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The Latest on the “Bachelor in Paradise” Situation Incl What DID Happen in the Three Days of Filming

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Ok, lets get to the matter at hand, which is what exactly went down in Mexico that halted production. So many stories out there, so many different versions being thrown out there, what’s true, what isn’t. I’m here to say nobody really knows for sure, since it’s basically a “He Said, She Said” thing at this point. Hey, that’s the name of the podcast I’m doing with Sharleen to be released on Stitcher Premium soon. Just thought I’d mention that again. Anyway, all I can do is report to you what’s been told to me ever since this story broke on Sunday. I’ve only tweeted out things since then because I knew by today I was going to write a post on it explaining everything that’s been told to me. But lets back up a second and let me tell you the timeline as it was told to me.

Friday and Saturday, I was being told that a few contestants were active on social media, so that must mean they were eliminated from the show. It seemed odd, because it was like 4 or 5 people at that point and I didn’t think that many would’ve been gone by then. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I found out filming had been stopped, but I didn’t know the exact reasons why. Then a picture surfaced of the whole cast at the airport in Mexico that I tweeted out:

At that time, I thought they were just being sent somewhere for a hold over until something was figured out. I was hearing reports of maybe tornado weather heading to Mexico, so maybe they were being evacuated. Still didn’t know at that point. Then a couple hours later, the story broke that production was shut down due to “Misconduct” allegations. That’s when I got my first bit of information. The details were still a bit sketchy, but when I asked a source Sunday afternoon what happened, I was told “Two cast members were having sex in public, someone in Mexico saw them, got offended, and is suing the show.” At the time, I didn’t know who the cast members were, and I didn’t know who was doing the “suing.” About an hour later, I found out the names of the people involved, and tweeted them out as DeMario and Corinne. I think we’re all well aware of who it is at this point. But when I first heard what happened, at no point was it ever told to me this could’ve been a possible assault case. In fact, I was told the opposite. I was under the impression the biggest issue in all this was the show was being sued, hence the reason they had to stop production. Obviously in the next few hours and into the next day, the story became about the actual “couple” themselves and what happened between them.

Yesterday, more details started leaking to various outlets. Some information seems to be contradicting itself. I think the biggest bombshell was this report by TMZ. That story certainly seemed to make everything worse. Not to mention, what I’ve gathered in the last two days doesn’t seem to line up with that at all. Hence the reason it’s really impossible to know what the real story is out there right now. Even Chris Harrison says it in his first statement released today. I know everyone wants answers 3 seconds after anything happens in this franchise, but it’s just not that easy. Especially in a story like this.

All I can give you is what I’ve been told by various sources over the last 48 hours. This is all allegedly at this point, but I’ve spent 2 days hearing from numerous different sources regarding their version of the events that happened. I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. Some of this is stuff you’ve heard from other places. Some I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. I can only go off what I’ve been told by sources close to the situation. Here’s what is being reported to me by numerous sources:

-DeMario and Corinne reportedly hooked up in the pool on Sunday, the first day of filming.
-I was told it was very physical, other people were witnessing it, DeMario and Corinne knew other people were watching and neither were the least bit fazed by it. I was even told they were drawing attention to themselves. DeMario had a whistle around his neck that he kept blowing, so that’s how he was drawing attention to them and Corinne was laughing the whole time.
-I was told they did not have intercourse, but there were plenty of other sex acts happening.
-Corinne was reportedly the aggressor in the situation, and both were equally drunk.
-Producers asked both DeMario and Corinne after the fact if their hookup was consensual, and both reportedly said yes.
-Corinne also made out with 4 other guys on the first day, some before and some after DeMario. They were Derek, Iggy, Nick, and Alex. On all the occasions, Corinne was the one who would go up to them aggressively and playfully and start making out with them.
-Was told that Corinne, although very intoxicated, was never at any point “black out drunk.” In response to reports that she had no idea what was happening or what she was doing, was told “that couldn’t be further from the truth.”
-I was told Corinne made numerous references after the hookups to how her boyfriend was going to be upset with her.
-After the hookups, DeMario and Corinne both filmed ITM’s, the hookup was discussed, and producers never brought this up as a situation that was inappropriate. Corinne and DeMario’s hook up was going to be a storyline on the show, just like any hook up on any season.
-It wasn’t until a rogue producer came forward to the show claiming that they saw the hook up as inappropriate and filed a complaint, did all hell break loose.
-I was told if the producer didn’t come forward with the complaint, everything would’ve continued as planned.
-I’ve come to find out the producer who filed the complaint is Shelby Adams. She’s one of Corinne’s best friends and was her producer on Nick’s season.
-Those who witnessed it are in shock at what has transpired and what happened on the first day with Corinne and DeMario they never thought would lead to this.
-There are some who witnessed who actually thought that Corinne and DeMario might come out of this as a couple, despite Corinne having a boyfriend back home.


E! Online posted this story yesterday in regards to the producer in question, Shelby Adams, filing the complaint without ever having seen the footage live or even on tape. Based on what my sources have told me, this story is true…and I have a couple things to add to it.

-There is a SECOND producer who filed a complaint along with Shelby Adams. It’s another female producer named Jessica Brown, or “JB” as she’s referred to.
-I’m told neither Shelby or JB who filed the complaints witnessed the incident as it was happening, nor have either of them seen any footage of it since.
-I’m told that in the days since this went down, all parties involved are wishing they could take it back. They never thought it would reach a level that it did.

And one other note…

-Sources have told me Corinne’s publicist has fired her and is no longer representing her.

That is everything that’s been reported to me by my sources to this point. The whole situation just sucks. Like I mentioned, a lot of “He Said, She Said” right now. But that’s what my sources have reported to me.



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