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Podcast #30 – Interview with Tenley Molzahn, & DeMario and Corinne Release Statements

Last week having Kiptyn Locke on as a guest had a great response from the listeners about how much they appreciated him talking so openly about a tough situation. Whether it was re-living the breakup with Tenley, or being very candid about how quickly his relationship with Samm developed, people seemed to really take to Kiptyn and his honesty. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but due to schedules, it was easiest to do it now as Podcast #30 is with Tenley Molzahn. Tenley listened to Kiptyn’s podcast last week and had no issues with it whatsoever. This wasn’t her coming on to retort everything he said or anything like that. Plus, just listening to Tenley, it’s almost impossible to imagine she has a mean bone in her body. But I really appreciated her coming on to talk about some of the things that were discussed last week and to give her side of the story. Couldn’t have been easy for her, but I know fans and listeners will be very interested to hear what she has to say. Not to mention, Tenley address for the first time what exactly was going on with her and Ben Higgins in the summer of 2015 right after BIP 2 ended, but before Ben left to film his season of the “Bachelor.” As always, if you want to respond to the interview on Twitter, be sure to include Tenley’s handle (@TenleyMolzahn) in your replies so she can see it. In addition, Tenley gives out a discount to her business for any of those interested in signing up. $50 off a consultation by just mentioning the podcast. Hope you all enjoy hearing from Tenley this week, and I thank her for doing the podcast.

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(SPOILERS) Tenley joins me to talk about getting cast on Jake’s season of the “Bachelor,” coming of a recent divorce (2:03), was she a fan of the show before (4:05), her relationship with Vienna while filming (7:52), the final rose ceremony and how she felt afterwards (12:36), how “Bachelor Pad” was pitched to her by producers (19:14), how close she was to being the “Bachelorette” (21:36), her and Kiptyn’s $250k mistake on BP (24:32), going on “Bachelor in Paradise 2” (27:06), addressing the rumors of a relationship with Ben Higgins in the summer of 2015 before his season started (32:15), her relationship with Kiptyn (36:26), finding out that Kiptyn and his girlfriend were pregnant and how she felt (40:12), her current boyfriend Taylor (48:01), becoming a health coach and starting her business (53:00), and finally end with Rapid 10 (1:03:50).

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Well, what I expected to happen has happened. As I said on Tuesday when I first spoke of the subject, it’s really a “He Said, She Said” at this point as both DeMario and Corinne released statements yesterday for the first time. DeMario believes his character is being assassinated and Corinne has hired the big gun lawyers and publicity team to find out exactly what happened. Then this story came yesterday from the Daily Mail which basically seems to summarize my last two columns – with zero credit of course. One thing I need to correct from yesterday. I had reported that Corinne’s publicist had fired her. I had that backwards. Corinne fired her publicist, Liz Anderson, and has hired Stan Rosenfield, who has been representing Chris Soules. There will be twists and turns it seems like every day in this case. Some things just aren’t making sense to me, that’s why it’s so hard to comment on the story/allegations. Things just aren’t adding up to me. But, I expect we’ll hear more and more in the coming days…which will probably make it even more confusing. This is far from over, but in my opinion, this situation will never reach court. I’m just gonna guess there will be a settlement down the line to make this all go away.

I’m going to push “Dr. Reality Steve” back to next Thursday. I had three to do this week but being swamped with everything else, I didn’t want to give half ass answers to them. I apologize for those of you who sent emails in maybe expecting an answer today. They will be in next week’s column for sure.

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  1. crushonspivey

    June 15, 2017 at 10:06 AM

    So if hte videos shows nothing, why is Corinne lawyered up. And why hasn’t DeMario yet? Seems like someone wants a payout. Because if she was really sexually assaulted, why isn;t she pursuing charges against DeMario? It happened in Mexico, so maybe that is why, but still, not a peep about him and just lawyering up, getting a new Rep, and seemingly going big time.

    I just think if she really felt like a victim, she’d want the perp to face consequences. Here, she just seems to want a cash out, which is odd.

  2. qwerty123

    June 15, 2017 at 11:26 AM

    Agree with spivey. We’ve seen Corinne cry victim before, when she claimed Taylor was bullying her. And we all know what a steaming pile of BS that was. She used it to change the narrative about her behavior, and it worked perfectly.

    This would also explain why she’s saying she blames producers, not DeMario. She’s going after the party with the money.

  3. tbta4

    June 15, 2017 at 2:16 PM

    The Tenley podcast was so interesting! She sounds like a lovely person.

