“Bachelor” Ben Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

Before I get started with the spoilers, I just want to be as clear as possible about this. There is not a media site out there that has gone or is going on record before today and saying, “This is what happens this season” and lays out what happens in every single episode. Not E! Online, not RadarOnline, not TMZ, not US Weekly, not People.com, not In Touch, not OK! Magazine, not Life & Style, not PopSugar, not Buzzfeed, not Perez Hilton, not EW.com, not TVGuide.com, not Yahoo!, not RumorFix, not Hollywood Life, not Gawker, not The Daily Mail, etc. Name any major outlet and those sites aren’t even talking about the show right now, let alone spoiling it. Some of the sites just named are ones that once the season starts, will claim “exclusives” that they broke this, and they broke that, and will report stuff in January/February that you knew about on November 24th because you read it here. If you’ve followed along since filming started, you’ll know how much has already been … Continue reading

Daily Links – 11/23

I know, I know. You were all expecting the episode-by-episode spoilers today. Just putting the finishing touches on them and they will be up tomorrow. I promise. Just dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s on everything and making sure everything I have is correct. Just wanting to see how much more information I can get before tomorrow since it’ll be the last post I do for a week as I’m heading to NY Wednesday morning. For those interested in possibly meeting up Saturday night, I have all your emails and I’ll let you know if it’s happening. I’m still waiting to hear back from the venue. Hopefully I can get it finalized in the next couple days. As for the spoilers, everything is in there. You’ll know everything you need to know about the season once it’s posted. The toughest part is not knowing exactly how the edit is gonna go. There’s reality, and then there’s what the show decides to show you. I can only report what is given to me, and whether … Continue reading