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“Reader Emails,” Peter’s Ex Calee Speaks Out, the Blake/Caelynn Situation Blows Up

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Hi Steve,

I know your rule of only buying a wedding gift for the Bachelor/Bachelorette who marries the person they originally pick, but given the circumstances around Jed being a lying douche canoe who played Hannah, would you ever consider getting her a gift in the unlikely event she and Tyler were to get married? (I doubt that would happen, but humor me.) You’ve said yourself that she was refreshing as the Bachelorette, she kept us more entertained than we had seen in several seasons, and she definitely gave us a lot to talk about. You were also a part of Jed’s story breaking by giving Haley a platform to speak. All of that said, would you ever find it in your sarcastic, sardonic heart to send her a wedding gift?

Thanks for all you did this season,

Comment: I’ll make that exception right here, right now for those two. I absolutely 1000% will get Hannah and Tyler a wedding gift if they get married.

They’re not going to, nor do I think they’ll even go on another date again, but if by some chance they do get married, for sure I have no problem getting them a gift.

Hi Steve!

I’ll get right to it.

It was interesting to see the show grill Jed about Haley but have literally no one confront Peter about Calee. Obviously there are so many possibilities as to why they spared Peter. Do you think that maybe Hannah had informed Chris Harrison or a producer or someone that she was going to ask Tyler out, and that if he said yes, they would already have one less contender for the bachelor, and they didn’t want to lose another contender? I don’t know if that made sense. Could be because Peter is one of their main contenders right now for Bachelor, yeah. If you ask me today on August 7th who I THINK will be the Bachelor, I’d go with Peter.

Am I the only one that thought Peter’s family’s reaction to Hannah’s “it was four times” comment odd? His parents (particularly his mother) seemed to be cheering with uproarious applause. I’m all for people not making things awkward and be open about things. But it’s still strange to see them as hyped about it as the rest of the audience given the fact that he’s their son. It was…different. That’s for sure.

All I’m saying is that I don’t see how that small population of Jed crazies are still going strong. Especially after the finale. There are few, but they are out there. It blows my mind.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: Oh there’s more than a few. Go read the comments on his IG post from last night.

Hi Steve,

Wow is Jed just a dirty gerbil or what. Anyways, simple question for you…. what’s worse? Jed or Jef Holmes?! I’m not sure what I think yet. Leaning towards Jef

Thanks Steve!

Comment: I think you mean Jef Holm. I’d go with him just because the numerous women he had were barely out of college. Some might’ve still been in it.

My thoughts on the Bachelor selection:

Mike and Peter would be repeatitive of recent history; Ben, Arie, Colton—boring, vanilla dudes that generally don’t spark that much intrigue. If anything, the producers should be fighting *against* a Hannah and Tyler reunion, considering Tyler’s almost unprecedented popularity and the fact that he actually has a personality. More importantly, the women he would seemily be interested in as the Bachelor would likely be strong, intelligent, drop-dead gorgeous, and considerably dramatic. (Perhaps something almost reminiscent of the women of Juan Pablo’s season. Say what you will about him, but he somehow ended up with some of the most interesting and still-relevant women like Andi and Sharleen.)

The show put this to the test this year, more than any, with their selection of a “hot mess” Bachelorette lead, and reaped the benefits of a dramatic, hot mess of a season with plenty to glue ourselves to our tvs for. I don’t understand why year after year, they make arguably the best possible selection for the Bachelorette lead, and arguably the worst possible for the Bachelor lead.

Are there enough female producers involved when it comes to choosing the male lead? I would think their opinion should be most heavily regarded. (I would say no offense—but your excerpt on Clay for Bachelor consideration shows that you do not think like the majority demographic of this show—straight women. I’m wondering if perhaps the selectors don’t either.)

Any thoughts of who you’d *actually* like to spend months writing about—or absolutely wouldn’t? I have no leaning either way honestly.

Also, which show do you enjoy more, for spoilers while filming, viewing, and writing recaps—Bachelor or Bachelorette?

Comment: Hmmmm, probably “Bachelor” just because it was around first, there’s been more seasons, and it’s their staple show. Although technically they’re the same show just with different people.

Hi Steve.

I read your post today and understand about Tyler being in an impossible situation. But my thought is that if Tyler wanted to be the next Bachelor and the producers wanted him to be as well, then they would have told Hannah prior to the ATFR that Tyler moved on and presented things differently last night in that regard – maybe like present it as “something was missing” for Hanna in regard to Tyler. That would have left Tyler more open to being the next Bachelor. So the fact that they presented it the way they did last night makes me think that either Tyler really is interested in Hannah or that Tyler doesn’t want to be the bachelor. Can you explain this more either here or in your next reader emails. Thanks!

