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  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Finale Recap (Part 1) – 3/1/10

    For whatever reason, the site is not allowing me to put the whole column together in one post, so I had to split it up into two separate ones. When you’re finished with this column, you’ll see the next post on the page is Part 2. So please read both in succession. That one will start with thoughts on Jason and Molly’s wedding. Thanks.

    Never in the last two months did I ever doubt the information my sources gave me. The tough part was knowing that I’m never fully vindicated until that final episode airs. But week by week, everything played out like I told everyone it would, and I just sat there and smiled even though the doubters were still there. From the people swearing they re-shot the ending, to idiots on message boards and commenting saying ABC purposely is feeding me false information, to the conspiracy theorists who said Ali would factor in to Jake’s final decision, to those who studied all of Jake’s answers and swore he picked no one … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Finale Recap (Part 2) – 3/1/10

    Jason and Molly’s Wedding

    I’m sure plenty of you are aware their wedding took place this past Saturday in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It’ll be shown as part of a 2 hour special next Monday night. I’ve heard minor details here and there about people in attendance and other things, but all in all, it’s a wedding. Come next Monday night, you’re pretty much gonna get what you’d expect from a wedding. Well, except that weather. When the ceremony started, it wasn’t raining. But right when they started in on their vows, they got poured on for the rest of the ceremony. Sure, probably not the most ideal way to remember your wedding day, and no bride wants to get soaked after spending hours on makeup, hair, and a 45k dress, but from all accounts, Jason and Molly had fun with it, laughed it off, and it went through without a hitch. Some pictures are popping up on internet sites where you can see how windy and rainy it got. But I’m guessing the broadcast … Continue reading

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