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“Dr. Reality Steve” and Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

So please tell me you all caught “Celebrity Wife Swap” with Jason & Molly and Sean & Catherine last night. I’ve never watched that show before and probably never will again, but holy crap, that thing is so fake, scripted, and edited it’s laughable. All you needed to do was read Molly’s tweets last night along with Sean’s to realize they basically just had to act the whole time. Which then makes me question why even do it in the first place? Sean said he’s never written Catherine a to-do list in his life, nor would he ever and Molly saying she’d never even drive a mini van. The whole thing is so over-the-top corny and campy, it was nonsense. And then to hear the involved parties basically say parts of it are not even stuff they even do in their relationships, you know it’s all stuff they were put up to. The best part about the show? I saw one of my wedding gifts I got Sean and Catherine. Good to see they put … Continue reading