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    Daily Links – 4/29

    Kirk Kirk
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    Yesterday in “Daily Links” I had posted a story of the University of Washington having to take down this poster, because some people were offended that it sends a bad message to women. So rather than just go off what I’ve been told about what college cheerleading (and professional cheerleading) is about, I went directly to someone I know was a college cheerleader and asked her what she thought of the story. This was her answer: “I mean I think it’s a good tool for incoming candidates. I don’t see how or why anyone finds that offensive. EVERY professional or college dance team follows those guidelines. Most teams even have weekly weigh ins. I was told I had to stay at 110 pounds my freshman year of college-at my first practice. There is literally nothing offensive about that. If they don’t want to follow those guidelines, don’t try out…We got nothing when it came to scholarships for the dance team. And it was … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 4/28

    SurvivorKaohRong SurvivorKaohRong
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    The NFL Draft begins tonight and runs for the next three days. Last year for the first time, the NFL decided to do Rounds 1-3 in prime time, with Round 1 on Thursday night, and Rounds 2-3 on Friday night before relegating Rounds 4-7 on the weekend. Look, I’m a huge NFL fan. Don’t have a favorite team, but I’m pretty much glued to the games every Sunday for fantasy and gambling purposes. With that said, the hype surrounding the draft is utterly ridiculous. Everyone will post their mock drafts today that they’ve revised 50 times in the last couple months, and in the end, they’ll be wrong on about 90% of the picks. Not to mention, the actual draft means absolutely nothing. Until these guys start playing, what does it matter? You might be all excited for your team to pick some guy tonight, yet the second he throws a pick in the 4th quarter, or has a key fumble, or misses a tackle, … Continue reading

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    Daily Links 4/27

    MeganBrian MeganBrian
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    Not a whole hell of a lot of “Bachelorette” news to report. I do not know yet who was eliminated at the final four rose ceremony, then again, I usually don’t this early. As for overnights and final rose ceremony, I’m still not 100% sure. Before the season I was told three places they’d be headed this season, just didn’t know the order: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA, Uruguay and Thailand. Nemacolin happened in episode 4, andUruguay happened in episode 5. Does it mean Thailand is happening as well? I don’t know. In the past I’ve been given locations before that were wrong, so it’s tough to ever give locations with certainty. That’s what I heard, so we’ll see if Thailand ends up being the place they head to now to film the ending of the show. Filming should be wrapping up anywhere between May 8th-10th. Which gives me two weeks to get everything in order and hopefully have your episode-by-episode spoilers for you. Got … Continue reading

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