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The Latest on the “Bachelor in Paradise” Situation Incl What DID Happen in the Three Days of Filming

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Now that that’s all behind us, lets get to the goodies. Remember, they did actually have 3 days of filming the show before production was shut down, so lets talk about what we’re all gonna miss now that there won’t be a show this summer:

-Remember when released the “initial” cast list of the show and it had 9 girls and 7 guys? Yeah, that wasn’t the initial cast. They left out 5 of Rachel’s guys because they hadn’t been eliminated yet on her season. And Robby didn’t arrive until Day 2. The five guys that they didn’t mention were part of the initial cast were: Iggy Rodriguez, Jack Stone, Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland, Matt Munson, and Dean Unglert. So yeah, anyone still holding out hope that maybe Rachel chose Dean – nope. He was on Paradise. Not to mention…

-Kristina got the first date of the season and asked Dean. Remember before the show I told you how Kristina and Jef Holm were basically in a relationship the last few months? Well, apparently that’s over now because Kristina and Dean hit it off and are now a thing. They are currently traveling together right now. Did I mention that Dean and Jef Holm are neighbors in Santa Monica? This show is so incestual, it’s ridiculous.

-When Robby arrived on Day 2 (last Monday), he asked Raven on a date. Nothing major happened.

-Matt got a date card, and he asked Jasmine on a date. They had the drag artists date that I posted about back on May 31st.

-Lacey Mark had to leave filming early on due to a death in the family.

-Filming stopped right before the first rose ceremony was about to happen, so girls were set to give out roses to guys. Since Lacey had left, 8 girls would’ve been giving out roses to 12 guys (assuming Corinne DeMario would’ve been a part of this rose ceremony).

-There were 4 more of Nick’s girls down in Mexico ready to enter the show after the first rose ceremony for episode #2, but since it never happened, they never got on. They were Danielle Lombard, Astrid Loch, Sarah Vendal, and Dominique Alexis.

-Remember I also reported back on May 31st that I was hearing a former contestant was gonna be brought in to replace Jorge the bartender? That happened. Jorge was there on Day 1, but then Wells came in on Day 2 and replaced him. He was going to be the bartender for the season, talking to people about their problems and handing out drinks, but eventually would’ve been allowed to ask someone out on a date.

-Some other hookups happened which weren’t on dates. Doesn’t mean these people are together or anything. Just means that in the 3 days of filming, there was a little something but I know nothing about where it’s headed post show:

1) Danielle Maltby and Jack made out.
2) After Raven’s date with Robby, Ben Z. and her were flirty and I believe made out as well.
3) Derek and Taylor hit it off and made out.

Obviously a lot to digest in all of this, and it’s a bad situation no matter how you look at it. It’s tough to even comment on and give my thoughts not having been there to witness it and get the full story. I can only go by what my sources reported to me, which is what I gave you on these last two pages. Let the discussion begin. Back tomorrow with your results and breakdown of the Trivia Contest from this past Friday night along with “Reader Emails.”

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