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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – (EXCLUSIVE) Spoiler Detail on Next Week’s Episode, “Women Tell All” Spoilers, & Episode 16 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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-There really isn’t a ton to cover on the hometown dates anymore, because lets face it, the only one that mattered was Cassie’s. You’ve now read what happens next week in more detail. Do we really need to sit here and dissect how Colton fit in with Caelynn, Tayshia, or Hannah’s family? I don’t see the point. It doesn’t matter. But Cassie’s hometown is made all that more important since I can’t remember any past parent NOT giving their blessing/permission during the hometown date. Can you? There’s always been skeptical ones. Hell, even Tayshia’s was skeptical, but I knew after the commercial break he was gonna eventually give him his permission. But did we ever have a parent flat out not give his permission? And then after we see next week Daddy MF’in Randolph show up in Portugal to essentially enforce it even more to his daughter, yeah, we’ve never really seen anything like this.

-And as mentioned earlier, I don’t think anything Baller Randolph is saying is anything that any sane, logical parent wouldn’t say to their child in that situation. He’s basically flipping the show on its head. He’s calling it out for its ridiculousness of having to get engaged to someone at the end that you barely know. You wonder if this will be brought up in future seasons and we’ll get more parents at the hometowns questioning engagement at the end of all this? It’s possible. Or maybe this’ll be just a one off thing and we’ll get back to parents blindly just giving away their daughters to a man they met for a few hours who also happens to be dating three other women at the time and is telling others he’s falling in love with them.

-Speaking of that, Colton going around to families in Virginia, Alabama, and Orange County and throwing out “I’m falling in love with your daughters” like he’s Oprah or something was just bizarre. I get that you can have feelings for multiple women in that situation. But we deal with this every season. The things the lead says to more than one person, I think they should just start choosing their words more carefully. Tayshia, Hannah, and Caelynn all told him they were falling in love with him. Fine. But after seeing what happens next week, you can’t tell me his feelings for Cassie suddenly became that strong after hometowns to where he couldn’t have at least held back with some of the others. He’s all in with Cassie next week. Essentially ends the show. Tells her he wants it to be them in the end. You really think that just hit him on the plane ride to Portugal? Of course not. I think we have a guy in Colton who’s been in one relationship his whole (that lasted 6 months mind you), doesn’t date a lot, has zero idea what to do with a female, and is just spouting off compliments without being sincere and telling women what they want to hear. It’s kind of embarrassing.

-How about that exit with Caelynn last night, huh? She doesn’t get a rose, he walks her out, and literally says one sentence to her while she sobs on his arm. Look, I know breakups are hard. I’ve been there. And if you’re the one doing the breakup, nothing you say in that moment is going to make the other person say, “You know what? You’re right. Great point. I’m glad we’ve had this time together and I’m glad we can part ways now as buddies.” Never happens. No one getting broken up with is ever truly understanding your reasoning in that moment. Later on down the line when they have time to regroup, maybe they start to come around on it, but they’ll never just be accepting right then and there. So I get that there isn’t much Colton could’ve said at that point to comfort Caelynn. But say SOMETHING, no? That was painful to watch. But not nearly as painful as when it was down to Cassie and Caelynn for the final rose and Caelynn turns to her and says “This is bullsh**.” It’s getting harder and harder to see her as the “Bachelorette” that’s for sure.

So next week is a doozy. 8 hrs of programming over the next two weeks. If you skimmed past it earlier in the column, the breakdown goes like this:

Monday, March 4th: Overnight dates (with a “To Be Continued” after the fence jump)
Tuesday, March 5th: Women Tell All
Monday, March 11th: Completion of the Overnight Dates
Tuesday, March 12th: Live 2 hr “After the Final Rose”

Nothing I’ve spoiled so far has been wrong, and Colton is still with Cassie and they are not engaged. So your guess is as good as mine as to why this dolt keeps trying to float it out there that I’m wrong. Only two weeks left to find out, but put it this way, I’m not the least bit worried. Anyone thinking that maybe he ends up with Tayshia or Hannah in the end, well, I don’t know what to tell you other than unless you have access to my emails, my text messages, or listen in on my phone calls, you’d realize that there’s zero chance that’s the case. He’s dating Cassie and they aren’t engaged. That spoiler hasn’t changed since Jan. 2nd when I posted it. These next two weeks can’t come soon enough.

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