  4. V1Man

    June 15, 2017 at 7:55 PM

    The above comments represent what happens when people don’t understand the law, and that is understandable. Entertainment contract law is an animal unto itself. Having represented a realty TV cast member some years ago who sued a network and production company, I have some unique insight here. California law is controlling here because the contract with Next Entertainment (NE) is a California contract. Corrine’s only realistic alternative, assuming NE breached the contract for failing to provide “safety and security,” is to seek redress from NE for that failure. Hence, the very indemnifying statement issues by Chris Harrison this week which indicated that producers took their responsibilities seriously. It was the right thing for ABC/Next to do, but also indicated both their liability and vulnerability.

    Steve, it’s too bad Scott Lassiter is no longer with us, as he would have had a field day joyously explaining the details of contract law as it applies in this situation.

  5. TeresaRenee

    June 15, 2017 at 11:09 PM

    After hearing the podcasts from both Tenley and Kiptyn and knowing what I know of them from social media and such, I think one of the biggest things that split them up would be faith. Tenley’s very Christian and I sense that isn’t where Kiptyn is. Kip seems like a great guy, but if faith is at the core of your being, it just doesn’t work to marry someone who isn’t there with you.

  6. click

    June 15, 2017 at 11:10 PM

    I think a producer decided that she could make some extra bucks by teaming up with Corinne-and-out! A black dlck and a Platinum Vagine???
    Doesn’t get any better than that!

  7. allaboutme

    June 16, 2017 at 8:48 AM

    They’ll pay out with a settlement, which I’m sure Corinne is banking on. If this goes to court, then all the behind the scenes ploys producers do will come to light. Those who follow RS are the minority and most of the people watching believe what the producers are selling. If it becomes common knowledge how much Producers dictate what we see instead of it happening organically, the Bachelor franchise will be over due to the dip in people watching.
    Although, that being said, if she settles out of court, Corinne will probably have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (or is it a gag order?) that will prevent her from talking about the details. If she’s thinking long-term, she’d be wise to roll the dice and go to court, get the money without a gag order, and then make more money with interviews and a book deal.

  8. sunset

    June 17, 2017 at 2:50 PM

    Corinne is doing the right thing by holding the show accountable. She doesn’t need the money. There are bigger issues at play here and everyone has basic human rights, including people whose personalities we might not be drawn to. Speaking of which, Demario’s character is pretty flawed too. But this is about the show, its producers, and film crew, and their questionable choices while presumably sober (or at least not nearly as impaired as Corinne and Demario). Posts from people quick to rush to judgement seem so odd and out of touch to me. I’m no fan of Corinne. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there are issues here that seriously need to be examined. It’s so incredibly obvious why two producers spoke out against this. Maybe after this, the show will make some attempts to be a tad more responsible when it comes to alcohol, recognizing the complexities surrounding continuing consent (not just initial consent) and alcohol, and when they do and don’t have a right to continue filming, and what they owe their cast members. Plying people with alcohol all day long and filming them doing things when their judgement is impaired, things they likely wouldn’t be doing in front of cameras if they were sober – is just plain sleazy, creepy, and I’ll bet some judges would have a big issue with that.

  9. sunset

    June 17, 2017 at 3:01 PM

    Oh and I have a bad taste in my mouth when reading about these show insiders who defend what happened and think they can speak on behalf of Corinne or Demario, and what they supposedly consented to or didn’t. These show insiders may be able to talk about spoilers that include objective facts, such as what city a date took place, who got a rose and who didn’t. But they can’t put themselves in Corinne’s and Demario’s shoes. They obviously don’t understand what legally constitutes consent. They’ve lost so much credibility to me and the more they try to defend what took place and point fingers at Corinne, the worse they look and the worse they make the show look. Sometimes the wisest thing a person can do is to know when to keep their mouth shut if they have nothing credible to add to the conversation.

  10. shenanigans

    June 17, 2017 at 3:20 PM

    Sunset, the cast members of BIP who have spoken up were WITNESSES to these events. As a result, they do have some credibility about what went on (compared to those of us who are reading about it online). In fact, it is the testimony of those very people that will determine if Corinne GETS the payoff she is obviously seeking.

    So far, it doesn’t sound like a slam dunk. According to multiple witnesses, she seemed alert and willing in the pool. Afterwards, she spoke to – and kissed – other guys. And, apparently, she was comfortable recording an ITM interview and filming for two more days before anything hit the fan.

    Certainly, we haven’t heard Corinne’s “side” of the story (other than the self-serving declaration that she is a “victim”), but I’ve heard enough from multiple witnesses to know that she faces an uphill battle.

