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“Reader Emails,” & Production’s Role in Luke’s Return

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Hi Steve,

Long time reader, from a very small country in Central America, called El Salvador ( fun fact: Whitney Fransawy’s ex boyfriend is from El Salvador).

Quick question: why didn’t you address on your column Hannah’s “ apology to Bachelor Nation?

I think she behaved ridiculous and very immature. It’s not as if someone forced her to keep Luke, she was the one who kept him, even after all the guys warned her. She doesn’t get to play the victim. I’m sorry but she doesn’t. She was awful last night. I’m not defending Luke, he made tons of mistakes, but bullying someone is not a good look, specially on The Bachelorette.

Comment: I’m confused by this. Huh? She wasn’t the victim of Luke’s behavior this season? Then who was? I think her apology was a bit tongue in cheek, kinda like, “Hey everyone…I know this was the Luke show this season. Sorry for keeping him around so long.”

Hey Steve,

I never thought I would be that person who watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette, but here I am, engrossed in the drama both this season and last. I watched the highlights of the MTA and honestly don’t know how I feel about Hannah handling the whole Luke P. situation. Maybe I’m mistaken but not once during the season do we see her refer to her relationship with him as toxic, she only starts doing that now that taping is over during the MTA and online. It seems like she’s jumping on the hate bandwagon for him slapping a label on it based off what everyone is saying in her instagram comments, while also suddenly being a champion for women who have been in abusive relationships. Idk, it just makes me feel gross.
(Side note, she was the one who kept him around to the final four… And if I was someone who made it that far I feel like it’s 1000000% okay to ask about previous sexual partners, even if they were just a few days prior…) Again, the issue of sex before marriage he had every right to ask. I had no problem with that. It’s the way he went about it, how he comes across, and how the guy couldn’t take a clue that caused her to go off.

Okay, moving on. So Demi has officially come out on Twitter, and everyone from Reddit, to Facebook, to Insta, to Twitter is “so proud of her” etc. While I don’t think she’s faking her sexuality, I do feel like this whole thing has to have been set up since Colton’s season. It’s just way too convenient, and it’s honestly obnoxious that the network has picked her to be the first openly queer person on the show since she’s so young and self-centered. Maybe it’s just me but I have no idea how people can love her so much when she’s clearly only been in this for herself, but that’s what you get when have 23-year-olds on the show…

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: She’s definitely not faking her sexuality. She was in a relationship a few years ago with a woman. What she faked was her interest in Colton just so she could be on TV essentially. It’s all about self promotion with her. She wants all eyes and all attention on her any chance she can get. Hopefully once BIP is over, she’ll fade off and just become another former contestant, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll be the case.

Hi Steve,

I am not a big fan of Luke P but that being said, I still don’t understand how he is slut shaming her. He is Christian and a “born again” virgin. That’s clearly very important to him. He made it clear about his beliefs from early on. Isn’t it logical to assume that he would expect the same out of the person he wants to be with? I am definitely not a virgin myself but if I was dating someone with his beliefs, it would be very obvious to me that this person would not be ok with me treating sex more casually than in the confines of marriage going forward. Even being on the show doesn’t warrant that kind of “come on you’re on the wrong show if you think that way” thinking. Sean Lowe didn’t have sex and neither did Emily Maynard I believe. He just wanted to confirm they were on the same page. Hannah seemed much more angry than I could understand. But this is coming from a person who has been in my fair share of unhealthy relationships so maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear quite as abnormal to me. I felt like it was becoming just too mean and too much piling on Luke. But anyways, hopefully everyone moves forward having learned something and treats others more kindly from the experience. I have really enjoyed watching her as the Bachelorette and feel bad how it ended. That said, her heart will heal and she still got to do lots of cools things and many doors will have now opened for her. Things could be much worse. If your stance is “he just wanted to confirm they were on the same page,” the second he found out they weren’t, why didn’t he leave? Why did he TELL her he would removed himself, then seconds later say he’s willing to get through that slip up? Then when she tells him to leave he wouldn’t? And then after he does leave, still comes back? I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

Coming totally out of left field here, but you have mentioned many times that you aren’t a Nick Viall fan. Apparently I always like the villians because I liked him going back all the way to Andi’s season. I even liked Vienna back in the day and defended her. I think maybe when I see someone being the “villian” and ganged up on I immediately feel bad for them and feel the need to defend (somewhat forgetting the things that made them a villian). But coming back to my initial point about Nick – why not talk to him informally/privately or on a podcast and hash out your issues with him. Maybe your opinion would totally stay the same of him but how can you really know someone has bad intentions or that you don’t like them just from what other people tell you? I just want everyone to get along clearly lol

Anyways, thanks for all your spoilers. Makes it much more fun to watch or not watch but still get to know the dirt.

