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Podcast #80 – Interview with Ashley Spivey & the Final Episode of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Sharleen Joynt

Ahhhh, it’s been a great birthday week. Nothing like a few hatred filled emails filling my inbox just because they don’t like a podcast guest coming up. Yes, today is birthday #43 for me. Yippee. Anyway, Ashley Spivey is my guest today in case you didn’t know by now. She was the center of the firestorm of the Garrett Instagram controversy since it was her tweets and IG story of his screen shots last Friday that were sent to her to which the media picked up on. We talk about how it all came to be, why she did it, how did ABC overlook this, how do you think Becca will handle this (although we’ve seen a bunch of her statements yesterday. We recorded this Tuesday afternoon), and where does she go from here. I think Ashley gives a lot of great insight into everything and explains herself very well in terms of her role of what happened. And for Ashley fans, I’ve got some even better news for you that I address in the beginning of the podcast. As always, if you want to respond to the interview (and I’m sure you will on this one), please include her Twitter handle (@AshleySpivey) in your replies. Ashley has never shied away from responding to people who tweet at her positively or negatively, something she and I couldn’t disagree on more, so feel free to fire away. Hope you enjoy the podcast…

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(SPOILERS) Ashley joins me to talk about the announcement I have to make (5:00), the timeline of how everything happened with the screen shots & how she got involved (9:09), dealing with the internet trolls & how they’re going to handle this (19:08), how this is different than the Lee situation and more easy to overlook (22:56), why she took the stance she did on this (29:21), how would she react right now if she was Becca (40:15), how does she think it plays out (52:41), while recording we get the news of “Roseanne” being cancelled and how it relates to this situation (59:31), and we end with talking about her impressions of the first episode (1:04:44).

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  1. Jamie32114

    June 2, 2018 at 7:42 AM

    I completely agree, I thought some of those memes were funny as well, that doesn’t mean I’m a racist or homophobic!! geez. I feel bad for the guy

  2. upmyalley

    June 2, 2018 at 3:39 PM

    A 40+ year old who relies on his readers for his income probably ought not accuse them of being “part of the problem” if they don’t agree with him and that buttinski witch Ashley. He may find himself out of a paycheck. This dramafest will pass away but Steve’s readers will always remember they were judged. Shame on you RS and shame on Ashley. You both have been acting like bullies.I like funny memes all the time. Big freakin deal.

  3. LynnS

    June 2, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    I completely agree with you and Jamie. I sent an email to Steve two days ago, and he was so dismissive and told me directly that I was part of the problem. It was a professional and respectful email to him, and he treated me horribly.

    His attitude has always been that if we don’t like what he says, we can go away. Of course we know we can leave his site, but he just doesn’t get that for every negative comment to him represents many, many others with the same thoughts about him but just have chosen not to write in. In other words, it’s not just the 50+ comments on this blog; there are many more silent readers who feel the same way.

    I believe it’s his immaturity that causes him to act this way. I mean, look at his favorite singers and movies/tv shows. It screams of his life back in his teenage years.

    I would also never listen to Steve and Ashley talk about relationships. Ashley is not at all bright (I have examples of this). His Dr. Reality Steve advice on relationships were laughable, and it’s because of his lack of experience in real-life issues. I have been reading his blogs for many years, and I shake my head at some of the things he says. His immaturity shows through so clearly. I know this is a very silly example, but he still uses words like ‘wanna’ and ‘gonna’ at 43 years of age.

    My biggest complaint about Steve is telling us that we are the problem if we don’t believe the way he does. And now with him latching onto Ashley, I can’t see him growing up and acting like an adult.

    Last thing: Why in the hell did Ashely not send Becca a private message instead of blasting it out to everyone? Because of money and her definition of fame, that’s why.

  4. vessel

    June 2, 2018 at 7:51 PM

    “I have been reading his blogs for many years”………

    So Lynn S, you email complaints to Steve, rip him (and Ashley) apart on here, but then also say you have been reading him for many years??? Hello? YOU just proved in your own post that he need not ever worry about appeasing his readers, or retracting anything he writes! Nor should he ever give a rat’s ass about what his readers think about his opinion, and using his own forum to express it.

