Derek as shady.

  3. adelina

    September 5, 2017 at 8:58 AM

    Just spent my Tuesday morning off of work watching this sheet show….and boy is it a sheet show.

    The problem for me is that there is absolutely NO ONE on this show that I find the least bit likable or entertaining. I do think Kristina is a sweetheart but to watch her hanging on to breadcrumbs from Dean is cringeworthy. I loved Dean on Rachel’s season, but now I just think he is damaged goods and more of a boy than a man. He also cares way too much about his “look” or clothing – which I find to be a turnoff from a straight guy.

    As far as Rachel’s tweet….who cares. DeMario needs to keep it moving and keep his yap shut and Rachel needs to not tweet in the tempting moment and send a text to a girlfriend if she needs to be petty. Silliness all around from supposed adults.

  4. ericah95

    September 5, 2017 at 9:13 AM

    A instagram post from Becca Tilley 2 days ago with Ben, Jared, Dean, Luke and Ashley says
    “beccatilley Fun crew in Tahoe!!! Everyone’s single- let me know whose number you want and I’ll DM it!”
    So that might answer the question if Dean is with Kristina or Dlo now….

  5. missmanners

    September 5, 2017 at 12:29 PM

    DeMario has has zero moral authority to call anyone out on anything. He should keep to chasing fame and stay silent. He played along with ABCs racial shenanigans and got burned by them. Maybe he should quit while he’s behind.

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