Comment: Nick would never come on my podcast. It’s just not going to happen. The podcast would be too uncomfortable and he knows it. Because I know things about him that he doesn’t know that I know, so if he gave me some BS answer to something, I’m immediately forced to call him out on it, but in the process, I would basically be revealing how I know it and that’s not something I want to do. I’m fine with never having the guy on. I see what you’re saying, but, in this situation, it doesn’t make sense. I try not to make my podcasts very contentious. Outside of the Paulie podcast, I think I’ve done that. Nick would be a lot of back and forth arguing and us agreeing to disagree. Just doesn’t seem very productive. Let him do his thing and I’ll do mine. I think it’s fine that way. I don’t need him on my podcast and he doesn’t need me on his.

1. Do you think we see Luke again? Because even though he said he regrets going on, he did reconcile with some of the guys like Tyler. I think he eventually will be on paradise or something. Thoughts? If he goes on Paradise next summer, he’d be making a giant mistake. You never say never, but, I see him in the same boat as Olivia. You can’t sit here and do what he’s doing and trash the show and the production aspect of it, then get right back into bed with them. You lose all credibility if you do.

2. Not who you think is gonna be the bachelor, But who do you want it to be? I don’t care. As long as there’s a season, that’s all that matters to me.

3. I really liked what Tyler posted about Luke, thats why I think he’s a better choice than Mike. Mike wouldn’t let it go, nobody should be condemned forever. What do you think? I agree.

4. Is everyone just gonna be lost in the fact that Demi is bi, and forget that she manipulated Derek and played him knowing that her girlfriend was coming the whole time and used him for roses?

Comment: I think we have to see how that plays out. But yeah, in the promo we see her making out with Derek in the hot tub, all while knowing the plan from the beginning was to bring her girlfriend on the show. So it seems rather manipulative.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the great podcasts and column. I really enjoy listening/reading. I also listen to another podcast with Derek Peth and in one of the episodes his cohost mentioned that Tyler was hanging out with Nick V. recently. Derek made an awkward comment about it. I can’t remember the exact words, but my interpretation was that Derek is not a Nick fan. Thinking back about Nick, he is one of the few Bachelor alumns who doesn’t constantly surround himself with other bachelor alumns which made me think that he might not be all that well liked by others in the franchise. Is there any inside info on this?

Comment: There are definitely ones out there that aren’t fans of his. Through no fault of his own.

Hi Steve,

What are you thinking of Big Brother? I’ve heard there are a lot of accusations of racism on this season and I’m wondering what you’re thinking about it. Do you think it was a bad idea for Holly to go on the show?

Comment: I’ve seen and heard a few things about what Jack has said on the live feeds, and yeah, pretty disturbing. Yet none of that gets shown on TV. I think Holly has basically been a wallflower this season. Of every person in that house, I gotta believe Holly has gotten the least amount of camera time. For someone in the major alliance, we rarely see her. She can’t control the other people that CBS cast. I just hope to God she’s playing Jackson/Michie and luring him in with her looks and will cut him the second she gets a chance.

Hi Steve,

Do you know, or have any speculation on why Blake hasn’t been very active on social media since the airing of family feud at the beginning of July? My guess is because of the shit storm headed his way on BIP.

Also, are you going to be watching Cash Pad?

Comment: No. I don’t watch any of those types of housing shows. Not my thing.

Hi Steve! I have enjoyed reading your spoilers all season long, and I too have to agree with you that I am glad the finale is next week, and can look forward tot he mess that will be BIP!

I just read your BIP spoilers, and have to say I am surprised that several women that went far in Colton’s season were not on. Specifically Elyse, Heather, and Kirpa. Do you know if any of thee women were asked and said no? Just curious because they all seemed well-liked.

Thanks for all you do for us faithful readers!

Comment: Haven’t heard either way. I don’t think the show is made for someone like Heather. She’s kissed one guy in her life. That shows basically forces you to go on dates and make out and just doesn’t seem to be a fit for her. Not sure why Kirpa or Elyse were on. I bet they are next season if they’re single at that time.

Hey Steve!

Something last season that struck me as odd was that we had spoilers and footage of Hannah going back to see Colton after she was eliminated, but then it never actually aired. Looking back and knowing now that she is The Bachelorette it makes sense, of course, because they needed to give her a good edit. I’ve still always been curious about the ordeal.

Last night when Luke said something along the lines of “you went back to talk to Colton” trying to justify why he was there I rolled my eyes because I thought he meant when she spoke with Colton on WTA. Then is dawned on me that Hannah crashed hometowns last season, even if it never aired. So, a) Hannah did the exact same thing as Luke last season and b) Luke somehow knew about it.

I just wanted your input on this. Do you think Hannah or production told Luke? If it was production do you think they were telling him this to convince him to stay? I don’t like the guy, but it’s pretty obvious that production has been fueling the fire. Basically, I just want your two cents!


Comment: I mean, he could’ve just gotten that from the spoilers. Or it could’ve been told to him by friends and family. I don’t know. But I think Hannah talking to Colton in Alabama last season during hometown dates is totally different than Luke showing up and standing at a rose ceremony when he’d already been eliminated, then refusing to leave and not getting the picture when it was clear she didn’t want him there from the second she saw him.