    He obviously has a very large (and growing) following, and even among people who often disagree with him like yourself, you admit that you keep coming back for more of him. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always agree with him, or think he’s particularly brilliant, either. But c’mon! Your post basically sounds like all the whiners who complain “If _______ is the next Bachelor/ette you have lost a viewer here!” then every week they continue watching every single minute of the show anyway.

    Bottom line is if you loathe Steve and his opinions and “immaturity” etc. Then don’t keep reading his blog. Or do so in secret at least. But complaining about him and then admitting you keep coming back for more is just embarrassing.

  5. lane

    June 2, 2018 at 8:23 PM

    I don’t agree with what Garrett did but I don’t necessarily think it means he’s a terrible person. We don’t know enough about him to make that judgement. What really annoys me is Ashley Spivey. Making such a huge deal about this because she feels Becca needs to know. If that was REALLY true, she would have contacted Becca privately. This is being done to create controversy to increase traffic to her social media. She’s found a way to make money off all this. She is being very disingenuous. I guess Steve jumped into this with her because of their new podcast. I definitely will not be listening.

  6. lucyw4

    June 2, 2018 at 10:34 PM

    I respectfully disagree with rob. Hitting “like” without thinking is what you do on friend’s inane posts.
    On stranger’s posts/shares, there’s zero obligation, no reason to “like” it or support it, unless you want to because you’re moved, entertained, inspired by, impressed with, in awe of, or in agreement with, what’s in front of you.

    Where there was zero thought for him was in any repercussions coming from it.

  7. tinyred500

    June 3, 2018 at 12:10 AM

    Reply to LynnS.

    So many people have said why didn’t Ashley let Becca know privately (including me). All we know is Ashley said she wanted to give Becca the heads up….

    What’s not been ‘asked’ by Steve or anyone (as far as I know), why didn’t Ashley contact Beeca privately first, and why not (because surely she had no motive whatsoever to go public)? Wouldn’t contacting Becca privately first be showing humility? Not doing the private route doesn’t appear to raise any eyebrows with Ashley’s supporters as far as I can see. If she didn’t bother to contact Becca, I agree with many others she had an agenda, and as you state LynnS a financial incentive. That’s just appalling and nothing to be proud of. How on earth can this be morally right, how can anyone see this as being morally ethical.

    I also agree with your other points LynnS.

  8. tinyred500

    June 3, 2018 at 12:42 AM

    Memes are supposed be satirical and funny I agree.

  9. LynnS

    June 3, 2018 at 1:19 AM

    Vessel – You really didn’t get my main point. I feel his immaturity and bad relationship advice is laughable. But it was never to the point that I would stop reading his blog. He never crossed the line with me before. I clearly said that I shake my head at some of the things he’s said. But now he has by telling me that I am the problem because I don’t believe the same way that he does. And many others feel the same way. Do you honestly want someone to tell you that if you don’t agree with them, that you’re a problem?

    If you’re going to go up against me regarding what I said, then at least get it right. I never said that I loathe Steve. I said he was laughable, immature and bad at business. And I never said anything like, if _____ is the new lead, I’m going to stop watching. I truly believe that if Steve ever gets a serious competitor, a good many of his readers will switch over. Most business owners realize that they need to be respectful to their customers/clients, etc. He’s never crossed the line before (in my opinion); but he has now by telling us that we’re “the problem.”

    Nothing I have done is embarrassing. I never said that I complained about him before yet kept coming back for more. Don’t lump me in with some others who say they’re never coming back but then do. I have disagreed with him sometimes (not often like you said), but I have always chalked it up to his immaturity and I said I found it laughable. I am complaining now – this moment – because I will not be disrespected by him in a personal email where I was professional and respectful to him.

    My apologies to others who might read this. This site is so terrible when it comes to writing comments, so it’s probably a bit disjointed. Yes, Vessel, I realize that I just complained.

