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“Reader Emails,” Peter’s Ex Calee Speaks Out, the Blake/Caelynn Situation Blows Up

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What was the tagline from “Jaws?” “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water?” Yeah, a new season of Paradise starts two days ago. The Peter stuff is behind us. Jed stuff is a week old already. We sit down ready to enjoy Paradise and all hell breaks loose again last night after Blake went on the offensive vs Caelynn. Last night was just as busy, for me, as the day I posted the changed spoiler on June 18th. The amount tweets, DM’s, emails, and IG messages I got about the Blake post was overwhelming. Small rant: You guys know this is my job. This is what I’m paid to do. When I get notifications in some form (i.e. email, tweet, IG message) 3-4 hours after Blake’s post saying, “Hey, did you see what Blake posted,” I just kinda shake my head. We are in a world now where information is at everyone’s fingertips in a moment’s notice. I would like to think a lot of people come to my site for all the latest “Bachelor/ette” information. I know people are trying to help, but I just ask before anyone sends me anything in regards to a “Bachelor” story that they see online, just check my Twitter before you send it to me. Because 99% of the time, I’m guessing I’ve already tweeted about it. The amount of times I get sent stuff loooooooong after the story is broken saying, “Hey, did you see this” is pretty baffling. Yes, I did. And already posted about it hours ago. It’s kinda my job. Ok, mini rant over.

So before we get to Jed, have a little something regarding the Peter/Calee stuff. Once he was eliminated on the overnights last week, Peter finally addressed his ex Calee and what she said to the media. If you didn’t read it then, what he said in regards to her interview. Well, I wanted to give Calee a chance to respond to that. No need to put her on the podcast, and no need to do a long, drawn out back-and-forth email interview. Sounds like she’s already tired of it and dealing with so many doubters, so I just asked her for a statement in regards to what Peter said. Here’s what she wrote back:

“Peter’s response was pretty much as expected. What else could he really say other than try to deflect and skew the truth?

He said he didn’t begin interviewing until months after we broke up, but I got the inside scoop that he was officially cast in early-mid February, which was 6-7 weeks after we broke up. And, since I noticed that a Bachelorette producer had followed him on Instagram before we broke up, he had to have been in contact with producers way earlier than he claims. He also said that we weren’t on the same page, but that’s also not true. I had sent him apartments in LA that I wanted to look at the week before we broke up, and I told him that I would be open to stay in LA if we worked out.

I could respond further, proving more points and timelines, but it would all be met with the same exhaustive scrutiny. It’s mind blowing how many people truly believe that they know someone based on what they see on edited TV, and how many weigh in with their opinion based solely on what they’ve heard about our relationship.

I felt compelled to tell my story because men like this continue to behave in selfish, self-serving ways to get what they want, not caring about the hurt they cause. I’d like to think he’d think twice going forward.”

I appreciate Calee giving that statement. Couple things here. Peter’s main contention is that his interview with the “Bachelorette” was “months after” his breakup with Calee. He broke up with her two days before Xmas. Filming for Hannah’s season started March 16th. We know contestants are in contact with production MUCH earlier than that. Yes, I’m aware that Peter had applied for a previous season and was someone that was already in their records, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have to go to final casting, come in for paperwork, see the doctors, get tested, etc. So this generic “it was months after” isn’t very specific, and we know the timeline of the breakup and the show beginning filming. I don’t buy for a second that there wasn’t ANY contact with ANYONE from this show at the time of the breakup, knowing that the breakup was completely out of the blue and a week earlier he’s asking her about moving to CA. I guess we’ll truly never know his reasoning, but when a breakup happens out of nowhere, and then a guy appears on the “Bachelorette,” yeah, it’d be naïve to immediately say, “Oh no, that had nothing to do with why I ended it with her.”

With that said, and you’ll read this in today’s column, but if you ask me today on August 7th who I think the “Bachelor” will be, my answer is Peter. Obviously things can change, but that’s who I think it’ll be today. But who I think it is today really doesn’t mean much. But since I get asked all day every day, I guess I’m compelled to give an answer. That’s my guess. Peter. And I don’t think the Calee story really affects his chances at all. But it doesn’t mean Calee isn’t allowed to address it. Personally I think he did her wrong, but it’s not gonna matter to the show in the long run. Sucks for her, but I’m glad Calee is letting people see her side. And yes, she also left out some stuff she also heard about him once she told her story and other women started contacting her. Whole thing sucks, but just wanted everyone to have the complete picture.

