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  • The Bachelor 21 - Nick

    “Bachelor” Bio Breakdown

    nickgroupphoto nickgroupphoto
    Photo Credit: ABC

    Today is without out a doubt, one of my favorite columns of the year, and that’s the “Bachelor” Bio Breakdown. ABC released all the girls’ bios yesterday, and there are some real doozies in this one. I take the time today to go through each one and point out a few things that caught my eye. In addition, a majority of Podcast #2 will focus on these bios, taking an in depth look at these girls yet again, and covering some things that didn’t get covered today in the column. There’s only so much you can write on these unreal bios. But talking about them and going over them more thoroughly should make for some good listening material. I always like people watching when I’m out and commenting to whoever I’m with. The next podcast will essentially be that but instead of seeing them out, I’m dissecting them through a lame bio on a website, coupled with a photo better suited for their senior year picture, … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 21 - Nick

    (EXCLUSIVE) Another Bachelor Nation Couple is Over

    heartbreak heartbreak

    Thank you to those who tuned in to yesterday’s podcast. I didn’t really set any expectations on it because it’s still the “off season” of the show and my traffic isn’t what it will be come January. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of downloads to the first podcast, so hopefully we can keep that rolling. As I said, I’ll probably be doing 2 or 3 more before the end of the calendar year. The post dates of those podcasts will vary. My guess is that I will record another one this weekend and have it up Monday or Tuesday for you. For those asking on Twitter and email, the podcast is now up on iTunes, the Podcasts app on IPhones, Podbean, and Google Play. Still waiting on confirmation on Stitcher and some others, but it should be fairly easy to find in any podcast directory now by just doing a search of “Reality Steve.” Since I believe the bios and headshots of Nick’s women will … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #1 – Intro to Reality Steve & My History of Spoilers

    podcastartwork podcastartwork

    It’s finally here! After hours and hours of getting this ready for the past week (hence the reason “Daily Links” was sporadic), the first Reality Steve Podcast is available to download. Since it is my first podcast, apparently (as I’m learning more and more), it takes a few days for your first podcast to get approved by outlets like Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Soundcloud, etc. So it should be available on those platforms sometime in the next week. For the time being, you can listen to it in the player embedded in the paragraph below. I plan on doing maybe 2 or 3 more podcasts before Nick’s season starts on Jan. 2nd. Once the season starts up, podcasts will be posted on Thursdays after “Dr. Reality Steve” goes up. I’m guessing I’ll also have maybe 1 or 2 bonus podcasts a month on things I want to talk about. For those worried, the column isn’t going anywhere. Once the “Bachelor” starts back up, it’s still recaps on Tuesdays, … Continue reading

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