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This will be an ongoing list of the confirmed bachelorettes for Ben’s season. Any videos, bio info, and pictures that I gather in the coming weeks will be posted under each girls picture. Some will have more than others for no other reason than its because I was given more about them. One thing to remember, is I have no idea how recent these pictures are of these girls. I would say most of them are fairly recent, but I really don’t have any way of knowing. Every season when I post pictures you always get the proverbial “This is not an attractive group of guys/girls”, then the season starts and you see them in person, and perception changes based on a number of factors. So just keep that in mind when making your snap judgments, like I know you will, off a couple pictures.


1. Elyse Myers: 24, personal trainer/fitness instructor, Tampa, Fla. Originally from Illinois, graduated from Eastern Illinois University w/ a degree in exercise physiology. For some reason still has her Twitter page active, although didn’t use it much before she left for filming.



2. Erika Uhlig: 22, Chicago, current Miss Chicago 2011, went to University of Pitt. All her info currently on her Miss Chicago site (, and she also has a Twitter account that she didn’t shut down before she left.


Also, tons of pictures if you wanna google her. We’ll go with the pageant one for now:


3. Jamie Otis: 23, maternity nurse at Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland, NY. Intro video was shot at her hospital a few weeks ago.


4. Shawn Reynolds: 28, Phoenix, AZ, financial advisor. Attended Arizona St. University on a soccer scholarship, never married, has a son about 5 years old named Gavin. She’s the third girl from the right in the first row of the group pic in the pigtails.

LinkedIn Profile – Shawn Reynolds


5. Blakeley Shea: 34, esthetician, studied at the Aveda Institute in Charlotte, former Hooters girl, and former Maxim Top 100 in 2006. Want any more pics of her, just google her name and you’ll find hundreds more like these.


6. Jaclyn Swartz: 27, grew up in Massachusetts, lives in NY, Account Manager at CBS Interactive (, graduate of the University of Wisconsin. She is the 2nd girl from the left in the top row of this group picture:


7. Samantha Levey: 26, from Pittsburgh, lives in LA, went to the University of Arizona (like Ben), current Miss Pacific Palisades, CA 2012, will be competing for Miss California 2012, Account Manager at DJ-LA Advertising.

LinkedIn Profile – Samantha Levey


8. Casey Shteamer: 26, Chicago, Illinois, works at the Chicago Board of Trade, part-time model, graduated Arizona St. University in 2007, was a Kappa Alpha Theta.


9. Courtney Robertson: Santa Monica, CA, professional model, was on the cover Fitness Magazine in April 2011. The You Tube video is of her in a Caesar’s Palace commercial.

Courtney Robertson Modeling Website


10. Rachel Truehart: 27, sales rep at Lucerne Textiles in NY, originally from Massachusetts, graduated from Roger Williams Univerity in 2006.

LinkedIn Page – Rachel Truehart


11. Kacie Boguskie: 24, Knoxville, Tennessee, works at Genera Energy LLC, former majorette at the University of Tennessee where she twirled the baton at the football games. In her majorette picture, she’s in the top row, 3rd from the right (click on the picture to make it bigger).


12. Anna Snowball: (yes, that’s her last name) Age ?, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.


13. Monica Spannbauer: Salt Lake City, Utah, works in dentistry, she is the second from the right in the back row in the Sonoma picture wearing the brown tank top.

LinkedIn Profile – Monica Spannbauer


14. Amber Bacon: 23, Canada, maternity nurse at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminister, BC.


15. Emily O’Brien: Charlotte, NC, graduated from Duke with a degree in Psychology, currently a 2nd year medical student (Epidemiologist) at UNC. Not hard to figure out if Ben doesn’t pick her, you might wanna pencil her in for the next Bachelorette.

Research project:

23 thoughts on “Ben’s Girls

  1. Thanks for the info Steve. I am so excited to see the rest of the girls… and to start reading all your spoilers.

    I just checked out Elyse’s twitter and it is now shut down. Erica’s probably won’t be shut down since it is the misschicago twitter and not her own personal one.
    Okay, I am now trying to submit comment and a screen pops up and tells me I am trying to post comments to quickly and to slow down. WTH?

  2. All brunettes so far…(if Ben prefers them over blondes, would they take his preferences under consideration in the casting process?)

  3. something tells me that it is a “conflict of interest” for Miss Chicago to be on this show, especially if she makes it to the end to the fantasy suite dates…I would imagine she would not want to be portrayed in a way that someone with that title should not be…I am just saying. =)

  4. i totally do not agree with cange144′s and locondcoco’s comments about Miss Chicago being on the show. not understanding what grounds would make it a conflict….just sayin….i am a former beauty queen myself and i feel exactally the opposite. i think it is awesome that a beauty queen is on the show…i can’t wait to watch. beauty queens especially the ones that come through the Miss America Organization are poised, elegant, sophisticated, and brilliant young ladies. My vote is for Miss Chicago all the way and wow isn’t she beautiful!!!!

  5. Reality Steve,
    hey! I love your blog and have followed for years! The shows would not be the same without you :-) I have a question…How sure are you on the actual contestants? What are they allowed to tell friends and family concerning them going on the show? I know you have answered this before but I couldn’t find it in reader emails. Thanks!

  6. It seems like this season there’s a lot more pageant girl/model-types… Usually there’s all the “nannies” and “entrepreneurs” (and other various code words for “unemployed” or “waitress/bartender”)… Guess they’re just cutting to the chase this time.

  7. jpray- As sweet as a 12 yr old. Please.

    RealitySteve or anyone else who knows – Why do these girls do the show? From what I read on the application to be on the show and the contract – abc makes all and any money to be made from the couples tv appearances etc. So they just get the “exposure” is that it ? Thank you in advance – curiousblnd

  8. wow! No shortage of silicone in this group!! All fun and games until someone puts out an eye! What a lame season this will be…thank goodness for RS’s commentary- otherwise wouldn’t even be worth the time to make fun of this joke of a show.

  9. I am so distracted with Ben’s new “fiancee”. I swear she looks like Russell Brand in drag! ( Maybe this is why Russell Brand and Katy Perry broke up?) Steve, pull up and image of both of them. It just weirds me out to see Ben with Russell.

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