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“Reader Emails,” Peter’s Ex Calee Speaks Out, the Blake/Caelynn Situation Blows Up

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Hi Steve,

In listening to these interviews Jed as been doing post show and post After the Final Rose, he keeps commenting how he could have not gone to ATFR. Was him not attending a possibility or did he have to via contract? There’s no way he wouldn’t have been there. But just like I said with Luke, technically could he have not just boarded the plane when he was supposed to? I guess. But there’s just no way. He had to go. There’d be no finale without him.

Also in these interviews, he seems to still be trying to spin the story in his favor understandably so. However to me he still seems like a jerk trying to hide behind the victim card. Especially when he acts like he doesn’t know how to use Instagram. Most recently the Rachel and Ali podcast. Ali seems so for Jed and Rachel is very skeptical of him. What are your thoughts on this podcast? Are the girls being told by bachelor producers to spin things certain ways? Do you think they have full creative rights in they can truly say what they feel or what bachelor producers want them to?

Comment: You’d have to ask them. Not my place to say and I don’t have the slightest clue. I scratched my head a lot during that podcast. I was really confused by some things.


It seems like Jed waited for you and Haley to give your final thoughts, so that he could make the podcast rounds to get the final word. Jed isn’t stupid enough to come after Hannah directly, so instead he is saying that Haley is a stage five clinger, with a bad temper. Jed is trying to rewrite the letter he sent Haley, a dock isn’t a dock, love doesn’t mean in love, and saying Haley was delusional for thinking that they would get back together after the show, that he thinks Haley is strange for wanting to continue to date a guy that wants to get on a dating show, and that he now realizes Haley is a self promoter trying to get her music out in the world. There is something just infuriating about Jed giving podcasts half truths, and outright changing the truth.

Obviously, you are the only person that is qualified to get to the actual truth on a podcast. Chris Harrison said on the final show that Jed’s proposal was cringeworthy, given everything that has come out about him. Jed is toast with the bachelor franchise going forward, thus allowing him to come on any podcast he chooses. Could you envision having Jed on your podcast, so we could all get to the truth about this guy, at long f-ing last?

Thanks for all you do Steve.

Comment: If you read what I wrote in Page 1 of yesterday’s column, I address this. But the short answer is, I don’t think Jed would ever do it. And if he did, he’d have to know I’m not letting up on him.

Hi Steve,

I know you don’t listen to podcasts but I was just listening to Kaitlyn’s recent podcast she did with Jason where they recapped the finale.. and at one point she goes “wait why isn’t anyone talking about the Fleiss thing we should…” and Jason cuts her off and was like “hold on let’s go back to..” and changed the topic. They never went back to the Fleiss thing.

Kaitlyn has been vocal about Fleiss in the past about DWTS and things but was surprised by Jason essentially cutting her off. I obviously wasn’t there but I can assure he gave her some kind of look like stop or don’t go there. ?????

Anyway just thought it was interesting.

Comment: Had no idea about this until you told me. Kaitlyn’s dislike for Fleiss is well known. Not sure why she wouldn’t talk about it.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been reading you since Jason Mesnick’s season and love it! I have a theory about the Hannah/ Tyler/ Gigi drama. It’s just a theory, and we will probably never know how it all went down. But these are my thoughts as someone who has no inside info but IS a student of gossip and media.

I find it EXTREMELY suspicious that a TMZ reporter just HAPPENED to be outside Hannah’s apartment at the exact time Tyler left her house after his sleepover. Even if TMZ was tipped off that their “drink” was happening at her house and showed up, someone would have had to do the tipping off. It just smells a little fishy to me. I know Hannah is a celebrity now that she’s been The Bachelorette but I sincerely doubt the paparazzi are stalking her on the regular. Even A-list movie stars are able to fly under the radar when they want to, and often tip off TMZ and other paparazzi when they WANT a story to “leak” out. So my theory is that a Bachelor producer called TMZ so this story would get in the news. And I kind of think Tyler and Hannah were in on it, but who knows. I think it’s highly possible that this “sleepover” was not at all romantic or real. Yeah, it’s tough to say who orchestrated everything, but trust me, that wasn’t by coincidence that story broke the way it did.

I also think the role Matt James (Tyler’s friend) is playing on instagram is very interesting. Tyler would risk public good will if he made certain comments. But his best friend can “show” the public how he feels about Tyler and Hannah, or Tyler and Gigi through his over the top insta stories either slamming the idea of Tyler and Hannah or celebrating Tyler and Gigi. I don’t think it’s something that’s happening without Tyler’s approval. Matt is his best friend and they are continuing to hang out together. I only know about him by what people have emailed me. I haven’t really paid much attention, but yeah, I heard he did that stuff. Zero idea what that guys motivation is.

