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“Reader Emails” and Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Original Cast is Released

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Very interesting how Ben & Lauren are handling the break up. Ben went and started doing a podcast with Ashley, and Lauren is giving her thoughts, piece by piece to I haven’t listened to Ben’s podcast, I’ve just read the excerpts that the media is reporting, and it looks like he’s not spending too much time talking about the breakup, but I have a feeling that the reason Lauren is speaking out now is BECAUSE Ben did a podcast. If he didn’t have that medium, my guess is she would’ve stayed silent. And not that she’s trashing him because she isn’t, but she’s definitely letting people in on a few things that hadn’t really been talked about publicly. Like today’s piece where she talked about how hurt she was having to re-live Ben telling JoJo he loved her too. That was always awkward to everyone involved I’m sure. Then to have JoJo and Jordan appear on their show with them and have a sit down dinner? I’m guessing that maybe drove the knife a little deeper. For a year, we never heard how Ben telling JoJo he loved her as well affected Lauren, if it even did at all. Now that the break up happens, we’re starting to peel back layers of what kinda went down. I wonder who fires the next salvo in all this? I don’t expect any mud slinging between these two, but it sure is interesting to hear these things now after the break up when all they wanted was their privacy during it.

The initial “Bachelor in Paradise” cast has been released, and outside of a couple, I had given you every one of these people. I mentioned Lacey as a possibility, but am kinda surprised she’s in the initial cast. I guess her plan at WTA to run her mouth so people would remember her and she’d get on Paradise worked. The other one was Nick Benvenutti, or “St. Nick” from JoJo’s season who wore the Santa suit on night one. They always seem to cast a couple randoms every season and, well, there are those two to start with. More will be coming in I’m sure. A few observations from this cast:

-So of the 9 women to start the show, 8 are Nick’s girls – then there’s Amanda. Yet another reason she shouldn’t have done it. None of her close friends are there. And there’s at least still 3 more of Nick’s girls that are coming on – Danielle Lombard, Whitney Fransway, and Astrid Loch. Told you most of the female cast was gonna be Nick’s girls. They aren’t straying away from what they’ve done the previous 3 seasons.
-Only one of Rachel’s guys is in the initial cast – DeMario. But you can bet more are coming as well. I guess Jack is being pushed back another week or two. Iggy AND Diggy will be coming later on as well. Those are three I’m definitely sure of.
-The fact that they’re starting with 9 women and 7 men means that the men will handing the roses out first, and two women will be eliminated. I’m sorry, but the first rose ceremony hasn’t even happened and I can pretty much predict the first two women to go home: Taylor and Lacey. Danielle, Corinne, Jasmine, Kristina, Alexis, Amanda, and Raven aren’t going anywhere on the first episode. So that only leaves Taylor and Lacey as viable candidates to leave. I believe the first rose ceremony is tonight.
-Remember last year, 9 of JoJo’s guys appeared on Paradise, but none of them were from her top 6 finishers. Well, I guess they made up for it by getting 4 more of her guys on this season with Robby, Alex, Derek, and Vinny (again). I’m really curious if any of the girls out there know what they’re getting into with Derek and what he did/said to Olivia. I’m sure he’ll never mention it and downplay the relationship like they all do, but it’d be a lie.
-Impossible to guess at this point which guys are giving which girls roses at the first rose ceremony because we have no idea who’s connecting out there yet. But as far as I know, only Robby and Vinny have met any of Nick’s girls before at events or what not. As for sliding into DM’s, that could’ve happened with all of them for all I know. I’m sure there ares some that were in contact before the show that I haven’t heard about yet.
-Evan and Carly’s wedding is set for June 17th, a few days before filming ends.

Reader Emails

Hi Steve,

I was reading Sharleen’s recap of Nick’s finale where she pointed out Vanessa’s disappearing and reappearing red lipstick during the proposal scene. In her recap, she wrote that she hoped it was just bad editing and that the scene hadn’t been shot multiple times.

We all know the editing isn’t great but I was surprised to read that shooting the scene over was a possibility. Do they commonly film scenes more than once?


Comment: Yes. Happens quite a bit.

Hi Steve,

Love your site and always look forward to reading your columns!

1. What are your thoughts on Amanda going to Paradise again? Josh must be pissed. I think it’s a mistake.

2. Why does the show hate Jef Holm so much?

This season of BIP is looking like it will be a circus, can’t wait to watch.

Comment: I mean, I could go over a list of reasons why, but at this point, I feel it’s pointless. They just don’t like the guy and he’s done some pretty shady things post-show. Just not a good guy.


I love your blog! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I started watching with Emily Maynard’s season but got more hooked into it when reading your blog when Bachelor in Paradise started. I definitely love watching the show with all your insights and perspectives!

Anyway, regards to the first in/last out limo questions that keep coming in–I feel like this was addressed in one of the Bachelor/Bachelorette post-show book (yes, I’ve sadly read all of them by Sean, Courtney, Andi but they were all entertaining!)! I can’t remember which one but I am pretty sure it was Sean Lowe’s book. Specifically, I read somewhere that the producers make a bet with the other producers on who they think will be the final two in the end. And that dictates which contestant is the ‘first’ person and ‘last’ person entrance. I think this is what happened for sure for Sean’s season, and maybe others. Whether or not it continued or if the show actually shows the correct order in the way it’s filmed is another thing, but I thought this was an interesting tidbit.

