“Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 5 Recap Incl Bukowski’s Apology & Vote on Who You Believe The Most: Joe, Samantha, or Juelia?

Man, you talk about getting the short end of the stick. Last we spoke, I had told you about my time at the Taylor Swift concert last Tuesday night at Staples Center. Great concert, I enjoyed it, Olivia sure as hell loved it, and I’d recommend it to anyone whose kids loves TSwift. As we know, Taylor always brings out special guests during her concert. Unfortunately of the five dates she had at Staples Center, I’d say we got the least impressive group of special guests. On nights I wasn’t there, she brought out Kobe, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, and others. My night we got her performing with Beck and St. Vincent, and then later a duet with John Legend. Meh. Whatever. On her last concert in LA, she brought out Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez. So yeah, compared to what we got, needless to say we were disappointed after the fact. Hell, even this past Saturday in San Diego she brought out the dude that sings the “Cheerleader” song, then Avril Lavigne. … Continue reading

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