Comment: Well, it’s been a few days since you sent this email, and it’s pretty clear to me and to many others Tyler and Hannah isn’t happening. And it certainly doesn’t look like he’s interested in being the “Bachelor.” Maybe his mind will change in a couple weeks, but for now, looks like he’s not a candidate.

Hi Steve,

I haven’t seen you address this before, but maybe you have (many times?). There was Kimmel on TV last night, bragging about how he (and his wife) were “right again” in guessing the Top 4 and the person who “won” the show. It’s so freaking obvious that either (1) his wife reads your website and then tells Jimmy who to “guess”, or (2) she has an insider source of her own. But I am guessing that it’s (1). I find it very unclassy of Jimmy to boast about information that you published, and claim it as his own “amazing guess”. It seems so easy to call him out on this.

Comment: Yes, it’s a horrible running gag. This gets brought up every season. It’s clear what they do. This season, they knew I was wrong, so they were able to give Jed out.

Hi Steve, Love you & your podcast. Every once in awhile you have “dirt” that you mention you’re choosing not to elaborate on, and it’s usually matters that don’t seem very juicy, but it really drove me nuts during Colton’s season that you wouldn’t dive deeper into the specifics of why Hannah and Caelynn hated each other so much. Yeah, I get that they didn’t get along during the Miss USA, but I want details. Seriously, I cannot be the only one still curious about this, especially now that Hannah is America’s Sweetheart and Caelynn plays a major role in Paradise. It’s also noteable that Caelynn’s BFF Cassie – and Colton for that matter – have not said one thing about Hannah’s season. Dude. For God’s sake give us SOMETHING.

Comment: I mean, especially after last night’s Caelynn/Blake mess, I’m sure you want to know even more. I can never get into details on that, but I’ve been hearing shady stuff on Caelynn ever since before Colton’s season started. From the day I confirmed her as a contestant. A LOT of the pageant world was not fans of hers. So that’s why seeing the broken relationship with Hannah, the drama with Blake that seemingly has her lying to us last night, well, it’s not that hard to believe.

Hi Steve,

PSA: I’d like to enlighten anyone willing to listen that these days, number of followers equals power. As social media users, WE have the ability to give and take that power to/from influencers. If you don’t like Jed, do not follow him, do not download his music, do not go to his shows etc. After all that he’s done for notoriety, his worst fear right now is becoming irrelevant. Jed wants fame more than anything and he has proven that he will hurt anyone to reach that goal. So let’s not give him that luxury. Same goes for Luke Pell, James Taylor, etc. If we want people to stop coming on this show solely to enhance their brands, then WE have to stop enabling them. Hit that unfollow button. Be aware of who you follow. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Comment: Thanks for speaking today. We appreciate it. Can we find this on YouTube somewhere?

Hey Steve,

Thanks for all of the work you put into this site. I hope you get a good living off of this, because there’s nothing else out there like this site.

A lot of people are supporting Peter for next Bachelor and he seems pretty popular on Twitter. His article about how he broke up with Calee way before the show is just such BS. I like to consider myself as being great at reading people, but I’m sure a lot of people do, but here are my views on Peter that make me think that he really needs a roast. Obviously what Jed did was worse, but I’m hating that Peter is getting away with his player past.

1. How can people claim Calee is looking for fame when she did ET and then stopped because of the backlash Haley got. Seems like she’s telling the truth and doesn’t have anything to gain. Because people will always throw shade at someone who speaks out against someone on the show, no matter how legit their story is. Happens every season. And especially if it’s a contestant that most people liked. Remember waaaaaaaaaay back a little over a month when I did that whole expose on Joey Jones with the two Asian women who came forward against him and his man whore-ing ways? They didn’t get a ton of shit because no one cared about Joey and he wasn’t a major part of the season. But there were still a few who told them to get over it, etc. It’ll always happen.

2. Peter keep on saying that he broke up with her because they weren’t on the same page. Ok, fine, but then why are you applying for a dating show while asking a girl to move in with you at the same time? Also, how does he go from move in with me to it’s over in one day? Maybe it wasn’t one day exactly, but from what she says, it happened out of no where. That’s not normal. There’s usually time where things go south before the break up. If he claims that they weren’t on the same page, prove it with texts. Show any texts that prove that things weren’t working out between them. Calee’s response is coming.

