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1. Breanne Rice: 30, Seattle, WA. She is a Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I really have no idea what that means. If you read the “About” portion on her website, Breanne’s Holistic Health, you’ll see she suffers from vitiligo, a skin disease I’d never heard of until I read it. So I guess we already know what Breanne’s storyline will be this season. She’s also a contributing writer to SouthSoundMagazine. UPDATE ADDED FROM 9/24 post: Breanne has been divorced. Twice. First marriage she went by Breanne Lovett, as evidenced by an old LinkedIn page. Second marriage was in 2013, lasted a little over a year, divorce recently finalized. Went by Breanne Gill.

Twitter – @bholistichealth (de-activated as of 9/22)
LinkedIn – Breanne Rice
Instagram – lovesbreanne (de-activated as of 9/22)
Instagram – breanneholistichealth (de-activated as of 9/22)



2. Olivia Caridi: 23. Currently lives in Virginia, but originally from Austin, Tx. Graduated TCU in 2014 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Currently a News Anchor/Reporter for NBC affiliate WCYB in Virginia. Sister Paige plays volleyball for Dartmouth.

Facebook – Olivia Caridi WCYB (de-activated as of 9/22)
Twitter – @WCYB_Olivia (de-activated as of 9/22)

Here are a couple of Olivia’s work videos. I’m sure these will be taken down or set to private within hours of this posting:



3. Becca Tilley: 26, San Diego, CA. Was the runner up on Chris’ season, and has since basically become a fan girl, liking a new guy from this franchise every week it seems.

Twitter: @BeccaTilley5
Instagram: beccatilley5


4. Amber James: 30, Chicago, Ill. Bartender. Lasted 3 episodes on Chris’ season, was recently on “Bachelor in Paradise 2.” Aaaaand also seems to like a new guy from this franchise every week.

Twitter: @amberjameschi
Instagram: amberj22chi



5. & 6. Emily & Haley Ferguson: 23, Las Vegas, NV. They were cocktail waitresses at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. And oh yeah, in July of this year they auditioned to be Laker Girls. A little fun fact I learned: Emily is 20 minutes older than Haley, and they almost had different birthdays because Haley was born so close to midnight. Go impress your friends with that one.


Not to mention two years ago, they appeared on that Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader reality show trying to earn a spot on the team and I was told they were eliminated the first episode. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but these girls might as well check straight into a Mexican hotel once they’re done filming the “Bachelor” because they are absolute, 100%, prime candidates for “Bachelor in Paradise.” It’s a given. Not to mention how many former alums will be blowing up these girls on social media trying to see who gets in their pants first. Hey Dan Cox lives in Vegas. How long before he tries to contact them? I’ll set the over/under at “Negative a week ago.” Enjoy these two. I certainly will.


In case you can’t tell who’s who, this is Emily…

Facebook – Emily Ferguson
Twitter – @efergie13
Instagram – efergie13


And this is Haley…

Facebook – Haley Ferguson
Twitter – @hfergie11
Instagram – hfergie11


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