Arie & Courtney Kissing, Jef & Emily Keeping Quiet, & Getting to Relive One of My Great 8th Grade Moments

I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably should create an account and do so. This past Friday was a HUGE breaking news day with “Bachelor”-related information, and it was all done on Twitter. I know plenty of you think I’m wordy, which I can be, and that’s why Twitter is so useful at times. Instead of writing a column, I can give out spoilers in 140 characters. Friday was a perfect example. So follow me at @RealitySteve and basically you will get 3 things: spoilers, a heads up to when my column is posted, and the occasional sports take while I’m watching a game. Haven’t done that in a while, but I could have a field day with these MLB playoffs. Only problem is, I know most of my followers on Twitter are women wanting to hear “Bachelor/ette” stuff. And inevitably when I tweet something about sports, I get an endless amount of responses from people telling me to stick to the Bachelor info, which is asinine in … Continue reading

Jef & Emily Break Up, Where the “Bachelor” is Filming Now, & More News on Sean’s Season

Looooong weekend in New York, but it was a good time. The NY family reunion is pretty much what you’d expect it to be. Lets just say Shaun T would not be happy with me after what I devoured this weekend. You know those competitive food eating leagues? I think I might’ve challenged for most pasta consumed in a 3 day span. Holy crap. I keep forgetting that Italian families don’t have one course meals. They’re at least six. And basically you have to eat from every course or else they feel personally insulted. Did wonders for my stomach. It was daaaaaaaamn good though.

I’m sure you all have seen by now that Courtney and Ben released a statement on Friday that they have broken up after 11 months. Not much else to add here other than to say that this is how break ups on this show work. No final couple from this show will just quietly break up and you don’t hear about it. Every single one of them will have to … Continue reading