3. Peter claims he was heart broken. She didn’t break up with him, so why is he heart broken? His family also claimed how heart broken he was. Seems like they’re all in on this together. Disgusting. I mean to play devil’s advocate, it is possible to be the person doing the breaking up and still be heart broken it didn’t work out. I just think he’s saying that in this case.

4. Peter’s good bye was the most fake thing I’ve seen (aside from Jed). Just compare his to Tyler’s and you can see what real pain looks like.

a. First, he didn’t look shocked or upset at all. He smiled a few times and looked like he was suppressing his smiles. Probably because he was happy thinking he’d be the next Bachelor.

b. People were like, he’s a man and holding it together, but then they walk to the car, and he stops, and I swear, I truly believe he used that time to muster up some tears– again, to get the Bachelor role. After however many seconds of standing still, position facing the car, he then tears up and hugs Hannah and does some crying and sad faces in the car ride. There was nothing in his performance that made me believe he was upset. He probably had to use those 15 seconds to think of something really sad so he could start crying. He wasn’t sad at all. If he does become Bachelor (which he’s already said he wants to be), I wonder how that will play out. Will his player side show? It’s interesting to think about. Well, he will be making out with multiple women. And the amount of windmill jokes all season long will rival the Colton virgin jokes for sure. Be prepared for a season of that if he’s the “Bachelor” because it’s coming.

5. I think you might have mentioned that he also was also sleeping with other women while dating Calee. Ugh. I almost hate him more than Jed because at least Jed got his punishment, but it doesn’t seem like Peter will get his.

Comment: No, probably not.

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you’re bogged down with emails after yet another great season but I’m hoping I can turn to the best to settle a debate amongst my friend group that quite literally has caused people to not speak to each other…. over a BACHELORETTE pool. This season broke people’s brains…

Anyway, there are a group of about 10 of us who watch the show together and do a “top 3” ranking after the 3rd episode. Everyone puts in $5 and those who pick the “winner” split the pot. I never participate since I read your site, but I digress.

Anyway, this year, 3 people ended up picking Jed first. 7 out of the 10 of us were all watching the finale on Tuesday together – and after – we took a group vote and decided everyone would get their money back (vs. paying out a winner) since Hannah ended up alone. My friend who organized the pool sent a text to the entire group to inform those who weren’t there what we decided on and we thought that was that. Instead, one of the girls who wasn’t present who picked Jed FLIPPED SHIT in the group chat and basically demanded her winnings saying Hannah DID end up with Jed. She was literally arguing with us over $10 vs. $5 and the 2 other girls who picked Jed did not care about this discrepancy in payout at all.

Is she at all justified to be going on the text tirades she is? I know Hannah did technically did give him her final rose, but we took it as, when the AFTR ended, Hannah was alone. (To note, last season, we did give the winners who picked Cassie their money since she and Colton were together when the AFTR ended.)

All of us besides this girl who is raising hell think she is absolutely insane, but since I didn’t participate in the game and read your site, I said I would reach out and hopefully get a personal response from you to see what you think.

For future pools (if we all still even speak to each other), should we do it based on who gets the final rose or who is with the lead at the end of the AFTR? (I wasn’t part of the group for Arie’s season so I don’t know what they did for Becca and Lauren.)

A response if you have the time would be appreciated.

Comment: So here’s my take on this: Your friend needs to calm down since the money amount is so small. Like big deal.

However, based on the fact that there was no specificity of if it meant final rose or are they still together, the three people who picked Jed should technically be the winners. Bc it’s really a first in recent memory (basically the last 20-25 seasons or so) where someone was picked at the final rose ceremony but weren’t together by the time the finale rolled around.

I would think most people when they entered that pool thought they were betting on who Hannah picked at the end. I sure would’ve.

So yeah, it’s $5 she should prob not cause such a fuss since the other 2 aren’t, but in my eyes she has a case to be the winner along with the other two who picked Jed.

So I would just specify next year going in what exactly people are picking.

Hi Steve,

Do you think that when the producers are ready to choose the next Bachelor, they will check with Tyler to see what the status of Hannah and his relationship is? I ask this because I think that ABC still wants Tyler to be the next Bachelor.

Comment: I think they need to check Tyler and Gigi because that Tyler/Hannah ship looks to have sailed.


So let’s say Tyler and Hannah date and he misses his chance to be the Bachelor. They break up a few months later, do you think ABC would bring him back to be The Bachelor considering how popular he is with fans??

Comment: I think Tyler will always be a candidate going forward as long as he’s single. He’s too popular not to be. He’s easily the most popular contestant in the history of this show, post-show. And I don’t think it’s close.

