More “Bachelor” News, Jade Info, Video of Chris & Britt, & Remaining 6 Girls

Only a month to go. Well, less than a month. Then everything picks up again and for those who’ve emailed complaining about not enough columns written, you’ll get your full share come January. It’s back to writing three times a week. Recap on Tuesday, Reader Emails is being moved to Wednesday, and I’m giving Dr. Reality Steve it’s own day on Thursday, then the live video chat Thursday nights. Already have a couple Dr. Reality Steve’s that’ll go in the first column of January, so if you have something you want to ask, you can send it in anytime in the next month. If it’s time sensitive, I’ll answer it now, then post it later. Some years I like to enjoy my off season (like this season), and some years I write more, like last year when I had a Daily Links up every day from mid September through January. I went away from that this year just because it’s a lot of work for a lesser payoff. Next year I’ll figure something else out … Continue reading

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Dissecting Chris’ Girls Bios & Who Do Some of Them Look Like?

And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (Quick, tell me what SNL skit it’s from). Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I’m gonna break today’s column down into two parts. First part being released today is commenting on Chris’ girls official bio pictures that were released yesterday by ABC, along with doing some look-a-like’s for a few of them. Some are good, some aren’t. Bear with me. Then on Monday, I will be back with a little more information regarding the season with some news on Jade, a video I hadn’t released yet, and some other nuggets to throw in there in regards to Chris and the girls. As you know, we are exactly one month away from the premiere on Jan. 5th. If you haven’t heard, it’s a “live” 3 hr. premiere. I know what you’re gonna ask. “How can it be live if it was already taped?” It’s “live” just like the ATFR show is “live.” Chris Harrison will be in studio with a live audience and former “Bachelor” cast members (and I’m assuming Chris as … Continue reading

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