  11. sunset

    June 17, 2017 at 4:04 PM

    shenanigans, I’m not a lawyer but I do know enough about the law to know these WITNESSES would be questioned vigorously on how they interpreted what they say they saw, and that lawyers and judges wouldn’t necessarily side with them. These WITNESSES also have reason to have an agenda, when they’re defending themselves and their show. Various lawyers have spoken out, as has a producer of another reality show, who say regardless of what these WITNESSES say, there are serious issues they (the witnesses) are conveniently ignoring now, ignored on the day in question, and when it comes to their responsibilities, were and continue to be ignorant of. No one said it’s a slam dunk but the WITNESSES can talk until they’re blue in the face. They’re not in court yet, but they better be held accountable because I’ve read what they’ve said, and it doesn’t let them off the hook by a long shot, sorry.

  12. qtontv

    June 17, 2017 at 8:58 PM

    Corianne was born rich so will have access to the best lawyers, whereas Demario doesn’t seem to have had the same luck. Let’s see who comes out on top! Hard not to suspect the American justice system won’t operate as usual and benefit the rich party.

  13. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 3:03 AM

    qtontv, except the lawsuit in question will likely center on BIP producers and crew. The company behind BIP is beyond rich, so there goes that theory. It’s a shame Corinne wasn’t able to offer a breathalyzer sample on the day in question. But I’m sure there are credible witnesses (not the ones talking to Steve and the media), who will attest to the actual, objective numbers – how much alcohol was consumed and for over how long a period of time, likely starting from the time cast members woke up in the morning. As BIP people provided the alcohol and were very aware of it, they have certain legal duties to uphold and they failed. BIP failed to step in and put a halt to what was unfolding. Even Demario’s lawyer has said Corinne has a case against BIP, the show itself. Consent when it comes to alcohol consumption is a legal area that I’m sure BIP’s lawyers are nervous about now, because they too, know lines were crossed. But as you mentioned money, they have that in spades. They’ll likely offer Corinne a settlement amount, not that that will undue the damage done. Any future version of the show will likely be sanitized as far as alcohol goes, and there are those who work for BIP who know these types of measures are long overdue.

  14. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 3:38 AM

    If this wasn’t such a serious matter, it would actually be laughable that the crew guys who are talking to Steve tell him Corinne seemed capable of consent. That’s like if a driver pulled off the road for drunk driving has passengers in the car telling the officer, hey, our driver pal is more than capable of driving this car. He wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel if he wasn’t. Except he’s been drinking for 12 hours straight, or more, and the cops wouldn’t buy it. Nor would the driver pass the breathalyzer test.

  15. tinyred500

    June 18, 2017 at 5:57 AM

    I get an underlying feeling a lot of this was planned by Corrine and her friend the producer. It all seems contrived and too convenient. She didn’t appear to be remotely embarrassed by her actions with Nick, she owned her behaviour and seemed almost proud of it. She went out instead to make a name for herself with her 15 minutes of fame and notoriety, and made sure she was in the tabloid news. She’s an adult, no one can make her drink, no one can make her do anything, yes we are all human and we make mistakes, but I don’t think this was one though. Do I think the producers are blame free? No, absolutely not, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out they manipulate etc., contestants season after season.

    They should have never asked her to appear on BIP, the writing was on the wall. The taped footage and witnesses should show the truth with what went on. Overall, this should be a hard lesson learnt for the franchise. The franchise needs to clean up its act and fast, otherwise I’m not sure how it can survive.

  16. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 6:39 AM

    And I think it’s one of those rape myths people like to pull out, when they say a woman made out with another guy willingly, therefore she must be up for it with DeMario (or whomever, fill in the blank). Each situation is different and pulling up past history with other people is completely irrelevant to issues of consent. Which is why many courts will bar that type of information used to falsely discredit someone. Yes, sleazy lawyers will try to play that card. It’s still a rape myth used to blame the victim in order to get an often guilty party off.

  17. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 11:18 AM

    Re: “I get an underlying feeling a lot of this was planned by Corrine and her friend the producer. It all seems contrived and too convenient.”


    This type of scenario coming from this show – BIP (not the Bachelor or Bachelorette) – has by several accounts been a long time coming. People who work on the show have long been saying it has crossed the line in many ways at many different times, and rather than being “contrived”, it’s more likely this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They’re a bit more careful on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but on BIP where booze flows from the moment you wake up, all day and night long with no end in sight, behind the scenes people have been saying it’s like working for a porn and are relieved it’s off the air, or that if it comes back, it will finally be cleaned up. I don’t believe any of this was contrived, even though crew members who happily filmed alcohol fuelled orgy type situations are trying very hard to paint it as false, to cover their own backs. I believe two concerned producers decided enough was enough, and probably even wish they’d spoken up sooner, about past BIP shows.

