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    Podcast #69 – Interview with Amy Kaufman & Reality Steve Bracket Challenge (UPDATED LINK)


    Rising and grinding this morning (God I hate that phrase), but need to catch an early flight to Vegas as I’m giddy for March Madness, so you’re Podcast #69 is now ready to go. It’s with LA times columnist and author of “Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure,” Amy Kaufman. I finished the book this past weekend, and if you’re a fan of this franchise, and essentially want to know how the sausage is made, it’s a great read. Around 265 pages and I know this because I’m covered on pages 257-260. Of course. Who wouldn’t save the best for last? I’ve always liked Amy’s writing and coverage over the years of this show, and this is a real extensive, deep dive into former contestants, producers, handlers, etc as they give on-the-record accounts of what it was like to be on the show, or be behind-the-scenes of it. So many interesting stories in the book that, yes, you may have heard over the years … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Becca Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Ten of Becca’s Guys on the “Bachelorette,” & the 2nd Annual Reality Steve Bracket Challenge

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Just when you think it’s over, it isn’t. One season ends, and a new one begins. Not that this is surprising or snuck up on anyone since this has been their schedule for the last 6 seasons or so, but the “Bachelorette” begins filming this week. So in honor of that, today I’ll be giving you 10 of Becca’s guys. Five of which you already met last Tuesday night on the ATFR that I gave you full names of on Twitter right after they were announced. Today, I have your full profiles for them, along with 5 other guys, although I gave you one of those 5 last week in Clay Harbor. So technically you’ll be getting 4 new guys today you didn’t previously know about. Kind of a crazy schedule the next couple weeks as I’ll be traveling. Tomorrow morning I leave for my annual March Madness trip to Vegas, so podcast #69 with LA Times writer and author of “Bachelor Nation” Amy Kaufman will be released … Continue reading

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    Podcast #68 – Interview with Courtney Robertson


    The person I was asked most about all season of when am I gonna have her on the podcast again it today’s guest, Courtney Robertson. Obviously Arie will never come on this podcast, but Courtney might have been the next best thing. Why? Well once you listen today, you’ll realize (like I did when interviewing her) how much Arie told her from the second he got back from filming. I mean, he told her EVERYTHING, and we discuss it all today. Not to mention we also find out a nice little nugget regarding a reconciliation with Ben Flajnik that she hadn’t spoken about publicly yet. All in all, I’d say this is one of the more meatier podcasts in a while. There’s a lot to take in and while Courtney is a friend of Arie and defends him, she certainly doesn’t let him off the hook for everything either. I think anybody who watched this season and all that went along with it will no doubt be excited … Continue reading

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