Keep up the great work and loving the podcasts too, can’t wait to hear Lesley’s!

Comment: Without going back through every season and recording which ones came out first and last, it’s impossible to know the exact answer. Plus, what’s shown on TV is always different than the actual limo entrance on the first night. So it’s even tougher to figure that out.

HI Steve,

Question about Jef Holm. What’s his deal? I don’t remember him being a bigger douche than any other guy on a Bachelorette season, but it seems like you really can’t stand him. Can you tell us why? I don’t follow any of them on Instagram or Twitter, so you are really my only insight into their antics. 🙂 Are Arie and him still tight? I actually quite enjoyed their bromance on Emily’s season, so I’m kinda sad he seems like a tool now.


Comment: Now? He was a tool long before now. It’s just something that has developed over the years, with numerous stories about the guy. Some documented online, some not. But he’s so yesterday’s news, it’s not worth my time. I guess you’re just gonna have to accept he’s not well liked in the franchise and leave it at that.

Hi Steve,

I am surprised to see that Amanda Stanton will be appearing again on Paradise. I thought you mentioned she is done with the show. Any insight as to why she is doing it? Does she have someone that will be on the show she is interested in? It just seems like a bad look for her considering that she got engaged last season and how badly things turned out. I would hope to think that she would have learned her lesson. I could see it being for career reasons but she already has a strong Instagram following as somewhat of a fashion/lifestyle blogger. I just hope she is smart enough not to repeat the mistakes she made again. I really have no idea why she’s doing it or if she’s interested in anyone. It could just be to keep her name out there for all we know. It really doesn’t make sense, but, I’ve given up trying to figure out some of these peoples’ decisions at this point. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It’s bad enough she went back on where she’ll open herself up to even more criticism than last time. And if she gets engaged again? Oh boy. Watch out.

This last part is more of a suggestion – I know you mentioned a while ago that when the bachelor/bachelorette is not on air, you would have some non bachelor franchise guests. I am a huge fan of the challenge and would love to listen to a podcast with Johnny bananas, Sarah, Wes, CT or anyone else from that franchise. It is such a great show.

Comment: Working on it. Would love to have Bananas or CT on.

Hi Reality Steve,

Also— I follow Elan Gale on social media because his posts are hilarious. He doesn’t seem like a typical reality show producer. As you interview contestants, I’d be curious to learn about the relationship they have with the show producers. They seem like they are good friends with the producers, but these are also the same people who, it seems, often convince contestants to overshare on national television and coach them to do things they may regret. It seems like a complicated relationship and I’d love to know more.

Thanks for what you do!

p.s. My favorite podcasts are Sharleen Joynt (my favorite show participant ever) and Chris Bukowski (my opinion about him totally changed after listening to your podcast!)

Comment: I think with Elan, some of them truly hate the guy, and some of them truly love him. It’s hit and miss. But a lot don’t want to burn bridges especially with him, so, it’s probably better that they don’t openly say how much they dislike him. But behind the scenes? Oh yeah. I’ve had quite a few tell me the sh** he does.

I find it really surprising that Amanda Stanton is going on BIP again. She’s got a ton of IG followers and endorsements so really doesn’t need the publicity… fact it almost seems like overkill. I guess she genuinely could be looking for love, but all these Bachelor Nation people know how to get in touch with each other if they truly want to hook up and her time on BIP last year turned out to be a little disastrous. Your thoughts?

Comment: Bad decision. Could also just be the whole FOMO thing – fear of missing out. It’s what happens to a lot of them. They see other people going on, gaining followers, and getting attention, so they want to feel a part of it. Maybe something good will come out of this for her, but I’m trying to think of what it could be and I can’t.

Hey Steve,

I thought I was done thinking about bachelor world in my free time but here I am!

First subject… when you say Carly and Evan are getting married in Mexico for paradise filming, is this an actual wedding (like, marriage license not optional) or is it a Lacey and Marcus type of wedding? Ha, good times. Yeah, actual wedding. Apparently that was supposed to be kept on the down low. Oops. But it’s definitely happening.

And I’m curious if your opinion of Carly and Evan has changed since you first reported the engagement? I know you didn’t have anything against them personally but I believe your response was something like “Bwahahhahaha”, which was probably the general consensus. However, for me at least, they come off as probably the most genuine and my favorite couple when I look at how it started and how funny they are together. One thing I always said about them was that IF there was a couple that was gonna work from last season’s final 3, they’d be the most realistic because they lived 10 minutes from each other. Neither one would have to make a life changing move, and that’s a big deal.

