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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – (EXCLUSIVE) Spoiler Detail on Next Week’s Episode, “Women Tell All” Spoilers, & Episode 16 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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So after a day date walking around town, Cassie meets him for the night portion of their date, and she tells him her dad came to visit her and they just spoke. The REST of the episode centers around Colton and Cassie. So looks like Tayshia will get the first 30-40 minutes of the episode with her overnight, then it’s all Cassie/Colton from there on. There might be one or two ITM’s of Hannah G. talking about how excited she is for her upcoming overnight date, but next week’s episode never gets to that point of Colton and Hannah G’s overnight date. This kinda is gonna play out like Arie & Becca’s breakup as a lot of the footage is this back and forth between Colton and Cassie and the cameras just kept rolling.

Cassie wishes she had more time and after her conversation with her dad she says in an ITM she has to send herself home tonight and that she hopes she can do it. When she meets up with Colton, he tells her that her dad did not give him his blessing during the hometown date, and this seemed to bother her because she asked him something along the lines of, “And that doesn’t bother you?’ Cassie starts to wonder if he’s the right person for her if her family isn’t sold.

There’s A LOT that these two talk about and I don’t have every detail of everything they said. A lot of this is paraphrased based on what I was told, but it’s pretty intense apparently. Some of the things they talk about are basically that Cassie loves him but she’s notin love with him. Yet. And it’s not because she doesn’t care, but because she’s just not 100% sure at that moment. Cassie talks to a producer at some point and starts to second guess leaving because she didn’t know it was gonna be this hard. There’s a lot of hugging and crying between the two, and I was told it’s basically just Colton pleading for her to stay the whole time and Cassie not knowing what to do. He says he’ll be patient with her and she tells him she doesn’t know if she can get there. Colton tells her he doesn’t want her to make a decision now, and that it’s not easy going on other dates when all he can think about is her. She says she’d hate to see him leave there, not getting what he came for, which was an engagement and he replies that if it’s not with the person he feels strongest about, it’s not worth it. She tells him she wants him to have what he wants (an engagement). She says she loves him but she’s not in love with him, and she’s having her doubts and doesn’t know why she’s so confused.

Colton specifically does tell her “I want it to be you at the end of this, engaged or not.” Cassie mentions that there’s still two other girls here, and he says “I f***ing love you.” That’s when Cassie says “I can’t do this.” And that’s how it ended at that time between them. Colton walks her out while kissing and hugging her. Cassie ultimately leaves at that point, gets in the car and is driven off. Colton goes back up to his room, closes the door behind him, cameras are still rolling (he’ll tell us later on the WTA that he went to his room to get his wallet), comes back out of the room, takes his mic off, pushes the cameras out of the way, and says he’s done. THIS is where the fence jump happens, we see the shot of Chris Harrison say “Holy f**k, he’s gone…” and that’s where next week’s episode ends with a “To Be Continued…” I knew next week would end with the fence jump. It’s the ultimate tease heading into the finale the following week because for the unspoiled (which is a majority of their audience), that leaves a myriad of options of what happens in the finale: Did he quit the show? Did he eventually calm down and just choose between Tayshia and Hannah G? What happens with Cassie? Is he or isn’t he engaged? Good job, producers. Well done.

So again, no details on the finale episode on the 11th, other than the basics which was reported months ago. He jumped the fence because Cassie left, he will then gather himself the next day and speak with both Hannah G. and Tayshia separately and dump them, and ultimately he’s with Cassie, but they are not engaged. So yeah, plenty of time to cover that in the 2 hour finale on Monday the 11th. You’ve got him having to dump both women, talks with Chris Harrison about what to do (probably the scene of Chris on the couch saying “this changes everything”), and then the filming of Colton “chasing” Cassie down and them ultimately ending up together, but not engaged. But just know next Monday’s episode after Tayshia’s overnight date is all about Cassie & Colton. We get the day portion of their date, we get her dad showing up and talking with her again reiterating what he said last night about is she sure she’s ready for this, she’s 23, she has her whole life ahead of her, etc. He also says that when you meet your soulmate, you should know, and Cassie seems unsure.

I can already see Matt F***in Randolph taking some heat on social media for saying basically you should know right away when you meet your soulmate and Cassie seems hesitant. Because I guarantee there will be women that voice on social media that they didn’t like their husband when they first met them, and sometimes it takes longer than that, and now they’re married 20 years or whatever. It’s coming for sure. But ultimately, what Matt F***in Randolph says and does in last night’s episode and next week’s episode seems to me to be the most logical, sane thing every parent in 37 previous seasons SHOULD have told their child. I can’t think of one thing that he says in these two episodes that I can disagree with. He’s saying what a lot of us sitting at home say every season. Most of us that make fun of this show all make fun of the fact you’re getting engaged to someone you barely know at the end of this thing, and why? Because the show highly encourages you to? Is that a logical reason to get engaged? Of course not. But that’s all he seems to be saying, and that’s to actually think this through before making the decision. Seems logical to me and I’m glad that after covering 35 of the 37 seasons and saying that exact thing, some parent had the balls to say it. And that parent is Matt F***in Randolph, everyone. Bow down to that man. He is your leader.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to cover next week once the episode plays out and you see it for yourself, but lets get to your WTA spoilers on Page 4…



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