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    Reality Roundup 3/27/09 Including the Latest “Bachelorette” Rumor

    A lot to get to this week. We need to cover the latest on “DWTS”, the “Idol” Results show, “Survivor”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, wrap up the “City” finale, plus, I will finally give you the rumors I’ve heard concerning Jillians season of the “Bachelorette”, what the tabloids are already saying about Jillian, an update on Jason and Molly, a “Bachelor” breakup, plus, answering your questions over the last week in our email bag.

    “Dancing With the Stars”

    -The latest news to come from the show is about crazy stalker guy getting arrested Tuesday night outside the studios because he was after Shawn Johnson. Like this season hasn’t already had enough drama. Damn. I think if this were a veteran actress would had been through “obsessive fans” before, I might not be as big of deal. But I’m guessing if you’re 17, and you find out a guy was roaming around outside the studio with two loaded guns, letters, and duct tape, I bet she’s pretty freaked out. Let’s see if it affects her performance the … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 3/25/09

    As you can see, a couple of additions to the site since last week. The comments section still is not working, but we are getting around to that. It’s very frustrating on my end since everything else seems to be working. The banner for our newest sponsor who came aboard last week, “Hollywood Secrets”, is now fully functional. Had some glitches last week, but that has been corrected so check that out when you get a chance. Also, all the posts under “My Writings” are now working if you want to go back to past seasons and re-read some of my brilliance. As well as “Archived Columns”, which brings you back to the old site and some shows from four or five years ago. Still have some formatting issues to deal with, and working on a new banner for the site, but things are coming along. I will keep everyone updated as to when the merchandise will start.

    As you can see under the “Hollywood Secrets” banner, I’ve put up a link regarding a … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup 3/20/09

    I told you on Wednesday I had some news about how you readers would be able to get involved with the site, well, now’s your chance. In addition to the “Reality Roundup” column which currently appears every Friday, I want to add a mailbag section where I either answer your questions on the site, or do it in podcast form. Mostly I would like to basically answer any questions you may have regarding the TV that you watch. Even if it’s a show I don’t watch, trust me, I’ll still have an answer for you. Might not actually answer your question per se, but I will have an answer. So you have a week to get all your questions in, and they will appear next Friday, either in the column, or in a podcast. The “Reality Roundup” will still be a column, but depending on how many questions there are to answer, I might just do that on a podcast. Let’s get started this week.

    “Dancing with the Stars”

    -I forgot to tell everyone my … Continue reading

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