Finally…every season you say there are people in Bachelor Nation who won’t believe the truth. I’m seeing all these posts of people who just cannot let go of the idea of Tyler and Hannah ending up together forever, to the point that they are bending the rules of time and space and logic. Wow!

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: They are Hannah/Tyler truthers. They will not be denied!

Who is going to be the next bachelor?

Thanks so much,

Comment: Hmmmm, tough one. Lets see. I’ll go with Joe Gendreau from Emily’s season.

Hi Steve!

So I know the Tyler / Gigi news has been everywhere so I began to wonder… Do you think Tyler was ever truly ready to be engaged and get married? If Hannah had chosen Tyler at the end, and Gigi had still slid into his dms before the finale, would he really be invested in committing to Hannah or would he want to explore other opportunities? She’s one of the biggest models right now and he’s the most popular Bachelorette contestant ever. Especially since he’s modeling too, I feel like maybe if he and Hannah were engaged it wouldn’t have lasted because he would want to seize these opportunities. Just speculating… What do you think?

Thanks for all of the work you do!

Comment: I really don’t know what Tyler thinks about anything right about now. Impossible for me to answer that.

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the update interview with Haley posted on Aug 1st. It was thoughtful and left me with a genuinely positive impression of her and her role in this whole reveal. Respectful, empathetic, mature. Wishing her the best after all of this dies down.

Comment: Thanks. I thought she was great again. Did much better than Jed on his media tour, that’s for sure.

Hi, Steve,

I hope this message finds you well! My question is about Stagecoach, the festival that’s played a role recently in both BIP and Big Brother (Tommy overheard Kat and Holly discussing being at Stagecoach, making him think they knew each other before the show). Anyway, it might be because I’m not really into country music and/or don’t live in California, but it’s surprising to me that so many people in the Bachelor world just happened to all be there. Do festivals like this “recruit” former Bachelor/ette contestants to attend to drum up attendance/publicity, or do you think they just all happened to be there?

Comment: It’s a popularity thing and a place to be seen, and these kids all wanna do what everyone else is doing. It’s why we see so many at Stagecoach and Coachella every year.


why wouldn’t Tyler be a good person to put on DWTS with Hannah. ratings would be through the roof. A gold mine for ABC if you ask me. I mean great of they get together and even better if there’s drama between them.

Comment: I didn’t say he wouldn’t be a good cast member. Of course he would. He’s hot right now. I’m just saying from everything I’m hearing, he’s not gonna be on.

Hey Steve! Not a question, but I’m really hoping you have Sharleen on the podcast to discuss the entire Bachelorette finale and what went down with Jed and Hannah! I always love her insight and unbiased opinions, and I remember you saying you’d try and get her on and least once a season. Please please please!

Comment: Sharleen has three different outlets where she recaps the show every week. I think she feels coming on at the end of the season is just a 4th way to say what she’s already said all season. I get it.

Hey Steve-

I must admit I got sucked onto the Tyler/Hannah shipping train after AFR and was really hoping they’d end up together, but obviously that is not the case. My question is, why did the show insist on us shipping these two? Chris Harrison sat there and said “So this is happening?! We can ship this!” Why didn’t they just let the season end with Hannah being single and fine with it? It would have fit the strong independent woman story better. And Tyler wouldn’t look like he was jumping from one girl to the next. And then we never would have gotten all emotionally invested in this. Do you know whether the powers that be had reason to think that either Tyler and/or Hannah wanted to rekindle things? Or were they just trying to show a happy ending?

Thanks – your spoilers make this show ten times more exciting to watch!

Comment: I agree. I get that they haven’t had a season end in disaster since Brad 1.0, and it certainly would’ve been a women empowerment ending if it did happen that way, but I get that this show wants to have some sort of happiness at the end. And this was their way of getting it.

Hello Steve!

Thanks for your recaps on Bachelor in Paradise! You were right on target with the Blake spoilers, am surprised he lasts as long as he does. The Hannah G/Dylan relationship is the one I’m most excited in watching unfold.

ABC revealed the Demi ruse the last night by recreating her as a “fluid-sexual” who likes it all, and they went out of their war to pointedly remake her into a bi-sexual by pairing her up with Derek for two nights before bringing Kristian in. The problem with this is that Demi has been a gay lesbian for at least the past 5 years going back to when she first started dating Tiyana, and they had an openly “out” relationship. Kristian is only her second serious relationship. Demi covered her previous relationship up by making her ex-girlfriend take down all their social media so she could get on Colton’s season. Go to her Instagram page, one of her favorite things is attending the Rue Paul Drag convention each year. That’s fine. Demi loves the LGBTQ community and could be a good spokeswoman for them, but do they want a liar representing them?

