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The Latest on the “Bachelor in Paradise” Situation Incl What DID Happen in the Three Days of Filming

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Before I get started on all the drama that happened over the weekend with “Bachelor in Paradise,” let me take this time to acknowledge the Fan Appreciation Party I threw in Las Vegas this past weekend. Our final head count ended up being 66 people, with only 3 no shows. I wanna thank everyone who came out on Friday night for a great time. It meant a lot you took the weekend to come out, especially John and Mandy Miller who decided to spend their anniversary weekend in Vegas because of the party. That was very cool and I hope you spent that money on a nice dinner. I will have the breakdown of the trivia contest results from the party for you tomorrow. It was pretty contested after the first place winners blew doors on everyone else. I know I said I’d made the contest easier this year, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to go 34 for 35. There were 15 total questions, but 35 points available, and the winning team only missed one – and even that could be disputed. But hey, they got $100 for their victory, and second place got $50. Will announce those winners tomorrow, along with the easiest and hardest questions based on answers, along with everything else you need to know. But thanks again to all those who came out, and we’ll do it again next year.

Obviously the biggest news of the weekend involved the “suspension of production on Bachelor in Paradise.” As I tweeted out, it’s been canceled. There’s zero chance of it airing this summer. There hasn’t been any filming for a week, all the contestants are home, and due to time constraints (you know, they have a premiere date of August 8th), there’s just not a chance they’re bringing everyone back to film and will have everything ready to go by the 8th. And it’s not as easy to say, “Well, lets just push back the premiere date” when you’re working with major network television. Doesn’t work that way. “Bachelor in Paradise” for 2017 is done as we know it. What does it mean for the future? I don’t know.

My guess right now on June 13th 2017 is that we will never see another “Bachelor in Paradise” show again. Doesn’t mean we can’t get a show next summer. I just don’t think it’ll be “Bachelor in Paradise.” Can I see them either A) going back to doing “Bachelor Pad” or B) coming up with a new concept and renaming the show? Yes. With “B” being the more likely option. Based on why filming was shut down and the reasoning behind it, “Bachelor in Paradise” will always be synonymous now with the words “sexual misconduct/assault,” and that’s why I believe the show title is going away. Not to mention that kinda goes hand-in-hand with this reasoning laid out yesterday. Basically, Mexico (and Playa Escondida) isn’t gonna want to be associated with the show anymore considering it’s all filmed on trade. We let you use our facility for 2 ½ weeks for 6 weeks of airtime on a major network. No way they want to continue that relationship after the negative publicity that has generated the last couple days. Might be tough finding ANYONE who will want to play ball with them with a “Bachelor in Paradise” title, which is why I believe they’ll dump that title and concept all together moving forward and think of a new summer show.

As for what’s happening with the “Bachelor Winter Games?” I don’t think anyone knows right now. Probably still too early to tell, but considering they haven’t even officially announced “Bachelor in Paradise” is cancelled, I doubt we’ll hear anything on “Bachelor Winter Games” anytime soon. By the way, “canceled” vs “cancelled” is driving me nuts. I’ve always thought it was “cancelled” until I saw a few stories writing “canceled.” So I decided to google it. Here’s what I got on how it’s spelled:

“…The answer depends on where you call home.

Canceled or cancelled is the past tense of the verb to cancel. Both spellings are correct; Americans favor canceled (one L), while cancelled (two Ls) is preferred in British English and other dialects. However, there is only one correct spelling of the word cancellation, no matter where you are. For a more in-depth explanation of spelling and the exceptions, keep reading.”

Great. My headache is gone now. I will rotate the spellings for the rest of my life now knowing they’re both correct.

The other big news coming up is Evan & Carly’s wedding which I told you last week is scheduled for this Saturday, the 17th. As of right now, I’ve been told it is still on. But with the way things are going, I’d say everything is up in the air right now. This wedding was supposed to be part of the “Bachelor in Paradise” season since it’s being filmed down in Mexico. Kinda like Marcus & Lacey’s was except, you know, this one is real and not just for TV. As of now it’s on, but I don’t rule anything out. Does this mean ABC will just give them their own 1 or 2 hr special? I don’t know. But since they have no summer programming right now to coincide with it, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to it and, if they go through with it, how exactly it’s shown to the audiences.



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