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Podcast #114 – Interview with “Reality Life’s” Kate Casey & “Dr. Reality Steve”

Been a while since I had a podcast with more than one guest. Actually, did I ever do one with two? I can’t even remember. Anyway, for the next couple months, that’s how it’ll be. We’ll have a regular podcast guest every week and then Kaci Campbell from “Temptation Island” will be on at the end to recap that week’s episode. Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” podcast is up first and we dive into her career, how she got started, her family of 5 kids, her thoughts on Colton’s season and much, much more. We also touch on how she helped with Arie’s season based on information she received. I’ve been on Kate’s podcast in the past, so it was time I invited her on mine. Then Kaci comes on to discuss the happenings in this past Tuesday’s episode of “Temptation Island” as the couples went on their first dates. Why’d she choose who she chose, did others want him, did Evan piss her off this week, and most importantly…what color is her hair? As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Kate’s Twitter handle (@KateCasey) in your replies. Fun times this week. Hope you enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Kate joins me to talk about how she helped me the Arie’s season at the end of last year (6:36), her background and how she got started on her podcast (9:30), her stand up career (24:51),
her favorite shows to cover (31:06), her thoughts on Colton’s season (39:33), and we end with a shorter Final 10 (48:38). Then Kaci Campbell from “Temptation Island” joins us for a recap of episode #2 (55:06).

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Dr. Reality Steve

I’m currently living in a city I have no particular fondness for: it’s expensive and bereft of my closest friends who are all on the opposite coast (also, this should be unrelated but I have lingering unease due to a relationship that ended in a rather disastrous Korean drama fashion. Very glad it ended.) I’m staying for a couple reasons: grow career at my moderately good firm where I’m positioned to learn about the healthcare industry (I’m a healthcare actuarial consultant). Half is work related and half is own research. And second reason is that I moved just over a year ago and I’d feel guilty to leave so soon after purchasing yet again another set of furniture (I moved 4 times in university for internships and twice for full time work so next move will be the 7th set).

I know where my next step is, the city where I’m closer to friends, enjoy the lifestyle, and a job that can keep me engaged 100% instead of 50%. I feel like I’ll be ready to go in a few months. Yet everyday I feel this anxious pressure to hurry up and go as if I’m wasting time here, even though logically I’m not done yet (still more to learn from my current job). My personality is rather perfectionist so I’m a frequent flyer of chasing after the next goal. However this year I’m trying to enjoy and appreciate the smaller things, and not be so selfish.

That said it’s harder to execute even though I know the theory. Have you encountered a similar feeling? I’d appreciate any thoughts you have.

Comment: I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered anything similar, but considering how much you’ve moved, I can see why you’re feeling like you are. However, in how you explained your job, it sounds like moving just to move right now and to be closer to friends wouldn’t be the smartest thing for you professionally. You said yourself you see your next step already, but I think you’re fine doing that once you get through what you need to get through at this current job. Definitely appreciate the smaller things now because as you get older, you’ll realize how important they are. I know it’s probably hard to see the forest through the trees right now, but it’ll be worth it in the end. You know where you want to be, and that’s great, but enjoy what you have now. Learn what you need to learn on your current job, then move on when you feel it’s best. Good luck.

Dr. Reality Steve,

I got engaged (hooray! You owe us cleaning supplies) and am really excited about starting the future with my fiancé. However, we both want a small wedding. Because of mothers and mother in laws and annoying people, our intimate wedding has turned into a guest list of 115 people. We’re grateful that my dad is in a position to be footing the bill for our wedding, but none of this is what we want. Even so far as both moms shutting down our venue wants, date wants, bridal party wants. Any tips on how to tackle the next year of our lives BESIDES eloping in Vegas?

Comment: Ahhhh, this email was on a “He Said, She Said” podcast with Sharleen about her dude that wouldn’t clean. Glad you guys were able to get past that. Congrats on the engagement. Sounds like you’re dealing with a bigger dilemma now than laundry not being done. So when you’ve told them you don’t want something that big, what has their response been? Just telling you no, you’re gonna invite this person and this person, etc? That’s rough. If the moms are already getting that involved, and if they’re not opening to listening to you and your fiance’s wants and needs when i it comes to this wedding and will in no way compromise, then it really sounds like you have two choices: elope or go along with what they say.

If neither of those is what makes you happy, then a major conversation needs to take place where everyone is sat down and you explain to them it’s your day and it’s what you want. You understand and appreciate they are willing to foot the bill, but your day isn’t about that. If they can’t understand that and respect your wishes, then your hand is being forced and you might end up biting the bullet just to please them. They should be more understanding to what you want since, you know, it is YOUR wedding after all. I wish you luck, but unless they relent and back off, sounds like this could be a headache moving forward. Again, good luck with this and let us know what ultimately happens.

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