  10. realitynyc12

    June 3, 2018 at 10:10 AM

    Oh boy. Where do I start. I’m one of the ones that have been reading this site since I think Jake’s season and I have never felt compelled to actually go through the trouble of registering and commenting… until now. In fact, as I read all the comments from the past 3 posts, I sat there ruminating on whether or not it was even the best course of action but then just some of the stuff that’s trending in the news these days is triggering enough to where I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.
    Yep, we sure are a divided nation but a big part of that divisiveness is that smart educated, seemingly clear thinking people are turning questions of basic moral decency into a left vs right
    and then quickly shove it all under the rug and say they don’t want this to be about politics. Oh and let’s not forget that people are feeling bullied and disrespected about their right to support hateful rhetoric, that’s my absolute favorite. Because sure, leftist snowflakes are being so sensitive about everything, they need to be more tolerant about other people’s intolerance, come on now. Yes, why don’t we all be a little more tolerant of memes that promote xenophobia, homo and trans- phobia, racism and of course something near and dear to every alt- rights heart, the ridiculous and dangerous conspiracy theories to explain anything that is unexplainable on any basic human level, such as children and teens dying in our classrooms practically on a monthly basis now. Yes, not all memes are created equal, some of the ones in question appear more harmless than others (crude and in bad taste sure but there are just as many crude and in bad taste memes about Trump & conservative agenda as well, to be fair) however, make no mistake, liking disgusting ideologies about teenage mass shooting survivors and patents of 6 year olds murdered at Sandy Hook being crisis actors is the lowest of the low. No, this is not a “difference of political beliefs” this is not a matter of opinion. It is WRONG and anyone who adds a like to something like that (which in whichever way adds validity to this, whether he thought it was just funny or whether he supports it) should absolutely be brought to the forefront and that person’s moral character should be questioned.

    That being said, do I agree with internet trolls spamming these peoples Instagram accts with hate and accusations before we heard from this guy? Absolutely not. Do i think Ashley should have not perhaps first gave Becca a heads up privately about it if her main goal truly was to look out for her and not to promote herself in whatever capacity ? Absolutely. I do agree with those opinions here. But the vitriol spouted towards her is also a bit over the top, let’s be honest here. She may be a bit too self righteous but calling her a “feminazi” because she has thrown her support behind the #metoo movement? Which by the way, not to get off topic, is not merely a product of snowflake liberals. When I see other women dismiss this, just because they equate it with liberal agenda, it is an especially tough pill to swallow because i know we all, liberal and conservative women want to exist in a world where we are not made to feel unsafe, uncomfortable and like an object by men. And I know when #metoo first came about and women were sharing their stories on social media, it was everyone, regardless of their political beliefs that had some sort of a #metoo incident throughout their lives, some worse than others but we all had unpleasant experiences, and that’s what is at the root of the #metoo movement, it is not rabid man-hating women crying rape and getting every guy in trouble that looks at a female the wrong way.

    I know so many have taken issue with Steve saying that if you don’t get why this is important, you’re part of the problem. Well, you know what, I realized that can only be true if you consider some of what’s been happening in this country in the last few years a problem. But hey, if you don’t see the racial issues, the intolerance and bigotry towards immigrants and really, anyone who doesn’t look, live, love, have same religious beliefs as you, the list goes on, as a problem at all, then by all means feel free to say you’re part of the solution, not the problem.

