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    Daily Links – 10/20

    coolasice coolasice

    There’s a reason that picture above is the featured picture in today’s column. Later on you’ll read why Vanilla makes “Daily Links” today. I bet 99% of you didn’t even know that in 1991 he starred in a movie called “Cool as Ice,” that had such lines as “drop that zero and get with the hero” and “looky looky looky in Kat’s black booky.” Well, I did. And I loved all 91 minutes of it. Well, as much as you can love a horribly bad movie. I bet you also didn’t know that my best friend in 1991 (still my best friend to this day) won tickets through KIIS-FM to the premiere of “Cool as Ice” at Universal Studios, so two 16 year old kids who basically worshipped Vanilla Ice at the time, got to see him and his posse and watch the movie just days after my best friend got his drivers license. I still to this day don’t know how our parents let us drive up … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 10/19

    lukeperry lukeperry

    Get ready, here comes a sports opinion. The MLB playoffs are once again proving how meaningless the regular season is. The only sport whose regular season seemingly means anything anymore is college football, and even that is debatable now with a the four team playoff. Put it this way, college football definitely is the most important up against MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. You know how important the Texas Rangers having the best record in the AL over 162 games this year was? They got swept out of the playoffs in 3 games. You know how important the Boston Red Sox having by far the best offense in all of baseball this season was? They got swept out of the playoffs in 3 games. The Chicago Cubs won more games than anyone in baseball this year: Now down 2-1 to the Dodgers and seemingly can’t hit themselves out of a wet paper bag anymore. Playoffs have and always will be a completely different animal than the regular season. … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 10/18 Incl Where is Nick Headed?

    st-thomas st-thomas

    Been kinda quiet on the “Bachelor” front in recent days. Well, publicly that is. When I say “quiet,” that means that nothing got out on social media the last couple days they were in New Orleans. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear what happened. The way I look at it is this: Stuff that gets “spoiled” on Twitter and Instagram by the masses, while still being considered a “spoiler,” it’s very low on the scale because anyone can see it. I don’t consider myself the authority on the “Bachelor” spoilers when I’m retweeting something that someone posted. That’s not what you come to this site for. All I’m doing is taking the time to look for it and having two eyeballs. Anyone can spoil that part if they just took the time to search the internet. But I realize not everyone is afforded that time, nor probably wants to, so that’s part of my “job.” I think you come here for the things that AREN’T easily accessible … Continue reading

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