Hi Steve,

Always a pleasure to read your tweets. Thank you for doing that for years for the hard-core fans! You are amazing and fun to follow every week. Well, I love crazy dramas especially at the endings to make things interesting to follow but also I love all different kind of endings… sad, happy and oh my fave “pulled” Jason/Arie endings. The happy endings are not 100% guarantee and that’s why it is fun to watch what the endings are going to be like…. Too bad, Hannah’s season is extremely disappointed at the end. Anyways, I just want to keep it short and sweet, I know you don’t have the answer who will be the next Bachelor yet but is there a slim chance you think that Luke P or even Blake H may be asked to be the next Bachelor? I think not a chance but if the crazy drama and all that what the producers are looking for, then Luke would be a better fit (call me if I am crazy lol) than Tyler to be the next Bachelor than was to be a contestant of the Bachelorette (if Luke is looking for a woman who has the same beliefs looking for the right reasons… Hannah was the not right one for him). I am not fan of what Luke P had done (he will learn from mistakes and grow with time, I am sure) but he clearly was there for the right reasons. I am not religious but he is a good guy with a huge heart what I admire about him. You may not agree with me but I would definitely watch him if he becomes The Bachelor. Imagine the reactions from the fans and former contestants if ABC announces a big twisted surprise that Luke P or even Blake H to be the next The Bachelor! I know it won’t happen but I am just saying! I am not sure about Tyler (good guy but too good to be true which I can understand why Hannah didn’t pick him, he will have no problems finding a girl outside of TV easily) or even Peter (cuz he was faking and looking for 15 min fame to be the next Bachelor) because they do not have the kind of personalities to create the drama, to be honest… only Luke or Blake (I know they made mistakes but they are good guys…down deep) has the interesting personalities that make me wanting to watch them while eating popcorn!
Happy many tweeting, Steve!

Comment: It’s just never gonna happen. Don’t even give it a thought.

Hi Steve! I have watched Big Brother every year since season 2. This is, without a doubt, the most unlikable cast EVER. I cannot stand Bella yet I feel like I would rather she stay than Jack. I hope it starts to get better. There was a girl named Janelle back in the day and her first season was really good. And All Stars too because of Dr. Will (the most famous Big Brother player who interviews the jury every year). I feel bad that this is your first season watching the show!

Those ratings make me nervous. I can totally see them making Luke the Bachelor. Would they be able to find 30 women who want to marry him?! That would be a very interesting group for sure. They are always trying to do something new and they’ve never cast a villian. They may assume people would be too curious to not watch. I can sooo see this happening! I’m sure you think I am crazy but I really thought Colton would be the bachelor months before it was announced!

Comment: I’m STUNNED we’ve now had 3 emails this week saying they think ABC would cast Luke as the “Bachelor.” Is mercury in retrograde? Are we currently in an alternate universe?

Hey Steve!

I may be one of the only people in America to feel this way, but after last night’s episode, I really felt bad for Luke because of how he was treated by the guys. Now, I am not saying that Luke is perfect and did not deserve some of the criticism he received from Hannah and some of the other contestants. However, I am a firm believer that absolutely NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Maybe I’m stretching it in some people’s minds, but Tyler, Jed and Peter came off as bullies yesterday towards Luke, trying to circle him and say things like “What are you gonna do about it,” and putting their hands on him to push him away. Now, I get they were just trying to defend Hannah and that Luke was interrupting their ceremony, but they came across as high school or college jocks who thought they were just so above him and that they could treat him any way they wanted. Did you feel any sort of way about how the guys treated Luke during the ceremony? I had no problem with what they did at the ceremony. She made it clear she didn’t want him there. He wouldn’t leave. All they did was kept telling him to leave. They didn’t 3-on-1 start beating him to a pulp. They got in his face and told him to leave, just like Hannah was doing. And he still wouldn’t unless it was on HIS terms. Those three guys didn’t do anything wrong.

Also, I mentioned it last week but I still stand by the fact Hannah was really disrespecting Luke by not giving him the closure that he needed. I think in any relationship in the real world, many people want and receive closure whenever a relationship ends just for clarity. And I understand that she was in the middle of the rose ceremony, but for her to dismiss him and say he didn’t need any answers, I thought that was a bit shallow. She at least could have given him the 60 seconds he asked for before just throwing a tantrum. She came off as a bit entitled, in my opinion. Do you think she handled it in the best way or do you think she could have handled him better?

Sorry for the long email, but thanks for all of the spoilers this season and I hope Luka is doing well!

Comment: I had no problem with how Hannah handled Luke at the rose ceremony. She was pissed he came back. She’d already sent him home. If your argument is he deserves closure, then technically any guy who’s eliminated from this show should be allowed to do that, because I’m guessing plenty who’ve been eliminated in the past never got the exact closure they needed. They basically just didn’t get a rose at the rose ceremony, got a few seconds with the lead as they hug her, then they’re on their way out the door. So I bet they wanted more closure too. And none of them have ever done what Luke did. So I don’t buy it.

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