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ADDED 10/19

10. Caila Quinn: 23, Wellesley Hills, MA. Graduated from Boston College Carroll School of Management in 2014 with a B.A. in Marketing. Here’s a brief bio from her back in college. More pictures of her at the always popular, “Are You Hot or Not” website.

Twitter – @cailalauren (de-activated as of 10/19)
Instagram – cailaquinn (de-activated as of 10/19, re-activated 11/21)
Pinterest – cailaquinn

Here’s an old video from 7 years with her friend where they talk about what guys need to do to impress girls. Oh thank you, 16 year old, Caila. You were so wise beyond your years. Assume this video will get pulled shortly as well:

Calia1Calia2 Caila3

11. Leah Block: 25. Denver, CO. Event coordinator. Graduated Colorado St. University in 2008 with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. Has a brother Adam. I usually don’t mention religion with these women, but Leah is Jewish. It’s relevant this season because Ben is very much into his Christian faith. Could be an issue, could not. But just wanted to throw it out there. Leah used to be into doing Vine videos, but hasn’t posted since 2103, the first one on the page. In case you’re wondering, she’s the one on the receiving end of that act. My guess is that video and/or page, will be taken down rather soon. So enjoy it while you can!

LinkedIn – Leah Block
Pinterest – Leah Block


12. Jen Saviano: 25, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Currently runs online clothing store at: Graduated Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL in 2012. Father runs Saviano High Performance Tennis in Plantation, FL.

Facebook – Jen Saviano
Twitter – @jennifersaviano
Instagram – jensav11


13. Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher: 24, Dallas, TX. Graduated from Baylor. Recently started up her own real estate development company based on her initials, JHF Realty Development. Her ex is Chad Rookstool who owns Chad Rookstool Salon here in Dallas. It’s of note because he’s currently watching her dog while she’s away filming. From what I’ve heard, they are definitely broken up, but he’s not thrilled she’s doing the show. And if you’re looking for an early candidate for next “Bachelorette,” it’s JoJo. Just sayin’.

Facebook – Joelle Fletcher
Twitter – @joellefletcher (currently de-activated as of 10/19)
Instagram – joelle_fletcher (set to private as of 10/19, public again on 11/21)
Pinterest – joellef

JoJo’s familiar with the reality TV world as her half brother, Ben Patton, was one of the three main “bachelors” on Eva Longoria’s “Ready for Love” dating show that lasted a hot minute on NBC before it got moved to online. Here she is with him on his Twitter:

Joelle1Joelle2Joelle3Joelle4Joelle5Joelle6 Joelle7Joelle8Joelle9

14. Amanda Stanton: 25, Orange County, CA. Mom of two daughters that are 3 and 1. You can see them in some of her Vine videos. Divorced within the last 2 years. Graduated from Paul Mitchell esthetician school in Orange County. Currently runs her own health & wellness beauty site. Ex husband is Nick Buonfiglio, who works in sales for the Orange County Register.


15. Jubilee Sharpe: 24, Miami, FL. Looks like she’s done some modeling in the past. Not sure on her current job.

Twitter – @jubileesharpe1
Instagram – jubilee1991


16. Rachel Tchen: 24, Little Rock, Ark. Graduated with a degree in Marketing from Harding University in 2014. Works in Business Development at Staples Advantage according to her LinkedIn page, but I don’t believe is working there right now.

Twitter – @racheltchen (de-activated as of 10/19)
Instagram – racheltchen (set to private as of 10/19)
LinkedIn – Rachel Tchen
Pinterest – Rachel Tchen



17. Lace Morris: 25, Denver, CO. Real estate broker for Keller Williams in Denver. Has a 4 year old yorkie named Winnie. In her time on the show, she’s going to get the “villain” edit.

Twitter – @LaceMorris (de-activated as of 10/19)
Instagram – lovelylace3 (set to private as of 10/19)
LinkedIn – Lace Morris
Pinterest – Lace Morris


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