    I challenge anyone here to explain to me in much more detail than what I’ve read here so far, why it’s not a big deal to put your support on social media behind anything that promotes hate, intolerance and dangerous and false conspiracy theories. whether you’re a political figure or a contestant on a silly but highly popular reality tv show. Please educate me on why this doesn’t matter, I am more than willing to listen and try to see your side of it. But please save anything resembling “who are you to tell us what’s morally right and wrong and why do liberals feel they are in charge of what’s decent” because if that’s ones argument, then one might as well just come out and openly introduce oneself as a bigot and conspiracy theorist and we can all save ourselves some time here. Because as mentioned there are issues here that aren’t a matter of political beliefs, there’s no gray area, it’s a matter of not turning off your conscience and core values of not hating people. Its a slippery slope from everyone having a free for all with hateful internet memes to actually openly hating minorities and marginalized groups, giving it an actual voice and doing something about it to oppress these groups. This is why when white nationalists and Nazis marched in Charlottesville, whoever didn’t immediately condemn it and say there’s no place for it in our country, is again, part of the same problem.(are you going to tell me ppl with torches calling for killing of Jews is also a gray area and a right vs left issue?) We need to be able to stand up and denounce hate and bigotry in any form it appears in public eye, because otherwise what’s left? The dystopian society of all-white Evangelical Christians? If that’s your idea of utopia, then just admit it and be honest with yourself. The rest of us still want values this country was founded on.

    Stepping off my soap box now.

  11. tinyred500

    June 3, 2018 at 12:16 PM

    Your comment would be a great starting point for a political science debate. 🙂

    I did just want to add, that there are foreign nationals who comment and follow Steve, and I’d assume that was the same for both his and Ashley’s Twitter pages. Because of the multi-cultural comment’s base, not all the comments/tweets would be coming from an American perspective, and with some, perhaps even all of the subjects (covered with this whole saga), it could/would make a difference.

  12. vessel

    June 3, 2018 at 1:00 PM

    Don’t step off of your soap box for too long, realitynyc. Your points are excellent, and I hope most people not commenting here would agree with you. Extremely well put thoughts!

    I don’t live in the United States anymore, but I used to live and work in Sandy Hook, and I attended several of those funerals myself as my oldest friend in life taught at that school. Maybe that’s partially why I feel so strongly about not writing off as “just a joke” some of the things Garrett liked. It’s not just a matter of it not being a joke at all, and not at all funny, Putting a stamp of approval on hatred (especially publicly, which basically says you are proud to take that position) cannot be viewed as anything less than very problematic and worrisome. And yes, it speaks volumes about his true character. I don’t know why Ashley says she’s not judging him, I sure am.

    His hollow apology was necessary, obviously, given his newfound position as a public figure if you will…but he’s certainly not interested in being “educated” at this stage of life. The only honestly I got from his words was that he did not know what he was in for, and never considered that showing his true colors on social media would turn around and bite him in the ass down the road.

  13. nitejen

    June 3, 2018 at 2:48 PM

    I find it interesting that soo many are upset at some average Joe liking these hateful photos, which many ppl are offended, and I get that, completely get that, but what I don’t get is seeing anyone trying to find the source of the person that actually created or originally posted these photos so they can get them deleted. Not one person, especially Ashely since she is the one bringing it to public attention. I don’t care who liked them, I care about who MADE them and posted them for ppl TOO like, comment, feed their egos. These photos would not have been available to “LIKE” if they never existed. Go after that person, the real source of hate. This is the person Steve, Ashely and anyone else should be having a problem with, yet its never mentioned who made them, only one singled out of probably many that liked them.

  14. GoingBlonde

    June 3, 2018 at 2:52 PM

    Steve has gotten very arrogant. He made a comment at the beginning of this podcast that he wasn’t worried about the number of listeners or something to that effect. He seems to think nothing can touch him. Maybe at some point, it will hit him where it hurts and he’ll figure it out.

  15. vessel

    June 3, 2018 at 3:24 PM

    I think the only thing that will hit Steve where it hurts is the the Bachelor/ette getting canceled. Hell, even then he has such a following at this point he might possibly be able to parlay his success into covering something else.

    Like him or hate him, I find it hard not to admire someone who was able to take something as ridiculous as this TV show and turn it into a 5 figure income where he’s the boss and works at home.

  16. realitynyc12

    June 3, 2018 at 5:28 PM

    Thanks, vessel. And it must’ve been so hard to be at Sandy Hook and even attend those funerals, can’t imagine. I watched a few documentaries about Sandy hook and was sobbing my eyes out.
    How long ago did you leave the US? To be perfectly honest, these days I feel small twinges of envy towards people who live elsewhere, this country is not exactly the easiest place to live right now….

