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The Bachelor 23 – Colton

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    The “Bachelor” Colton Filming Update & Episode 6 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Filming is underway on the “Bachelor” (two dates have been filmed with the third coming today) and already a couple things are a bit different about this season. I’ll get to those in a moment. Something that isn’t different is a lead who has zero interest in marrying the final girl he chooses. I know I say that every season and that’s because, well, it’s true. And this season is no different. Since the second he applied for Becca’s season, Colton’s ultimate goal was to increase his brand recognition and bring attention to his charity. It’s very well known in “Bachelor” circles since he’s openly told people this. As has his family. You’re just gonna have to trust me on that one. But, does it take away from covering the season, making fun of it and spoiling it? Absolutely not. Probably will make it that much more fun since this charade that Colton’s gonna have to put on to try and convince people he’s actually looking to get … Continue reading

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    Podcast #96 – Interview with Mike Renner, & (EXCLUSIVE) Ten Women Who Will Appear on Colton’s Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A few things to get to today since I haven’t posted in a week. We’ve got our weekly podcast, this time with Mike Renner from Becca’s season. Also, I’ll give you some thoughts on the Jordan/Jenna situation, and exclusively I can reveal to you 10 women who will be appearing on Colton’s season. Three of them will be appearing on “Ellen” today (filmed yesterday) and already met Colton. Two of those three I had and are on today’s list. One of them I don’t know yet, but I’m guessing now that it’s out there, within hours, someone will tell me who she is. Kinda the way it works. UPDATE: Told you that wouldn’t take long. Got her. She’s been added to the list. Anyway, good to talk to Mike today and even though he only lasted 3 episodes on the season, still had some interesting stories from his time there, especially concerning Lincoln. Yes, the last half of the interview I go into sports talk mode as Mike … Continue reading

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