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Bachelor in Paradise 4

“Bachelor In Paradise 4” Episode 7 Recap, Including Your Finale Spoilers & “Bachelor” Talk

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Good news everyone. Due to the fact that I leave for my annual first week of NFL season trip to Vegas tomorrow, that means that you’ll be getting EVERYTHING tomorrow. Podcast #42 which is Part 1 of my interview with Desiree Siegfried, “Reader Emails,” AND “Dr. Reality Steve” all coming tomorrow. It’s your early Christmas present, what can I say? I got my early Xmas gift this past Sunday when I woke up to a new Taylor Swift single, so I figured why not spread the wealth to all the listeners and readers and give you that tomorrow. So get all your emails in for both “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” today so they will appear in tomorrow’s column. Obviously a lot to get to today as there’s plenty going on in Bachelor Nation to get to. We’ve got the whole “Bachelor” thing going on, your BIP finale spoilers which were taped last Wednesday, along with recapping last night. Definitely some stuff to dive into today regarding all that. First and foremost, lets start with “Bachelor” talk. Obviously a lot of talk surrounding that with Fleiss going on a Twitter storm the starting from about one hour after my tweet last Wednesday. It’s been non-stop and he basically is just jerking around with people.

I was told last Wednesday that Peter is going to be the “Bachelor” and that the announcement would be coming soon. An hour later Fleiss went crazy on Twitter that’s continued through last night doing stupid polls, dropping hints, saying it’ll be shocking, gauging the audience’s reaction yada yada yada. Of course every time Fleiss tweets anything remotely cryptic, I’m the one that feels the brunt of it since everyone comes running to me asking what to make of it. There’s a reason I never addressed any of his tweets from Wednesday through Sunday. There was nothing to address. It’s his show. He loves drawing attention to it any way he can and that’s what he did. What I tweeted Wednesday, then again reiterated Sunday, is the same thing I’ll say today. I was told the “Bachelor” will be Peter and that the announcement is coming soon. I don’t know when. Could come as early as today. Could come in two weeks. I don’t know what their plan is. But considering they usually have that announcement on either a Bachelor related show (last two years it was done on “After Paradise” which is extinct this year), or ABC related programming (GMA, Kimmel, or DWTS), I would expect that’s where it’ll come from this season. Considering filming starts in about 2 ½ weeks, I would expect the announcement shortly.

I doubt they’ll hold out until the DWTS premiere on the 18th. But that’s the best I can give you at this point. No sense in reading into Fleiss’ tweets, or the GMA deleted tweet that went up late Thursday night saying the announcement was coming Friday morning. That tweet wasn’t up for more than 15 minutes. So it looks like someone prematurely posted that. And doing the announcement Friday before the long weekend didn’t make much sense anyway. I think now that the holiday is over, people are back talking about the show, and the finale is next week, I gotta imagine we’ll get the announcement before Paradise is over. But everything I’ve been told is it’s Peter and it’s always been Peter that they wanted. Nothing’s changed that I’ve heard. Fleiss is just having fun at his viewers expense because they freak out every time he posts something and he eats it up.

BIP Finale Spoilers:

-I had tweeted the biggest news out on Thursday morning that Derek and Taylor got engaged at the taping, something I told you weeks ago was most likely to happen. Then of course, every entertainment outlet reported it as well hours after me not crediting this site. Again, it’s humorous at this point because it only makes them look worse. But it’s certainly fun to point out when they do it.

-It’s formatted differently than what we’ve seen before. A lot of the cast is out on stage to begin, but then couples are brought up to the hot seat from backstage to talk about where they’re at right now. When the show began, the ones already out there were: Christen, Alexis, Jasmine, Jack, Diggy, Dominique, Jaimi, Danielle M., Haley and Emily Ferguson, Dean, Kristina, and DLo. Wells was there as well, but he was in the audience.

-Corinne and DeMario were both there. They bring Corinne out first, ask how she’s doing, ask if she’s spoken to DeMario, she says no, then they bring DeMario out and these wish each other the best, say everything is cool between them, and pretty much give a love fest.

-They did address a few of the couples on set who didn’t go up to the hot seat. Diggy is not with either Dominique or Jaimi, but apparently all of them are good friends and no hard feelings. Christen is not with Jack post show. Jack mentioned something to the effect of he might be seeing someone in Dallas right now that’s not a part of Bachelor Nation, but wouldn’t fully say if he was.

