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The Bachelor 23 - Colton

The “Bachelor” Colton – (EXCLUSIVE) Spoiler Detail on Next Week’s Episode, “Women Tell All” Spoilers, & Episode 16 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

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Here are your spoilers for what went down at the WTA taping this past Friday. The episode will air next Tuesday, March 5th.

-The women who were there were: Tahzjuan (first night elimination), Bri, Alex B., Jane (first night elimination), Alex D (Sloth – first night elimination), Nina, Angelique, Tracy, Caitlin, Katie, Catherine, Nicole, Sydney, Heather, Onyeka, Hannah B., Kirpa, Demi, and Caelynn. Obviously, Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie were not there.

-Elyse was not there because she had a prior family commitment in Mexico where she was attending a wedding.

-The 4 women who got called up to the hot seat were: Demi, Nicole, Hannah B., and Caelynn.

Demi – When she was on the hot seat, they spent a lot of time talking about her mom. She wasn’t really attacked by any of the women.

Hannah B – She talked about finding someone to love her equally and they had her re-do her toast that she royally screwed up in episode 2 on her birthday 1-on-1 date.

Caelynn – She spent most of her time on the hot seat crying. She was so sure it was going to be her and Colton together, she was so in love with him, and she was very surprised when he sent her home. Also talked about how she opened up about her sexual assault earlier in the season. She’s still questioning what went wrong with Colton, because as we saw last night, Colton didn’t really have an answer. Well, I mean, we know what the answer is now and that’s that he had a giant stiffy for Cassie, but he couldn’t tell Caelynn that while sending her packing.

Nicole – They showed a montage of her crying and Chris asked her why she cries so much. It’s that she’s Latina, she shows her emotions, she was100% being myself, etc. They talked about her brother AJ who has autism as well. Then Halo Top ice cream I guess felt sorry for her so they gave her a lifetime of ice cream.

-Chris Harrison asked Onyeka about fights in house. Onyeka asked Nicole to give her one example when she bullied her like Nicole claimed. Nicole never gave anything specific. Someone chimed in that Nicole said during Elyse’s 1-on-1 date that she shouldn’t be coming back with a rose for superficial reasons, because she’s not pretty enough and she’s older. Nicole told one of the women at the pool during the day that day that Colton should not pick an All-American girl blonde girl, he should pick somebody like her. Nicole denied this, but then Tracy backed up that statement that Nicole did say that. Nicole apparently took a lot of heat at the WTA and had a hard time defending herself.

-Courtney and Demi continued their feud from the season where Demi called Courtney the cancer of the house, and Demi said she should’ve been more aggressive in her approach towards Colton. Things got heated between these two and at one point, Courtney got up out of her chair, walked straight up to Demi, and shoved a pacifier in her face, to which Demi grabbed and threw it back at her. So you can see what level of maturity we’re dealing with here, as obviously Courtney had that planted on her before she even came on stage and knew exactly what she was going to do because, well, I don’t know many women that just happen to carry around a pacifier on them during the day.

-If you thought the Katie and Caelynn stuff was high schoolish last week, uhhhh, it doesn’t get much better at the WTA. Bear with me here because it’s kinda confusing and, well, basically someone is lying and it’s gonna be a matter of who you choose to believe. Personally, Caelynn has way more to lose in this situation than Katie does because Katie isn’t up for Bachelorette, nor is she really a major figure this season. But that’s just me.

Katie said during a bus ride in Singapore, she heard Cassie & Caelynn talking to each other. What they were saying was, if it was them two at the end, whoever won, they’d want the other one to be Bachelorette. Which is perfectly understandable for two best friends in the house to talk like that. Why wouldn’t they? They’re rooting the other one on. They aren’t the first to do it and won’t be the last. The issue is the way the show presented it, up until this point of Katie saying what she heard and Tayshia & Kirpa relaying it second and third hand to Colton, they made it seem like it was waaaaaay worse than that. C’mon, when you heard Tayshia tell Colton, “Caelynn and Cassie were talking about being the Bachelorette,” I don’t think that convo that Katie heard is what came to your mind. Certainly wasn’t for me. I was thinking more along the lines of one of them said, “I don’t even want to win, I wanna be the Bachelorette.” That’s light years different than two friends rooting for one of them to win and the other to get Bachelorette.

Katie then said she was making a judgment about Caelynn not just off the conversation she heard on the bus, but other things, so Katie drew a conclusion that Caelynn and Cassie didn’t value the same things as Colton. She never specified what values those were, but she says she heard Caelynn talking about wanting to travel, the cool things she wanted to do post show, also sliding into Dean’s DM’s.
Katie said the only other person on the bus next to her was a producer, but she had her headphones in and didn’t hear.

Katie then says after filming was over, she had a conversation on the phone with Caelynn about what she heard on the bus. Katie says that in this conversation, Caelynn admitted to saying those things, but then at the WTA, Caelynn says she never admitted to that and denied it happened and says she thought Katie was talking about Tayshia. Hannah B. chimed in at this point and said no, she was talking about Caelynn, and that Katie told her about that conversation after it happened, which backed up what Katie was saying. But Caelynn stayed firm and said Katie was the one who admitted in that phone conversation she said it was about Tayshia. Has your head exploded yet? Good Lord. Someone is flat out lying. It’s one thing to overhear something on a bus that definitely got completely blown out of proportion. It’s another thing to have a phone conversation post show where nothing can be misconstrued, and now both women are calling the other a liar. Like I said, Caelynn has way more to lose by admitting any of this is true, and I just don’t see what would prompt Katie of all people to make everything up, and then get Hannah B. to come to her defense to back her story. This is so ridiculous and high schoolish. I know some will believe Katie and some will believe Caelynn, but at this point, I’m just glad it’s over.

-Chris Harrison brought up the Caelynn/Hannah B drama from this season without getting into specifics. Basically the two of them said they’re very different people and will agree to disagree about things, but that they can be amicable together and be in the same room. That was pretty much all the time they spent on the Hannah B/Caelynn feud.

-When Colton came out on stage, Caelynn asked him what went wrong, and Colton says he can’t tell her one thing that she did wrong, and that he was just following his gut and instinct. They talk about the fence jump and this is where he mentions while he was up there that he went to get his wallet once Cassie left because he was done with the show. Also while he was up there, they asked Heather about the first kiss and she thanked Colton and said it was everything she hoped for. Sydney asked him when he was up there if he understood what “whacking my weeds” was now as well.

Those are the basics of what happened at the WTA. A nice little tiff between Courtney & Demi, the Katie/Caelynn fiasco that seemingly continues to go nowhere because no one will admit to what they did or didn’t do, and Nicole taking a bit of beating and coming across meaner and conniving than the her edit showed. But that’s the gist of the WTA taping airing next Tuesday, March 5th.



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