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Podcast #70 – Interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Kristen Baldwin

Now you might think that because this week’s podcast guest, “Entertainment Weekly’s” Kristen Baldwin, is pictured above with Chris Harrison that maybe Chris makes an appearance on this week’s podcast. Uhhhhh, no. But we do talk about him quite a bit, so there’s that. You’ve been reading Kristen’s “Bachelor/ette” recaps on for years, so she’s pretty well versed in talking about this franchise. We cover a lot of things in today’s podcast, including getting her critique at the end of my top 3 shows of all time. Since I’ve been having issues with “tabloids” and their reporting in recent years, most notably when it comes to crediting this site, we get into that a little bit as well. Although what does is completely different than your US Weekly’s, Radar, Star, etc that much more gossip-y than a news site like As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, please include Kristen’s Twitter handle (@KristenGBaldwin) in your replies. Hope you enjoy it…

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(SPOILERS) Kristen joins me to talk about how long she’s been covering the show, Chris Harrison’s role in the franchise (3:58), the show’s thoughts on me and this site (13:14), Jason Mesnick’s season vs Arie’s season (26:44), what her favorite seasons and favorite contestants are (32:46), how ratings have changed over the years for this show and TV in general (38:21), tabloid coverage and crediting sources (41:31), more Chris Harrison talk and if they’d ever not recycle a lead again (51:49), her favorite TV shows, current and past (1:03:21), and Kristen critiques my top 3 shows of all time (1:08:33).

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