-Even though Dean was on stage with everyone else, they call him up to the hot seat. He basically tried to take all the heat and apologized for his behavior saying he didn’t want America to hate either girl and it was his fault. But it was mostly directed at Kristina. DLo felt slighted and went after him and called him out for breaking up with her on the show saying he was still in love with Kristina, but then that night in Mexico once they were both off the show, he was with DLo in her room. Then also called him out for seeing her numerous times post-show. Kristina was under the impression post-show that Dean and DLo had nothing going on until she saw pictures of them and realized he was speaking to both. I was told it got pretty bad for him as they both let him have it pretty good. As for what’s happening now, well, you saw Dean post this last night on IG:

You were out of my league

A post shared by Dean Michael Unglert ? (@deanie_babies) on

Impossible to know what exactly is going on. But what happened on the show happened on the show. If Kristina wants to believe this guy is legit and into her, honestly, I feel bad for her. I get the sense he wants to keep her around and will continue to treat her the way he did on the show. But of course, in his pictures with other Bachelor Nation people this past weekend, they made it clear he was single. So your guess is as good as mine as to what’s going on.

-Lacey and Daniel were out next and she called him out pretty good. She said she was blindsided and thought he was into her. Once the cameras stopped rolling on the show, Lacey told everyone that Daniel told her “this was all for TV.” Yeah, I’m guessing that would piss her off. Then again, I could’ve told her that before she even stepped foot on the show with that guy. Daniel tries to explain himself but I was told didn’t come off well at all and their exchange was the most awkward of the night.

-Robby and Amanda were brought out next. The twins actually took Robby to task for cheating on Amanda (the story I mentioned to you a couple weeks ago with him making out with some girl at the Zac Brown Band concert in CO), and Robby said that nothing happened. Well that’s a flat out lie. The woman who sat two rows behind them watched them make out the whole show, I spoke to her, she spoke with Amanda as well, and she has no reason to lie about what she saw. She even took pictures which she told me she sent to Amanda. Amanda told Robby on stage that she really appreciated him being so sweet to her out in Paradise, but when they got back home, she saw who the real Robby was and said he’s not ready to be in a relationship. So no surprise there. Robby and Amanda are done.

-Adam and Raven were out next. Chris Harrison asked them if they’ve met each other’s parents and they said no, but Raven was going to meet his family that weekend (this past weekend). They surprised Adam by bringing out Raven’s parents on stage so he could meet them. And apparently Raven did end up meeting Adam’s family over the weekend.

-The last couple they brought out on stage was Derek and Taylor, and as you know from my tweet on Thursday, they got engaged.

One other piece of drama that happened last week, was Rachel passive aggressively throwing this tweet out there:

Do I know what this is about? Yes. But it’s not my job in this particular instance to fan the flames. It’s so high schoolish and below everyone involved, it’s actually embarrassing. To me, the whole thing is ridiculous and honestly doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. Just handle it behind closed doors. She didn’t HAVE to tweet that. Could’ve been handled a different way. For someone who is always been about “keeping it 100,” I don’t get why she would tweet that publicly knowing how much attention it would get, which it has. I mean, if you really wanna analyze it, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out what she’s talking about. Just look at which person publicly responded to it and maybe you can piece things together:

One thing I wanted to mention. Obviously Hurricane Harvey has affected a ton of people. I’ve been approached by at least 5 different people/organizations asking me if I could link to something to help with, and this has always been tough for me. Because if you do it for one, but not for others, then it makes it seem like you don’t care about the others. And I can’t link to them all because then people will keep coming back saying, “Well you put the word out before with that one story, why not mine?” Trust me, it’s happened before and it’s a no win situation. Obviously I’d like to help in any way I can, but I keep my public links to people very limited. I have to because it gets to be overwhelming. Basically my rule has been if it’s not something I’m personally invested in or someone I don’t know personally, then I have to abstain. If I didn’t, then I’d literally be posting something once a week. But we have one of our own from the “Bachelor” franchise that was affected, and former podcast guest, that I wanted to bring up because I consider her a friend. AshLee Frazier’s dad is a pastor and his church was destroyed in Rockport. Here’s the GoFundMe Page set up to help in any way you can. Any donation would help.

And finally the poll question this week surrounds Kristina: Who should she be most mad at?



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