Second…. Jef (one F only) Holm. Your column said the show wants nothing to do with him and I’m curious why. I absolutely think he seems douchey, but on Emily’s season it seemed like everyone just loved him including all the guys from his season. If the show was considering bringing back Chad who we watched threaten producers (I would assume it was fake but I highly doubt the guy is talented enough to even pretend act), what the hell could Jef have done to get bachelor blacklisted? From a viewer’s perspective, even knowing how fame thirsty he’s been, I would have loved to see a throwback “fan favorite” / winner come back.. not to mention I actually really wanted to see him and Kristina play out on camera as I’m sure the audience would have as well, so I’m pretty intrigued as to why he’s been vetoed. I think I’ve pretty much said what I’ve needed to say about Jef.

And lastly, I read Emily’s book and she only dedicated a page or two to her and Jef’s relationship after the show, but basically just said the reason it didn’t work was because they wanted different things and were constantly fighting. I remember reading all these tabloids about cheating scandals and whatnot, and I know they report cheating scandals just about every year, but did you ever hear any information other than her reasoning? Plenty.

Ps, that was still the weirdest and most unexpected bachelor/ette couple for me. It’s almost like she just looked at the group and thought “who is the least similar to Brad?” And went from buff, tall and southern to tiny Utah hipster. Never bought that one.

Thanks for everything– Have a good week!

Ps your podcasts have been wonderful and Lesley is right, a Tierra podcast would be epic, haha.

Comment: Yes, Jef and Emily was easily the most bizarre final 2 this show has ever produced. People could see that break up coming a mile away.

Hi Steve, a couple of questions and comments:

I’m thinking that there will be a different vibe on BIP this summer, with all the men, in particular, being there less to find someone to date and more treating it as an audition, hoping to “pull a Nick” and get chosen as the next Bachelor. Have you heard anything about who ABC might be looking at this time around? Everything is up in the air. But I think now Peter is most certainly the front runner. But after what they did with Nick last season, anything is possible.

Interesting to hear that Carly and Evan are getting married on BIP and I’m wondering if Kaitlyn has any feelings about that. She’s said a couple of things that make it appear that she wants a televised wedding from ABC, but so far that hasn’t happened. Is there any possibility ABC would give Kaitlyn a wedding? Seems highly unlikely at this point. It’s almost been two years. Not to mention, she’s been a very outspoken critic of the franchise – as she should be. So I don’t see it happening.

No question, just a comment. I definitely see the hand of producers in the whole DaMario narrative. In his first talk to the guys in the mansion, Chris Harrison said the usual things about dates and roses, but he also said something that I don’t think he’s said before: “I hope you’re all here for the right reasons.” That makes me think he already knew they had the info about DeMario and Lexi. I even think it’s possible producers gave the info to Rachel’s friend (I forget which one) who mentioned it during the girl talk scene at the start of episode one.


Comment: Of course they already knew what storyline they had of DeMario. Chris said that basically 3 days before that date happened. Everything on this show is produced. There was a reason he was focused on so heavily that first night calling himself a front runner time and time again. They purposely let us see that so many times to set up his downfall they had coming.

Hi Steve!

First off, I’ve gotta tell you your blog is my favorite thing on the internet. There’s nothing I keep up with more consistently or look more forward to reading (almost) every day – and the podcasts are just one more welcome procrastination tool!

I’m emailing today with two questions.

One: Your interview last week with Lesley kind of triggered this question – is it only me, or is Sean kind of the unspoken-but-universally-accepted best bachelor? I don’t know if it’s because I just felt like he was super genuine, but I enjoyed watching his season FAR more than any before or since, and I feel like his group of girls was the most real. Maybe it’s because it was kind of the last season before the instagram fame became the driving force behind the show? What are your thoughts? I think so. Not to mention, he’s the only Bachelor in 21 seasons that married the final girl that he chose. AND got a televised wedding out of it. Definitely safe to say he’s one of the shows favorites and I don’t think you’re going out on a limb at all. I wouldn’t even call it unspoken. They’re pretty vocal about how much they like the guy.

Two: I’ve been toying with the idea of auditioning for the next season of bachelor (don’t make fun of me!) and was curious about your opinion – I know you ask everyone how they auditioned and know a ton of behind the scenes stuff…which method (online, mail in, video, in-person) is the best approach? Any insight is appreciated!

Thanks again for all you do!!!

Comment: I honestly don’t have any tips about applying. Knowing someone from the franchise certainly helps. Having an agent pitching you certainly helps. Just remember that if you apply and you DON’T get chosen, it has nothing to do with you not being pretty enough or good enough for this show. A lot of people apply and they choose 25-30. So just know going in your chances are slim. Just don’t feel defeated if you don’t get cast or don’t even get a call back. It happens.


Not sure if you heard about this but there was an article on this week ( where Kareem said he was approached to be on the Bachelorette during Nick’s season where there were still 3 black contestants remaining. The thing I thought that was interesting was that he was told by producers at that time they would be having a black bachelorette. So it seems like ABC had their agenda and were pretty much certain they would have their first non-caucasian bachelorette at a pretty early point while Nick’s season was currently airing.

Comment: Can’t say any of us should be surprised if what he’s saying was true. The first thing I wrote when gave the episode-by-episode spoilers on Nick’s season was that considering they’d gone 33 seasons without a black lead, and now they had their first viable candidate in Rachel, IF they didn’t choose her, then they might never have a black lead. She’s exactly what they look for in a lead.



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