Where is “Bachelor” Filming Headed Before Hometowns?

After the New England Patriots got blown out on Monday Night Football in Kansas City 41-14 back on Sept. 29th, the pundits came out in full force saying their dynasty was finally over. Well, they’ve come out and steamrolled their last 2 opponents winning by an average of 20 pts. So needless to say, reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated. Why am I telling you this? Because just since I haven’t written a column in two weeks doesn’t mean I’m done either. Doesn’t mean I’m not fully aware of what’s been going on in Chris’ season up to this point. I’ve just decided to take a different approach this year. The lack of social media spoilers have something to do with it, since that’s all I really ever have to contend with on the filming of any season. If there’s no social media spoilers, then everything I know can be kept until I feel like releasing it (more on that in a bit). But when there’s public dates, that draws interest, people see the … Continue reading

Reader Emails & Jesse’s Apology

Well look at this. The season isn’t quite over yet and already the “Reader Emails” is practically running on empty. Usually I get between 40-50 emails for this column on any given week and this week I didn’t even get to 30. But usually that’s the way it works as we get closer to the end of the season. Oh well. Enjoy what you have today since there’s only one more “Reader Email” column for a while. No Spreecast tonight as I’m leaving soon to head to Vegas. So for those sports fans that are asking, I’m gonna go with the Packers tonight and take the points. I know it’s sacrilegious to bet against the defending Super Bowl Champions at home on opening night, and only twice has the season opener been lost by the home team, but screw it. I’m playing contrarian tonight since basically everyone and their mothers thinks Seattle will win. And they most certainly can. But that’s why it’s called gambling. If someone knew who was going to win every game … Continue reading