    Btw, can you send me a link to anything online referencing Garrett’s applogy? I saw it mentioned on here a few times but haven’t come across anything online about it. Maybe I should try googling it, am curious exactly at what the exact nature of his apology was

  17. realitynyc12

    June 3, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    nitejen, i understand where you’re coming from but here’s the issue, unless Instagram sets some very specific rules about the allowed content, there’s not a whole lot anyone can do about all these memes. There is a whole slew of messed up people out there with nothing better to do than create memes promoting hate and all sorts of disgusting rhetoric. There are unfortunately hundreds of these, everyone ranging from full on alt- righters to just folks who only hate a certain group or pro NRA nutsos spinning conspiracy theories. How exactly does one scrub the internet of all this scum? It’s impossible. And I’m afraid to say in many of these cases, as much as it may offend ppl, it is their first amendment right to express their beliefs. They’re not one individual whose name ppl know, like Garrett is, they are just a bunch of nameless faceless trolls. In a perfect world, I think it’s a valiant effort to get a lot of these type of content deleted and even get their accts suspended, I just don’t think it’s realistically possible.
    Heck, Alex Jones, that fit-for-a straightjacket excuse for a human loudspeaker, has his own radio show and despite spouting certifiably insane stuff on there and promoting very bigoted ideology, he hasn’t been taken off the air yet. So what’s to say about an army of anonymous folks out there posting these memes?

  18. realitynyc12

    June 3, 2018 at 6:02 PM

    Nevermind, found it:

    Hmm, I gotta say, that’s about as good of an apology as he can present right now under the circumstances… Becca’s statements, on the other hand, has left me scratching my head. I know she can’t say too much or appear too defensive but WTF was that? Anyone else feels this was a worse response from her than if she didn’t address it at all?

  19. vessel

    June 3, 2018 at 7:16 PM

    I absolutely think Becca shouldn’t have said anything at all. Now she just comes off as not very bright. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion everywhere, not just in the USA! It’s merely what you think, and it has nothing to do with being in the U.S. The right to express it, I assume, is what she means. Garrett isn’t more immune to judgment when he approves hateful things publicly than anyone else would be, anywhere, who is (however briefly) in the public eye. I think her response was weak and dopey and probably not at all what she really feels, going by the supposed point of view she claims to have on many issues.

    Realitynyc-I left the States 10 years ago and moved to Canada, and couldn’t be happier to have left it behind. As the saying goes, it’s a nice place to visit, but…….

    My mother still lives in Newtown, CT, however. She and some neighbors actually hosted several reporters in their homes after the shootings happened because there was no where for all of the media to stay. It is still a dreadfully sad place to be to this day. Not to sound too dramatic, but it feels almost haunted.

  20. katieottawa

    June 4, 2018 at 2:28 AM

    to the couple of people above

    you guys need to fcking chill seriously and stop being so damn hysterical, sensitive, extreme and keep over exaggerating and using the word hate and hatred all of the time to describe everything from sarcasm, disagreeing, criticism, or dislike. Hatred is the most extreme word one can use and is a strong feeling of aversion deep in its core. There is a wide range of how one can feel with hate being at the farthest extreme end. That is why you guys lose all credibility. You are so worked up over the most inane things everything ends up being hate or hate-filled and with the metoo a mere flirting action is being amplified into misconduct and assault.

    DISAGREEING with someone or their ideas is NOT hatred. A meme is NOT hatred. A joke is NOT hatred. A tweet is not bathed in hatred. The vast MAJORITY of people dont hate gays, immigrants, trans, other races. Only a small percentage actually have extreme aversions which usually follows with inciting to violence or actual violence. The majority just may simply disagree, take issues with certain aspects but who the f are you to say what people you dont know are feeling and whether their concerns, opinions or feelings are wrong?? who made you pope and made you the moral compass on what constitutes if something is justified or not?? just because it doesnt seem acceptable to you doesnt mean others dont see it that way. Most things are SUBJECTIVE and like the saying goes you can argue both sides of a coin. Are we going to keep censoring ourselves to bow down to all peoples sensibilities, for fear of offending anyone, including people who seem to get off on being offending over the most ridiculous fluffy stuff, because if you think you can please everyone and not offend anyone its impossible. Usually the person that sees issues with everything is usually the one with the problem anyways

