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Podcast #80 – Interview with Ashley Spivey & the Final Episode of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Sharleen Joynt

Ahhhh, it’s been a great birthday week. Nothing like a few hatred filled emails filling my inbox just because they don’t like a podcast guest coming up. Yes, today is birthday #43 for me. Yippee. Anyway, Ashley Spivey is my guest today in case you didn’t know by now. She was the center of the firestorm of the Garrett Instagram controversy since it was her tweets and IG story of his screen shots last Friday that were sent to her to which the media picked up on. We talk about how it all came to be, why she did it, how did ABC overlook this, how do you think Becca will handle this (although we’ve seen a bunch of her statements yesterday. We recorded this Tuesday afternoon), and where does she go from here. I think Ashley gives a lot of great insight into everything and explains herself very well in terms of her role of what happened. And for Ashley fans, I’ve got some even better news for you that I address in the beginning of the podcast. As always, if you want to respond to the interview (and I’m sure you will on this one), please include her Twitter handle (@AshleySpivey) in your replies. Ashley has never shied away from responding to people who tweet at her positively or negatively, something she and I couldn’t disagree on more, so feel free to fire away. Hope you enjoy the podcast…

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(SPOILERS) Ashley joins me to talk about the announcement I have to make (5:00), the timeline of how everything happened with the screen shots & how she got involved (9:09), dealing with the internet trolls & how they’re going to handle this (19:08), how this is different than the Lee situation and more easy to overlook (22:56), why she took the stance she did on this (29:21), how would she react right now if she was Becca (40:15), how does she think it plays out (52:41), while recording we get the news of “Roseanne” being cancelled and how it relates to this situation (59:31), and we end with talking about her impressions of the first episode (1:04:44).

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Also, the final episode of the “He Said, She Said” monthly podcast on Stitcher Premium with Sharleen Joynt is up right now at Stitcher Premium. Click on that link, use the Promo Code: STEVE, and you can get the first month free. So with this being the last show, if you haven’t signed up yet, hey, you can get it for free with your first 30 days. Plus, there’s some big news regarding where the show is going from here starting next month, so be sure to listen in. And oh yeah, we discuss my dating life in this final podcast. No calls, just Sharleen and I discussing the difficulties I’ve had over the years and my hesitations towards dating sites and just trusting people in general. Original theme music is provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled “Blink.”

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