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  • Bachelor Chris Spoilers

    Chris’ Date Tonight Including Thoughts on Andi & Josh, Bachelor: Australia Controversy, DWTS, Survivor, & Couples Therapy

    Sorry I’m a day late on the column. Yesterday got caught up dealing with some website stuff and never finished my “Survivor” and “Couples Therapy” stuff. But they’re here today and they’re wonderful. As I mentioned Wednesday, filming has moved to Des Moines. Yesterday, Chris was by himself filming walk arounds in downtown Des Moines, with dates starting today. Chris has a 1-on-1 date tonight at his alma mater’s football game. Starmont High School in Arlington is taking on Edgewood-Colesburg in what’s being billed as the Game of the Century. Ok, I’m kidding. I don’t have a clue how good either of these teams are, but tonight is Parents Night and Chris and his date will be appearing so the town is freaking out. I will tweet out the pictures I get from what happens tonight, so if you don’t follow me, you’ll have to wait til my next column to see them. Twitter is so much easier guys. Takes a few seconds to create a Twitter account. Just do it and you’ll … Continue reading

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    Interview with “Survivor: One World’s” Christina Cha

    Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christina Cha (Survivor: One World) for a quick interview. I spoke to her in regards to her time on Survivor, as well as what she has going on right now. Anybody who has forgotten who Christina is (considering Survivor is on 7 times a year, making it almost impossible to even remember the winners, let alone the rest of the castaways), go and check out her Facebook profile, or follow her on Twitter (@Christina_Cha), or check out her own personal website (

    I’ve never really been the interview-type journalist, but I have done interviews in the past for other blogs I’ve written for, and typically like to just copy and paste the text of the interview into the blog, to keep the realism of the interview alive, but I figured I’d take a different approach to this interview. I will still keep all her answers real, and type … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    Some Interesting “Bachelor” Gossip, Three More Contestants Confirmed, & DWTS and Survivor Recaps

    A lot of you enjoy this site because of the inside information I’m able to attain about this show. Some of it makes it air, and sometimes I tell you stuff that happened that never gets shown. Like Brad kissing all 9 girls during the Dr. Drew date, or that four girls got tattoos in Vegas on his season. There are plenty of other examples of things that I’ve said which ABC chose not to air for whatever reason, but those were the first two that came to mind since they happened two seasons ago.

    Why the cupid picture? (That’s a girl shooting the arrow at the boy, right? It was the best one I could find to set this story up) Well, looks like one of the girls had a crush on someone, and it wasn’t Ben. I’ve got some information now regarding this season that I’m going to share with you because it’s good gossip. It’s fact because I know it happened, but, I wouldn’t call it a scandal. Why? Well, I don’t … Continue reading

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