  18. shenanigans

    June 18, 2017 at 11:53 AM

    Sunset, I realize that the facts don’t fit your agenda, which is that Corinne has a case against BIP, but the fact is this: the contract she signed made it clear that SHE was responsible for the amount of alcohol she consumed and what she did with her fellow cast mates.

    It wasn’t anyone’s fault but her own that she got as drunk as a fish and did a guy in a pool…. only to regret it two days later because of something a producer said. The more witnesses come forward on this, the more I believe that she simply seized the opportunity to (1) save face and (2) get some sort of payoff.

    And, it’s a shame, really. If she had taken responsibility for what she did, Corinne and her antics would have eventually been forgotten. Now, she will forever be known as the slutty girl who ruined a man’s reputation and sued BIP. She is crapping up her own legacy.

  19. tinyred500

    June 18, 2017 at 12:17 PM

    @shenanigans, I agree with you and your points.

    @sunset, you have commented numerous times on this one post and one other concerning this story, and whereby you actually thank two commenters for their posts, which I find just a tad bizzare! You aren’t the thought police. None of us here know what went on, including you, and we are only giving our thoughts and opinions and nothing more. The truth will hopefully come out soon enough, I just truly hope that no-one is made a scapegoat out of this sorry mess.

  20. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 1:50 PM

    Lol. I’ve done my research, read more than just the one-sided info provided here and I’m entitled to post, sorry if that doesn’t meet with your approval. Contracts can spell out whatever they want, judges are known to throw out the clauses where the contracts contradict common law and basic human rights. You’ll see. I’m more than willing to let this ride out. 😉 Oh and there’s nothing bizarre with being thankful that some people actually understand some of the legal issues versus those of you who like to spout rape myths to support your own agendas.

  21. sunset

    June 18, 2017 at 1:57 PM

    shenanigans: “Now, she will forever be known as the slutty girl who ruined a man’s reputation and sued BIP. She is crapping up her own legacy.”


    Wow, that’s truly ignorant and offensive, and speaks volumes more about you than Corinne.

  22. notimpressed

    June 18, 2017 at 8:43 PM

    Tenley seems like a lovely, wonderful person. All the best to her.

  23. rob22

    June 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM

    The Bachelor is getting very long in the tooth. The show has been going on far longer than anyone had reason to expect. The Producers and Chris Harrison (not to mention RS) have reaped a reoccurring pot of gold. With ratings down a bit, and the show starting to become a caricature of itself, it really won’t take a lot to kill this golden goose. A dragged out lawsuit that digs up all kinds of unflattering material about the show’s inner workings might be just that killer. So, it’s hard to imagine that this isn’t going to get settled quickly. Corrine may, or more likely may not deserve a dime. But if The Bachelor wants to keep the gravy train rolling, they really have no choice but to make this go away fast. Any smart ambulance chaser knows that…. hence the quick lawyering up.

  24. supersparklyday

    June 19, 2017 at 3:35 PM

    For me, the fact that her fellow castmates are Unfriending her or Unfollowing her now, tells me all I need to know about this situation. These people were there, were on-set and talking to the parties involved, before, during and afterwards – so them turning their backs on Corinne is enough for me to not believe her or her BS story. It’s been said she was being considered for her own show soon,well she threw that away now. It’s also been reported that for everyone involved, this grew out of control on them and they wish they could take it back – well, they can’t; it’s far.too late now. That’s why people have to think before they speak!!

  25. windsurfer

    June 20, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    Corrine is an adult, signed a contract, and on the previous show presented herself to be a woman willing to exploit her own body for attention. She also demonstrated a great fondness for alcohol, at all hours of the day and night; while it’s true that alcohol seems to be far more plentiful than is perhaps desirable, the impression Corrine has left is that she indulges with or without outside encouragement. Whether this is a scheme she came up with herself, to score her own show (which in and of itself seems absurd!), or for her and her producer friend to commandeer screen time — whatever, I can’t say the method of attracting attention to herself isn’t a bit surprising. She has a documented history of undesirable behavior, and yes, of course the producers saw her as a guaranteed draw for the show, but at the end of the day Corrine’s actions and past history shout far louder than her protests.

  26. sam837

    June 20, 2017 at 11:55 PM

    I love reading your spoilers, Steve, they are so spot on that even Jimmy Kimmel rips them off. I’m glad I’ll be be able to continue reading your spoilers on BIP4 now that the Corinne debacle is over.

    Who is Tenley Molzan? Boring to read about irrelevant Bachelor contestants from long ago (I’m assuming) but other than that your site is great.

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