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Here are an accumulation of the girls appearing on Arie’s season as I post them. So may be removed if they never made final cut. Will specify if that’s the case. Let the prejudging begin!

ADDED 9/19

1. Chelsea Roy: 29, Portland, Maine. She’s an Administrative Assistant for Keller Williams. A single mom with a 3 year old son named Sammy. Was never married. Graduated from the University of Southern Maine.
Instagram – chelsea_roy_ (de-activated her account 9/17)


ADDED 9/20

2. Lauren Schleyer: 31, Dallas, Texas. Graduated from Baylor University with a B.A. in Communications in 2008. She’s a Social Media Manager for AT&T. Here’s a link to her work page. Her tweets are actually pretty funny.

Facebook – Lauren Schleyer
Twitter – @LaurenSchleyer
Instagram – laurenschleyer
LinkedIn – Lauren Schleyer


3. Maquel Cooper: 23, Orem, Utah. Ahhhh, that’s more like it. That age is right up Arie’s alley. Has her own photography business and, shocker, she models. Plenty of pics of her over at the @mayberrysfashion IG page as well. She was high school BFF’s with Witney Carson from DWTS. You can see Maquel (pronounced MA-kell) did a lot of Witney’s engagement photos along with solo shoots of her. Maquel was married in May of 2016 to Josh Munday and they are recently divorced. The Munday family are EXTREMELY wealthy. Just thought you might wanna know that.

Facebook – Maquel Cooper (de-activated as of 9/17)
Instagram – maquelx (de-activated as of 9/17)
Instagram (work) – maquelphoto (de-activated as of 9/17)


4. Tia Booth: 26, Little Rock, Arkansas. She’s a physical therapist in Little Rock. Graduated from Arkansas St. University. She is very good friends with Raven Gates, which you’ll see in some of the pictures below. You’re probably gonna be hearing about an ex back home when it comes to her. Not sure of all the details yet in terms of how serious it was, how long, etc, but just know that people are chirping. But lets face it, she’s Raven’s friend so I’m guessing she’s going to be on a while. I don’t think they’re putting Raven’s friend on the show for her to be a non-factor. But hey, I could be wrong.

Facebook – Tia Booth (de-activated 9/17)
Twitter – @tiarachelbooth (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – tiarachel91
LinkedIn – Tia Booth (de-activated 9/17)


ADDED 9/22

5. Caroline Lunny: 25, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She’s a realtor in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. Was former Miss Massachusetts in 2014 and competed in Miss USA that year. Graduated from the NY Film Academy in Los Angeles and also studied Broadcast Journalism at Suffolk University.

Facebook – Caroline Lunny
Twitter – @CarolineLunny
Instagram – carolinelunny
LinkedIn – Caroline Lunny


6. Rebecca Kufrin: 27, Minneapolis, MN. Pretty sure she goes by “Becca.” She’s a Senior Account Executive at Skyaa, a technology PR firm. Graduated from Minnesota St. University – Mankato in 2012 with a B.S. in Mass Communications. Mother is in remission from breast cancer. Father died about 8 years ago. Has a sister Emily who recently got engaged .

Twitter – @RebeccaKufrin (de-activated as of 9/17)
Instagram – bkoof
LinkedIn – Rebecca Kufrin


ADDED 9/27

7. Jenna Cooper: 29, Raleigh, North Carolina. Fitness instructor who has a YouTube page. She REALLY wants you to drink your healthy shake. Like, SUPER excited for you to drink your shake:

Facebook – Jenna Cooper
Twitter – @jennacooperfit (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – jennacooperfit (de-activated 9/17)


8. Valerie Biles: 25, Nashville, TN. Graduated Middle Tennessee St. University in 2014 with a B.S. in Visual Communication. Currently a marketing coordinator/social media manager for Twin Peaks restaurant (one of the greatest restaurants ever by the way) in Brentwood, TN and also works as a waitress there (as evidenced by some of her pics). She’s is the tall red head in the group pic on the Demolition Derby date.

Twitter – @ValerieBiles (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – valeriebiles (de-activated 9/17)


9. Marikh Mathias: 27, Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the Director of Social Branding at Social Paragon in Salt Lake City. Graduated the University of Utah in 2014 with a Bachelors in Strategic Communication. Also models and has an IMDB page, but not much on it.

Twitter – @maroosworld
Instagram – maroosworld
LinkedIn – Marikh Mathias


ADDED 9/29

10. Lauren Burnham: 25, Dallas, Texas. Works for Vonage in Sales. Graduated Old Dominion University in 2015 with a B.S. in Psychology after going to med school at Central Washington in 2010-2011.

Facebook – Lauren Burnham
Twitter – @laurenburnham91 (set to private 9/17)
Instagram – laureneburnham (set to private 9/17)
LinkedIn – Lauren Burnham


11. Kendall Long: 26, Los Angeles, CA. Currently works in the entertainment industry in LA as a Set Dresser. Has worked on Nikki Glaser’s show, Ridiculousness, & the Kardashian 10 year anniversary. Graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2014 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and she also ran track. Has a YouTube channel where she plays the ukulele and sings, something she did for Not Peter during the cocktail party the first night. Also has an IMDB page. Has a twin sister named Kylie (IG page, FB page) who was a princess character at Disneyland once. That’s right, Kylie and Kendall sisters that aren’t the Kardashians.

Here’s her demo reel:

Here’s her playing the ukulele:

Twitter – @keykendall88 (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – keykendall88 (de-activated 9/17)
LinkedIn – Kendall Long


12. Bibiana Julian: 30, Miami, FL. Executive Assistant at MTV Miami. Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Was voted FHM’s America’s Sexiest Cheerleader in 2006.

Facebook – Bibiana Julian
Twitter – @bibi_julz (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – bibi_julz (set to private as of 9/17)


13. Seinne Fleming: 27, Orange County, CA. Graduated Yale University with a degree in Economics in 2012. She’s an Assistant Property Manager at Irvine Company. Also has a website that’s currently “under construction,” which translated means “it’ll be turned on when the show starts airing.” What’s funny is the show spelled her name wrong on her helmet on the Derby date, spelling it “Sienne.” Good one.

Twitter – @SeinneCeleste (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – seinneceleste (de-activated 9/17)
LinkedIn – Seinne Fleming


14. Jenny Delaney: 27, Chicago, IL. Graphic Design Artist. Attended TCU for 2 years, before graduating from Colombia College in Chicago in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Here’s her design site with a few more pictures.

Twitter – @jdelaneydesigns
Instagram (Personal) – jennydelaneyyy (set to private 9/17)
Instagram – jennyddesigns
LinkedIn – Jenny Delaney


ADDED 10/13

15. Bri Amaranthus: 25, Eugene, Ore. Attended the University of San Diego. Currently a Digital Reporter for Comcast SportsNet Northwest, covering the Oregon Ducks, Portland Trailblazers, etc. Graduated University of Oregon in 2014 (after first starting out at University of San Diego to play softball) with a B.S. in Electronic Media & Public Relations. Even has a podcast called the “Duck Squad” talking all things Oregon football (like the beat down Wazzu gave them last weekend). Alas, don’t get too excited about her. She’s already been eliminated. You know how there’s that one girl every BIP season who you barely remember from her season of the “Bachelor” but does really well on BIP? It’s waaaaay early and I have no idea if Bri would even do BIP, but my money is on her if she does. Although going on BIP could torpedo any aspirations she has in the TV reporting world. I guess we’ll see.

Facebook – Bri Amaranthus
Twitter – @BriAmaranthus
Instagram – briamaranthus
LinkedIn – Bri Amaranthus


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