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Podcast #53 – Interview with Cara Maria Sorbello of MTV’s “The Challenge”

For only the 4th or 5th time in almost one year of doing these podcasts have I ventured out of “Bachelor Nation” and interviewed somebody from another show. But “Challenge” fans, get your popcorn ready because Cara Maria Sorbello destroys in this interview. We cover everything that went down on “Dirty 30,” including her immense dislike for Jordan, what the hell was that Kailah conversation about from the reunion show, and something the average fan may not know about, why did Cara Maria not know until this past Tuesday night what the results were for “Dirty 30?” Can’t believe the show actually did this because 1) they’ve never done a finale that way in all the seasons of the “Challenge” and 2) just seems kinda ridiculous. And before you ask, no, the “Bachelor” would never resort to doing this for their finale ending. Two completely different shows. Would make even less sense for the “Bachelor” to do it. Anyway, even if you’ve never watched the “Challenge,” Cara is a great listen just for her blatant honesty in regards to everything about the show and her public relationship with Abram. And if you haven’t watched “The Challenge,” – you should. It’s TV gold. As always, if you want to reply to the interview, please include Cara’s Twitter handle (@CaraMariaTV) in your responses so she can see them as well. Hope you enjoy this interview. And get ready, because I think we’re gonna have a few more “Challenge” contestants on in the future.

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(SPOILERS) Cara Maria joins us to talk about her career on the Challenge, this season’s 2nd place finish and her immense dislike for Jordan (3:50), how the finale results didn’t air until the reunion show & how it was filmed (16:30), Camila’s issues (20:07), her confrontation with Kailah at the reunion (28:55), the Dirty 30 theme and strategy for the season (36:18), where her relationship with Abram stands now (46:48), her cheating on Abram during “Bloodlines” which then turns into a discussion about the double standard in regards to Tony’s cheating (54:49), would she do a season of “Battle of the Exes” with Abram (1:06:03), was there a love triangle with herself, Laurel, and Nicole on “Invasion” (1:08:10), what she’s doing when not in the Challenge (1:10:12), we play Word Association (1:14:10), and end with the Final 10 (1:17:09).

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