    This is totally political. Ever since trump won and you didnt get what you wanted, you got emotionally triggered, cant and wont accept it and will spend the next 4 years throwing tantrums disguised as “social justice” to protest every single thing with this sense of self righteousness that you are right and everyone else who thinks different is wrong and the media everyday is making you more hysterical about it. they are creating and feeding this hysteria that is making people overreact and trying to silence and suppress peoples free speech at every turn by coming up with extreme words like xenophobe, racist and bigot as a way to show moral superiority. And you are all biased hypocritical anyways. There is a total double standard. You are quick to point the finger when its someone with different political views but tend to excuse, overlook when someone from your “camp” does something inappropriate.

    If gays, blacks, trans, immigrants want to be treated equally and not different than why should we not be allowed to make jokes about them? Why should they get an exemption from being made fun of? That is what being treated equally means, everyone being fair game.

    Again to see the level of vitriol, bashing and shaming being sent this guys way over such inane stuff, for a bunch of people who supposedly preach tolerance, understanding and kindness you sure dont do as you preach. Your reaction to it was much worse than anything this guy did initially and you should take a long hard look at yourselves before pointing the finger his way. He just liked something he didnt bully, intimidate or shame anyone directly unlike all of you. Also you say people shouldnt judge gays, trans and immigrants yet you judged this guy over a few likes. Also you essentially shame him and force him into apologizing only to then openly say it wont change your opinion of him..??? again so much for being accepting of others.

    and her commenting on it wasnt up to you guys “standards”?? wtf??? whos dating him?? you or her???

    if shes fine with him, respect her decision and opinion and shut the f up.

  21. liamsmom810

    June 4, 2018 at 3:50 AM

    Didn’t we all hate Arie for not doing things in private?

  22. sc07

    June 4, 2018 at 4:18 AM

    Just my opinion but I totally agree with you and Steve is just like any other liberal. They think if you don’t agree or believe exactly like them, you’re intolerant or as Steve keeps saying “you’re part of the problem”. When in fact it’s the other way around. Just look at all the destruction that occurred during the liberals “peaceful protests”. I don’t ever remember conservatives behaving this way. Steve has always spoken to his readers in a condescending way and his blog entries have always had an immature tone to them. He says he’s just poking fun at the show and people who go on the show but how is he any better when he calls people names for no real reason besides being an asshole.
    The readers and this show is what is feeding the man. The last couple of seasons he’s not been getting or giving the spoilers like he use to. Says he want to hold on to certain information until he feels he needs to let us know but I think he’s having a harder time getting it. At least this season he was honest about not having the winner then TMZ got it first, I don’t care how much he says it didn’t bother him, since he got a lot of traffic on his site, but a man as prideful and boastful as Steve is, it had to hurt. Hell he thinks so much of himself he’s going on “tour” this summer. LOL
    It’s pathetic how he’s been begging for Dr. Reality Steve emails, having to beg for them should be an indication that you give out crap advice and just move on from Dr. Reality Steve. He’d be the last person I’d go to for advice on a serious relationship issue. According to him he doesn’t even like the show but if you weren’t watching how did you start recapping.
    I will say I enjoy most of the podcasts though I’m surprised he’s able to get guests with the way he has talked about the show and the contestants on it. One more thing I know he said he doesn’t read the comments but a man as arrogant as him probably does, so Steve please proofread your posts or hire an editor, not a good look that someone writes for a living and posts, post after post with misspellings and grammatical errors. I may have a few mistakes myself but I don’t make my money blogging.

  23. nitejen

    June 4, 2018 at 4:36 AM

    katieottawa’s post should be at the top of the page. Every word written is all true. The over sensitives just don’t want to hear it.