Hi RS,

Just curious, when Hannah mentioned that Jed threw two girls in the pool after her visit to Nashville, was that the day after his hometown date with her, or after they got engaged? That was news to me!

Comment: They were speaking about after they were engaged and Hannah was hearing stories.

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  1. mariet

    August 7, 2019 at 11:24 AM

    Yes, Steve. Sean gave Tierra a rose before she went into the mansion.

  2. loca4linda2

    August 7, 2019 at 11:36 AM

    Caelynn is a drama queen and a pot stirrer. She needs to go. She will always be a follower never a leader

  3. GoingBlonde

    August 7, 2019 at 12:29 PM

    Why then did Blake practically crap his pants when Caelynn showed up in Paradise. He was trying to hide from her.

  4. taxionna

    August 7, 2019 at 2:27 PM

    Agreed about the Demi stuff, except for the emailer who somehow could not wrap their minds around bisexuality – it’s not hard! Just because you’ve only had serious relationships with women doesn’t mean that you’re a lesbian unless you identify as such. If you’re attracted to both (or all, in the case of someone who is “fluid” or pansexual), then you’re attracted to both. It’s not “lying.”

  5. nevermiss

    August 7, 2019 at 4:46 PM

    Hey Steve—just want to say ‘thanks’ for supporting Blake. Seems to me that Caelynn is somewhat unstable and needs some therapy. Her family should be concerned. I think it’s disgusting how BIP producers have manipulated her, Blake and Kristina, all for a storyline. Blake seems like a decent guy who got a little caught up in his new found popularity and genuinely never meant to hurt anyone. Caelynn is just a messed up young woman that they have taken advantage of and Kristina just wants to extend her 15 minutes.

  6. adelina

    August 7, 2019 at 5:41 PM

    Still scratching my head as to what is the attraction to Blake. Does nothing for me in the looks department and personality seems rather dull and nervous.

  7. dogmomma

    August 7, 2019 at 7:13 PM

    nevermiss… I totally agree with you. There is so much that has been manipulated and edited and as viewers we have no idea what has really happened between these people on the show. We see only what producers want us to see, which is the drama. There are people who are completely backing Caelynn and think that Blake is a horrible person, and there are people who now think Blake is innocent and Caelynn is a horrible person. Neither one of them deserves to be judged by people who don’t know the whole story. I agree that Caelynn would benefit from some therapy surrounding her past and her intimacy issues with men currently. And Blake is probably a decent guy who got caught up in the fame of the show and let his hormones take control. I hate how the show thrives on drama, and not healthy drama. If they ever push someone too far and something tragic happens, I hope they are prepared to pay the price.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    August 8, 2019 at 7:46 AM

    I’m with both of you, nevermiss and dogmomma. I’m not saying that what Blake did is excusable, but I don’t get Caelynn and Kristina’s behavior. They both knew going into BIP that Blake would be there, and if they felt so strongly about his actions then why didn’t they just stay away? It’s not as if they appear to be looking for anyone new (although according to Steve, Caelynn ends up dating Dean, more on that later!). For crying out loud, didn’t Kristina learn her lesson a couple years ago with the whole Dean/D-Lo triangle? And for Caelynn to end up with said Dean, yet another fck-boy, my feeling is that they both are getting what they asked for! And, why oh why did they bring back Annaliese?? She is such a train wreck, and what guy in their right mind is going to go after her after seeing all her histrionics? Yikes, girls, take a page out of Hannah’s book and toughen yourselves up if you’re going to throw yourselves into the frenzy of Bachelor-world and especially for signing up for BIP. I saw Steve listed a few people who were brought to Mexico but didn’t make the cut for the show and was disappointed to see that Brooks Forester was on that list. So, they bring on Cam and Not Brooks?? What a bunch of lunk heads this season: Kevin, who’s so in love his his new physique, Clay, who’s also in love with his bod but NO personality whatsoever. And what the heck happened to JPJ?? Another Bach-ette reject who gets a swelled head. I couldn’t watch either episode till the end…too many shallow, uninteresting wannabe’s who think just cuz they appeared on the Bachelor/ette, that they’re relevant. Ok…done ranting!

  9. thecuriousgeorgette

    August 9, 2019 at 5:39 AM

    I’m just glad Caelynn wasn’t picked for the Bachelorette and that the producers could see through her enough to not give her that lead. Good grief. Her shadiness continues to validate Hannah B’s initial frustrations with her on Colton’s season of the Bachelor, and well, other people that spoke out about her conniving, manipulative ways from the pageant days, too. I’m not trying to be a hater, I think she just needs help and a lot of therapy, it’s just gross to see certain aspects of her character play out on TV.

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