Daily Links 3/27

A lot of reaction yesterday to Nick re-appearing on the season. Yes, I’m aware he tweeted three times yesterday, and no, I don’t know what that means. All I know is what I told you happened Wednesday night. They were seen filming together alone which you saw a picture of, and they were caught making out as well. We’ll see if he ends up being a contestant on the show. Sure seems like he will and the tweeting might just be a ruse. Or Kaitlyn just felt like making out with the guy before sending him on his way. We will see in the upcoming days. Last night was a 1-on-1 date at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Today will be a group date (not sure where or what yet) with tomorrow being the rose ceremony before they head to San Antonio on Sunday. So for all those asking about San Antonio, going by their schedule, dates should begin there on Monday with the rose ceremony being Thursday. I seriously contemplated heading down to San … Continue reading

Who Joined the “Bachelorette” Yesterday, & Where They’re Headed Next

“Daily Links” is getting pushed back until tomorrow. I mean, I know we’re still all in mourning over Zayn leaving “One Direction,” but it’ll be ok. I think. I frankly don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself, but hey, that’s just me. When one of the most popular boy bands ever loses it’s probably least talked about guy, that’s big time news. However, the “Bachelorette” comes first and after getting news late last night and early this morning, I’m putting “Daily Links” on the back burner until tomorrow. I mentioned to you yesterday that I was working on something pretty big and would let you know if it was true. Well, I believed it to be true, then events happened yesterday afternoon which made me think it wasn’t true, and then stuff happened last night which all but confirmed it. I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out at this point if you were following along with my tweets yesterday during the rap battle group date, but in case you weren’t, here is … Continue reading