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  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Dr. Reality Steve” & “Survivor” Recaps Incl Caleb Talking about Getting Removed From the Game

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    We’re getting down to it. The final days. Now only four more days for everyone to find out what was reported here almost four months ago. I get asked a lot as we get closer to the finale if I’m worried about being wrong, do I get anxious, etc. The answer is no. I’ll be honest, this was one of the easier seasons I’ve had. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Some are just easier to get information than others. Sometimes the ending is easy, but the ep-by-ep breakdown is harder, and vice versa. But this season, things just fell into place. Had a lot of great sources and there’s zero doubt in my mind the spoiler is right. If you knew the what/how/why/who I know what I know, you’d feel just as comfortable as me. But obviously I can’t share that because I keep my sources protected, so all I can say is the spoiler is right. We’ll talk more about this season and next season’s … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Dr. Reality Steve” & “Survivor” Recaps

    Couple sitting on sofa with arms folded, looking angry Couple sitting on sofa with arms folded, looking angry

    Perfect. Nine “Dr. Reality Steve” emails this week. Man, amazing what happens when you beg and beat people over the head politely ask people to send in their questions every week. A lot can get done. Tonight we’re back with another live video chat at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST. Only two more left after this week until “Bachelorette” season rolls around, so get in all your hard hitting, journalistic questions for me. You know, the ones where you ask me how certainly people were feeling four months ago, stuff like that. I’m kidding. I think. The “how do you think someone felt” questions do come up a lot. You have to admit that. It’s very hard to answer a question about someone I don’t know and how they were feeling in certain situations while the show was filming four months ago. But hey, I’ll do my best to ponder it over for a little bit before eventually telling you, “I have no idea.” I’m sure there are plenty of … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Chris Spoilers

    Chris’ Date Tonight Including Thoughts on Andi & Josh, Bachelor: Australia Controversy, DWTS, Survivor, & Couples Therapy

    Sorry I’m a day late on the column. Yesterday got caught up dealing with some website stuff and never finished my “Survivor” and “Couples Therapy” stuff. But they’re here today and they’re wonderful. As I mentioned Wednesday, filming has moved to Des Moines. Yesterday, Chris was by himself filming walk arounds in downtown Des Moines, with dates starting today. Chris has a 1-on-1 date tonight at his alma mater’s football game. Starmont High School in Arlington is taking on Edgewood-Colesburg in what’s being billed as the Game of the Century. Ok, I’m kidding. I don’t have a clue how good either of these teams are, but tonight is Parents Night and Chris and his date will be appearing so the town is freaking out. I will tweet out the pictures I get from what happens tonight, so if you don’t follow me, you’ll have to wait til my next column to see them. Twitter is so much easier guys. Takes a few seconds to create a … Continue reading

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