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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – (EXCLUSIVE) Spoiler Detail on Next Week’s Episode, “Women Tell All” Spoilers, & Episode 16 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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Things are really starting to pick up now. I see this season kinda like I viewed Arie’s season. Pretty much boring until we got down to the end, and then all hell breaks loose. We got 4 episodes coming in the next 2 weeks, so it’ll all be coming at us fast and furious. One thing I’ve maintained since I gave out my first spoiler back on Nov. 28th were there were pieces to this season I was missing. I knew the basics of who got eliminated when, and I knew who Colton chose and their status now, but there were parts I just did not know. One of those pieces I will fill you in on today. It kinda goes hand in hand with what we saw last night, but explains a lot in terms of next Monday’s episode and how things start shaping up for the finale on the 12th. A lot of stuff to get to today with that, the schedule break down for the next two weeks, and what happened at the WTA taping this past Friday. Usually those shows are pretty filler with not a whole lot of substance, but this one definitely had it’s moments. A lot to get to today, and the recap of last night will be a tad shorter because next week’s episode information and the WTA, I feel, is more important than really what we saw last night. So before we get to all that, a few things to go over…

“Temptation Island” episode 7 airs tonight and we get the aftermath of Evan and Morgan’s consummating their relationship. Tonight is by far the most emotional episode of the season as it centers around the :30 video message the couples can choose to leave for each other. Or not. I can tell you that not everyone gets a video message from their significant other and that is basically like a knife to the heart. And even the ones that do are a crying mess. Tough one to watch if you’ve invested yourself in these couples. In this preview clip for tonight’s episode, after Evan’s sex with Morgan, he asks John if that makes him weak:

Episode #16 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast is now up. You can listen to today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by clicking the player below:

Ashley joins me to talk about her trip to Idaho last week. Then Amanda in New Jersey calls in to say that her husband doesn’t last long during sex and the call goes completely off the rails (4:39). Emily in Dallas then calls in with a very tough call about how husband’s comments about her weight has essentially ruined their marriage & sex life (44:30). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

I’d say this podcast I revealed more about my personal life (in particular, my past sex life) than any previous podcast. I already know I’m going to get sh*t for this but oh well. I just hope people don’t take it out of context. It was a fun, joking thing I did with my ex. This wasn’t something that had to be done every time. But Ashley sure is having field day with it as she’s already made up a new playlist for me on Spotify. Just listen, and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

One omission from last night’s episode was what I reported two weeks ago, and that was that Hannah B. showed up in Alabama after Colton’s hometown with Hannah G. to talk to him. We saw the clips of it in the season preview, yet it’s never been shown. So yes, it definitely happened. They just chose not to air it. You can speculate why, but since you can make a case on both sides that it could play into her being the next “Bachelorette” or it could play into them NOT casting her, it’s all speculation at this point. I don’t know why they cut it from the episode, I just know it happened and there’s video proof of it, because the only other time she could show up would be in Portugal, and I can guarantee that didn’t happen.

And remember a couple weeks ago I told you about a location in the US they were going to next season of the “Bachelorette?” Well, that apparently got out yesterday when this was posted. So an episode (which looks to be episode 4 based on the dates they’re looking at) at Gurney’s Resort in Newport, RI. Makes sense since they usually do an east coast city before heading overseas. Just look at the last 7 seasons:

Emily: Went from Bermuda in ep 4 to England in ep 5.
Des: New Jersey (ep 4) to Germany (ep 5)
Andi: Connecticut (ep 4) to France (ep 5)
Kaitlyn: San Antonio (ep 5) to Ireland (ep 6) – guess that was the anomaly. But they were in NY the episode before San Antonio
JoJo: Pennsylvania (ep 4) to Uruguay (ep 5)
Rachel: South Carolina (ep 4) to Norway (ep 5)
Becca: Virginia (ep 6) to Bahamas (ep 7) – ok, she got screwed a bit on travel as we know.

So lets get to what happens on next week’s episode and the WTA taping on the next few pages…



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