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Podcast #116 – Interview with Kristen Baldwin from “Entertainment Weekly”

Diving into some “Bachelor” talk this week with TV critic at “Entertainment Weekly,” Kristen Baldwin. Been almost a full year since Kristen’s been on so figured I’d have her on midway through Colton’s season to discuss everything we’ve seen up to this point and what’s to come. And you’ve been warned now, you’ll be warned in the open of the podcast and again right before I start talking to Kristen, we will be talking spoilers this episode. So be prepared. If you don’t wanna know what’s happening this season in the next few episodes, then this may not be the podcast for you. Just saying. Kristen visited the set on night 1 and interviewed some of the head honchos with the show, so we talk about that a little bit as well. One thing to keep in mind, is we recorded this Tuesday afternoon before Cassie and Caelan had addressed their “Young Once” situation on Instagram the last couple days, in addition to, the “Bachelor” remaining TV schedule is discussed before we knew how everything was gonna set up the rest of the season. So don’t be confused by that. As always, if you’d like to respond to today’s podcast, please include Kristen’s Twitter handle (@KristenGBaldwin) in your replies. And of course, at the end of the podcast, Kaci Campbell from “Temptation Island” joins to recap Tuesday’s episode 4 that saw her dealing with boyfriend Evan’s connection that’s growing with Morgan. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) Kristen joins me as she gives her overall thoughts on Colton thus far (7:07), does she have any favorites amongst the women (11:42), her thoughts on Demi (14:26), women not getting a lot of airtime this season (17:08), the Onyeka/Nicole fight (30:21), Onyeka getting bullied online after Monday (36:22), Caelynn’s story last week (40:27), contestants knowing each other this season (45:12), “Bachelorette” talk (51:07), the Cassie situation (although this was discussed before Cassie and her ex addressed it on IG this week) (58:46), and other shows she’s watching/covering (1:15:02). Then Kaci Campbell from “Temptation Island” joins us to recap episode 4 and the emotions she went through seeing Evan and Morgan get closer (1:22:07).

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EW: A Tussle in Thailand

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