  24. sc07

    June 4, 2018 at 4:40 AM

    Lynn S as I already said above, I totally agree with you. I didn’t like that he said in a blog post that if we disagree with him we’re part of the promblem. I’m sure whoever it was that made that comment to you is a liberal and one of the people who email him and start it off with Steve’s praises. Sometimes it just makes me sick how readers praise him for everything he does, you’d think he was saving lives with all their praises. People he’s doing his damn job. Do you praise your mailman for getting your mail to you everyday? No, I didn’t think so, so stop acting like Steve is saving the world and does all this hard work for us. He does it because he’s getting paid and as much as he said he hates the show, he has to enjoy somewhat or he wouldn’t still be doing it, unless he can’t get a job anywhere else since he seems to be such a joy.

    But like you LynnS if someone else started spoiling the show I’d be one of the first to jump ship. If I didn’t enjoy spoilers, I wouldn’t still be here and I’ve just been reading spoilers since Kaitlyn’s season. It doesn’t take long to see how rude, condescending, and how little he truly cares and appreciates his readers.

  25. nitejen

    June 4, 2018 at 5:30 AM

    I can’t believe I’m still commenting on this blog. This will be my last comment because I have said my peace. Steve said he doesn’t read the comment section, but I think that is sad. These are your followers and you should at least respect them to take the time to read what they write. They may even suggest ways to improve your website. I will write this as if Steve is reading. I just wanted to add I have been a follower of Steve’s website for many many years, but not a big commenter. I came to this blog as my escape route from the hard days to unwind, relax, and laugh at Steve’s recaps. I even supported him during his lawsuit, and tried to donate the small amount I could afford because I believed he was innocent in his spoilers and provided a service that made many ppl happy, just like me. I cried with him when his dog died and emailed my condolences and how he motivated me to adopt my own dogs that were on the euthanization list. I thank him for that because I’d give my life for my dogs. I still feel sad when I think about his old video chat days where he had Maddie on and ppl just loved her. So the way he just disconnected himself from his readers really felt like a stab in the heart. When you spend years and years reading someone else’s words, you do form an attachment and feel almost as if you know that person. Recently he appears to have changed and I don’t believe for the good. At first I thought he was going to disagree with Ashley about Garrett, but then after having her on his podcast he just took a total 90 degree turn. All of a sudden he’s insulting readers and saying ppl who disagree with him and the almighty Ashley are the problem. The problem is the world Steve, the problem is poverty, homelessness, hate, crimes. Worse things then liking a picture. The problem is ppl like Ashley trying to save the world, or EDUCATE as she puts it to ppl who do not want or ask to be educated. Are you going to educate a serial killer? Look them in the face and they will blow you away in a heartbeat. These are adults that do not want to be educated, so stop trying to justify why you decided to ruin a mans life because he is well known from a silly bachelor show and it would gain you many many more followers and put your name out there again. Win win for the both of you really. I don’t know Ashely any more then she knows Garrett, but she has put herself out there on Twitter, so of course allowing herself to be judged. She was the whole start of all of this so this is why I am addressing her. Some ppl just want to be glorified and right all the time. This is the personality of Ashley from her twitter. When Garrett made a statement, her comment was, and I am quoting from her own twitter words, ” Eagerly awaiting my apology from all the jerks on @RealitySteve’s site today. ” That arrogant comment says it all. Apology for what??? Did she think because Garrett had no choice but to make a statement that meant she was right all along and all those who OPPOSED her beliefs should be groveling back to her for an apology. I DON’T THINK SO ASHELY. This is arrogance at its best. I don’t need to say anything else. Sorry Steve you couldn’t keep an open mind like you stated you would. There will always be 2 sides to every story, and most times, it comes down to what is morally right or wrong. People believe Ashley went about this the wrong way and could have avoided all these divided arguments. Morally it was not your place no matter what your beliefs. Enough said and back on with my life.