Here’s a thought: Why not just get rid of the charade and say, “Folks, we have a unique circumstance here. For the past 6 months Demi has been dating a girl whom she’s quite fond of and we invited them to join us here just to see if they were interested in taking their relationship to the next level.” Rather than, “You’ll only have to make-out with Derek for the first two weeks, then we’ll bring Kristian in.” Simple. Sure it breaks the rules, but they already did that with the disingenuous charade they presented. I’m good with the two girls coming on, just not under false pretenses. ABC failed their viewers miserably in their quest for fake, salacious drama.

Thanks again for all your stellar work Steve, and the entertainment it provides. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Comment: Agree with everything you said. It’s too forced.

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  1. mariet

    August 7, 2019 at 11:24 AM

    Yes, Steve. Sean gave Tierra a rose before she went into the mansion.

  2. loca4linda2

    August 7, 2019 at 11:36 AM

    Caelynn is a drama queen and a pot stirrer. She needs to go. She will always be a follower never a leader

  3. GoingBlonde

    August 7, 2019 at 12:29 PM

    Why then did Blake practically crap his pants when Caelynn showed up in Paradise. He was trying to hide from her.

  4. taxionna

    August 7, 2019 at 2:27 PM

    Agreed about the Demi stuff, except for the emailer who somehow could not wrap their minds around bisexuality – it’s not hard! Just because you’ve only had serious relationships with women doesn’t mean that you’re a lesbian unless you identify as such. If you’re attracted to both (or all, in the case of someone who is “fluid” or pansexual), then you’re attracted to both. It’s not “lying.”

  5. nevermiss

    August 7, 2019 at 4:46 PM

    Hey Steve—just want to say ‘thanks’ for supporting Blake. Seems to me that Caelynn is somewhat unstable and needs some therapy. Her family should be concerned. I think it’s disgusting how BIP producers have manipulated her, Blake and Kristina, all for a storyline. Blake seems like a decent guy who got a little caught up in his new found popularity and genuinely never meant to hurt anyone. Caelynn is just a messed up young woman that they have taken advantage of and Kristina just wants to extend her 15 minutes.

  6. adelina

    August 7, 2019 at 5:41 PM

    Still scratching my head as to what is the attraction to Blake. Does nothing for me in the looks department and personality seems rather dull and nervous.

  7. dogmomma

    August 7, 2019 at 7:13 PM

    nevermiss… I totally agree with you. There is so much that has been manipulated and edited and as viewers we have no idea what has really happened between these people on the show. We see only what producers want us to see, which is the drama. There are people who are completely backing Caelynn and think that Blake is a horrible person, and there are people who now think Blake is innocent and Caelynn is a horrible person. Neither one of them deserves to be judged by people who don’t know the whole story. I agree that Caelynn would benefit from some therapy surrounding her past and her intimacy issues with men currently. And Blake is probably a decent guy who got caught up in the fame of the show and let his hormones take control. I hate how the show thrives on drama, and not healthy drama. If they ever push someone too far and something tragic happens, I hope they are prepared to pay the price.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    August 8, 2019 at 7:46 AM

    I’m with both of you, nevermiss and dogmomma. I’m not saying that what Blake did is excusable, but I don’t get Caelynn and Kristina’s behavior. They both knew going into BIP that Blake would be there, and if they felt so strongly about his actions then why didn’t they just stay away? It’s not as if they appear to be looking for anyone new (although according to Steve, Caelynn ends up dating Dean, more on that later!). For crying out loud, didn’t Kristina learn her lesson a couple years ago with the whole Dean/D-Lo triangle? And for Caelynn to end up with said Dean, yet another fck-boy, my feeling is that they both are getting what they asked for! And, why oh why did they bring back Annaliese?? She is such a train wreck, and what guy in their right mind is going to go after her after seeing all her histrionics? Yikes, girls, take a page out of Hannah’s book and toughen yourselves up if you’re going to throw yourselves into the frenzy of Bachelor-world and especially for signing up for BIP. I saw Steve listed a few people who were brought to Mexico but didn’t make the cut for the show and was disappointed to see that Brooks Forester was on that list. So, they bring on Cam and Not Brooks?? What a bunch of lunk heads this season: Kevin, who’s so in love his his new physique, Clay, who’s also in love with his bod but NO personality whatsoever. And what the heck happened to JPJ?? Another Bach-ette reject who gets a swelled head. I couldn’t watch either episode till the end…too many shallow, uninteresting wannabe’s who think just cuz they appeared on the Bachelor/ette, that they’re relevant. Ok…done ranting!

  9. thecuriousgeorgette

    August 9, 2019 at 5:39 AM

    I’m just glad Caelynn wasn’t picked for the Bachelorette and that the producers could see through her enough to not give her that lead. Good grief. Her shadiness continues to validate Hannah B’s initial frustrations with her on Colton’s season of the Bachelor, and well, other people that spoke out about her conniving, manipulative ways from the pageant days, too. I’m not trying to be a hater, I think she just needs help and a lot of therapy, it’s just gross to see certain aspects of her character play out on TV.

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