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Podcast #118 – Interview with Evan Smith & Kaci Campbell of “Temptation Island” (Separately)

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Certainly one of the podcasts I’m guessing most fans of “Temptation Island” are looking forward to hearing. All season we’ve had Kaci Campbell on to recap that week’s episode, but for a few weeks now, I knew episode 6 was gonna be the game changer. We’d seen Evan and Morgan starting to develop feelings, then eventually kiss two weeks ago, then get really close to having sex last week, and then, well, you saw what happened on Tuesday. They finally went through with it. Then Kaci refused to watch at bonfire and stormed off. All of that is covered in this week’s podcast as Evan joins me first to talk about his mindset going into the show, how the relationship with Morgan developed to the point it did, what we’re not being shown, and does he feel remorse for what happened. Then Kaci will join me to talk about the events of episode 6, and I will fill her in on some of the things Evan said in his podcast and get her reaction to that. I don’t expect many of you to agree with what Evan did on the show, I certainly don’t, but he wanted to explain his actions to everyone and I was no doubt gonna let him do it. My impression is Evan is a good guy at heart who makes some really bad decisions. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Evan and Kaci’s Twitter handles (@EvanSmith22, @Kaci_Breanne) in your replies. I get that a lot of you are upset with Evan, but if you’re going to reply, no need to resort to name calling and hate. It’s pointless. Enjoy the podcast…

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Evan joins me to talk about where he and Kaci were at in their relationship when the show started (6:08), his last time with Kaci before they were separated on the island (10:43), women fighting over him (12:07), any part of him that didn’t want to do the show (19:21), embarrassing Kaci by his actions (21:42), having more than a physical attraction to Morgan (24:34), having sex with Morgan (27:06), he and Morgan falling in love (30:11), the “once a cheater, always a cheater” comment (35:07), thoughts on the other couples and the bonds form (39:57), and his reaction to watching Kaci choosing not to watch his bonfire clip last episode (44:33). Then Kaci joins me to talk about episode 6 and react to some of what Evan said (53:49).

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