  26. pdxkg

    June 4, 2018 at 6:53 AM

    I seem to be the only one who thinks it is suspicious that Ashley gets sent this infotmation by an “anonymous” account. Why anonymous and why just Ashley? The sender had to know how Ashley would react. The Bachelor franchise no longer gets publicity for their crazy contestants, but as shown last season politically incorrect, racist contestants do get a lot of publicity for the show. Previous contestants have talked about prodcers going through their social media with a fine toothed comb. Just a theory but perhaps the bachelor franchise knew about these posts and in my opinion are using this to stir controversy and hopefully raise viewership.

  27. cc2219

    June 4, 2018 at 9:00 AM

    It’s hard for me to say this as I’ve clicked on this page probably every day for YEARS – but I’m out completely. I came here to be entertained and have a vacation from political fighting and hard news…this is all ruined for me now, being told I’m part of the problem. I’m kind of glad as I needed a reason to push me back to being spoiler free. What arrogance, Steve, and what hatred, Ashley, for dealing with this in public. There is no excuse for it. I’m moving out and on and have already unsubscribed from his podcast.

  28. angelica

    June 4, 2018 at 12:11 PM

    I have to say, she is so judgemental and think she needs to SAVE Becca from this “horrible” person that happens she doesn´t know at all it?s hateful aswell. Im really dissapointed with this podcast, superficial and not very useful and knowing the are doing another one together…

  29. upmyalley

    June 4, 2018 at 4:04 PM

    I have read many of your posts and from what I see, you are very much like Ashley, a $hit stirrer and antagonist. Can you not refrain from judging everyone elses comments?

  30. upmyalley

    June 4, 2018 at 4:09 PM

    That comment was for judgey Vessel btw.

  31. upmyalley

    June 4, 2018 at 4:44 PM

    Amen, preach! I’m curious as to how Vessel thinks she knows how much money Stevo earns…. Here’s a conspiracy theory for you… maybe Stevo sent her, who seems to “hate” America enough to go to Canada, to do his bidding. Bwahaha! Let’s just all move on. Sheesh! I don’t give a rats ass what Garrett liked. Why does anyone else really? Of course I can understand why Ashley and Stevo care, there’s $$$ to be made. Why make such a big deal over other people’s choices that don’t affect your life and that you can’t do a damn thing about? Take all that wasted energy and put it to good use elsewhere. And finally, people just need to mind their own business!

  32. vessel

    June 5, 2018 at 7:23 AM

    I moved away because I “hate America so much”? And I am on Stevo’s (Stevo?) payroll?

    Yeah, okay, upmyalley. You sound super rational. And yes, I am judging your posts. You sound ridiculous and in need of an explanation as to what a “comments section” is intended for: People to voice their thoughts and opinions, no more no less. If someone’s differ from yours they are being paid to share them here? Oh, brother…

  33. bahamameems

    June 5, 2018 at 3:15 PM

    And what about the source of who sent the stuff to Ashley Spivey? Who was trying to take down Garrett in the first place?

  34. taxionna

    June 5, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    The butt-hurt “conservatives” on this post screaming on the internet about the “alt-left” are absolutely hilarious. Keep doing you, Steve. Can’t wait for your podcast with Ashley!

  35. SeaDub

    June 7, 2018 at 7:04 AM

    Bravo Steve.

    Left or right or middle – we all know wrong and creating, laughing at, liking and / or supporting a photo of a child being thrown over a wall is wrong. All decent human beings know this. Do not let politics cloud that over. And bravo to Ashley Spivey for bringing it to our attention.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” – Edmund Burke.

    And I remind or inform you that the rise of Nazism came from cartoons about Jews.

  36. realitynyc12

    June 8, 2018 at 5:58 PM

    100% agree, right on!! I wasn’t going to bring up Nazism but that was for sure in the back of my mind with the cartoons ridiculing the Jews.
    (And being Jewish myself, all this eroding compassion/ humanity and spectrum of what’s acceptable and the writing it off with “don’t be hysterical and easily offended” hits a tad too close to home, we want to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself)
    That quote is beautiful, so on the nose.

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