Whew. Now on to last night’s events. Holy crap. All day yesterday, and even during the first hour of the show, you’ve heard me say something isn’t adding up with this Blake/Caelynn storyline. And then Blake spoke out last night and it seemed like that was confirmed. In case you missed it, Blake first did a 6 picture post on IG explaining why he was coming out with this, then followed it up with 7 screen shots of text messages between him and Caelynn that seem to paint everything she was saying on the show as hypocritical. Here’s everything:

A lot of people are attacking him for posting private “booty call” messages from Caelynn as a low blow. Here’s the way I see it. If Blake says nothing, he gets skewered by America. If he says something, but provides no receipts, same thing. America is relentless on him. I don’t see what his other choice was. How many times have I said it recently that if anyone is gonna come forward about anyone anymore, receipts need to be provided. And when you see Blake’s reaction on the show last night when Caelynn confronted him, the general shock on his face kinda makes sense now. Because he had these text conversations with her heading into the show, and it seems at no point did he ever think this is how Caelynn felt. Why would he? Read the texts. A week before they went on the show, she seemed fine with everything, they were talking about being honest, etc.

Caelynn started getting called names and attacked because she was the aggressor at Stagecoach judging by those texts. It’s as clear as day. Whatever. She’s a sexual being. She’s allowed to be horny and want sex from a guy. Nothing about that part of the texts is wrong, and people who attacked and named called her are clueless. My issue with Caelynn is everything she was saying on the show last night is completely contradictory to what we’re reading in the conversations she was having with Blake pre-show. On the show, she’s basically saying she felt disrespected because Blake ghosted her after Stagecoach when she thought they had something. On the texts she specifically states, “If I come over, it’s strictly for sex. Nothing more nothing less.” Blake even questions that saying, “That’s what they all say” and Caelynn says “I’m just being honest.” Then even later a week before filming, she’s saying “If we play it off as not being a big deal, then it’s not. Everyone hooks up in this world.” So if someone writes that you, then you go on the show and act like she did, of course Blake would be confused.

In writing, Caelynn is telling him not to worry about their hookup as they head onto the show. If she felt differently on the inside, it’s not what she expressed to him. Blake can only go off those texts. Yes, I’m sure there were phone calls about it, but, when you’re texting “I’m good. Everything is gooooood” what else is he supposed to think. And lets not forget, this isn’t Caelynn’s first rodeo when it comes to drama on this show. She was besties with Hannah B., then they had a falling out, all of which we heard during Colton’s season. Then there was the drama about her and Cassie in the car ride mentioning “Bachelorette” talk. And now this. So when you seem to be the center of gossip on three different occasions now, and even thought there’s probably more to the story that’s gonna come out, but is it really hard to believe that maybe Caelynn could be the issue here?

Blake isn’t saying he didn’t screw up big time. He admits that. On more than one occasion. On the show he did, and in his statement before the texts were released last night. This conversation isn’t about that part. He screwed up big time by messing with two girls on back-to-back nights, then appearing on a show they were both on. He never should’ve come on Paradise, regardless if both the Kristina/Caelynn hook up was just casual sex. It was gonna backfire. But based on these texts with Caelynn, she seemed to be on board with their hookup and wasn’t bothered by it pre-show. Then she gets on the show and all the sudden we’re hearing what we heard last night and it doesn’t match up with what she was telling Blake pre-show. In fact, it’s almost the complete opposite. So if Caelynn got a shitty edit and there’s more to what she was saying on the show, then she needs to address it and say there’s more to what she said. I’m interested to see what Caelynn has to say in defense of the Blake texts he released. But she was pretty distraught last night as we saw. She said Blake ghosted her after Stagecoach. Based on those texts, not only did he not ghost her, they kept in contact and discussed this exact situation heading into the show at length.

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this situation. But lets just not mix up what the issue is. Blake isn’t debating whether or not he should’ve gotten himself mixed up with so many different women. I think that’s clear. But watching his reaction last night when Caelynn confronted him now makes a little more sense with these texts as context. He had no idea she felt this way because she hadn’t expressed this at all in their text conversations. So of course the guy will be shocked she feels this way. You read the texts now. Aren’t you a little confused as to why she said what she did on the show last night? I sure am. Like I said, I’m guessing there’s more to come and I’m gonna try to find out as much as I can. I will let you know.



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